2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins
Train Horn | Air Horn Kits

Why Train Horns? In some parts of the country, the idea of adding train horns to trucks has been around for years. In fact, there's a whole industry that has popped up offering these kits. To some, installing powerful horns on a daily driver may seem excessive, but if you're pulling a 15,000-pound trailer and you see a car about to pull in front of you, a simple warning blast can mean the difference between avoiding a collision and your truck sitting atop of the other vehicle.

Another important benefit is theft prevention. Most new trucks come equipped with factory alarms that sound the horn, so a train horn setup can become a powerful deterrent. Let's face it, when we're in a parking lot and hear a typical car alarm, people barely notice. Thieves count on this to make their lives easy as they get away with the stolen vehicle. After hearing one blast from a train horn, we can almost guarantee it will send any would-be thief looking for another target or a pacemaker!

And let's be honest, a set of train horns can also be for pure and utter enjoyment.  There's nothing like  firing these babies off and watching your buddies jump out of their shoes.

PacBrake Air Horn Kits HP10073
DPP Price: $117.40