2003-07 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Intercoolers / Hoses

BD-Power/Banks Power/Clampco/CFM+/Performance Radiator

An intercooler functions identically to a radiator, except instead of water, compressed (and therefore heated) air passes through the intercooler’s core. Meanwhile, ambient air passes through the external fins, removing excess heat energy. Cooler air is more dense, and therefore, the engine can benefit from more pounds of air for a given amount of time.

Compressed air is heated air—and when you mix high boost pressure with an aggressive fuel curve, the result can be inlet temperatures as high as 500 degrees F.  

We offer several solutions, both factory replacement and performance intercoolers.   We recommend our very own DPP Intercooler with cast metal end tanks to ensure they won't "balloon" like the factory plastic end tanks. 

We even offer performance intake manifolds from BD and stock transmissioncoolers.  And for those simply looking to upgrade their existing intercooler, or have already purchased a Cool-It Intercooler, we also offer high strength intercooloer hose kits capable of handling high boost levels, along with Clampco spring loaded clamps for keeping the air inside, where it counts!