2003-07 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Exhaust Kits

Diamond Eye/ Flow~Pro/MBRP/Silverline/Banks Power/Grand Rock Stacks/Magnaflow

2003-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstrokes factory equipped with a 3.5" turbo back aluminized exhaust with a catalytic converter and muffler.  While this system is reasonably adequate for stock to mildly powered trucks, a larger diameter system or higher flow system from Diamond Eye, Magnaflow, MBRP, or Silverline is mandatory on any Powerstroke equipped with even mild upgrades, or for those towing heavy loads.  And of course, there are other benefits to adding an exhaust kit besides purely functional, aftermarket kits not only sound good, but they look even better, especially with a huge tip to finish it off.  We offer three different configurations for your new exhaust kit.  We offer a cat back system, for those looking for a simple installation with great sound.  We also offer a turbo back that has a 3.5" downpipe and retains the catalytic converter for emissions testing.  Finally, we offer a 4" turbo back which eliminates the catalytic converter for maximum flow.  And for those looking for something even more unique, try out a set of exhaust stacks by BD or Grand Rock.  Imagine a set of 6" Bullhauler turnout stacks bellowing smoke going down the highway!  And you wouldn't believe the shuddering sound they produce, either!
   Stock vs. Performance Muffler