2017 6.7L Ford Powerstroke
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With the release of the 6.7L Powerstroke back in 2011 came a host of new changes and new technology to Ford.  One of the big advancements at that time was that of the Garrett GT32 Single Sequential Turbo (SST) featuring TWO compressor wheels on a single shaft.  This design dramatically increases the compressor map's efficient operating range, similar to that of a twin turbo system, but able to operate at around 30 PSI of boost and 130,000 RPM on the turbine shaft speed (assuming factory engine specifications).  Unfortunately, this turbo design proved to be fatal as countless failures caused Garrett to make a design change and released the GT37 turbo that began to be featured on the 2015 models.  For 2017, the turbo was again updated in order to flow a sufficient amount of air to support the additional power compared to the previous generation of 6.7L's.  Overall, the turbo design is similar to that of the GT37's, just....bigger!

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BD Ballistic 486/96 Race Turbo with Ballistic Compressor Wheel
DPP Price: $1,825.00
BD Power Manual Boost Pressure Regulator Cummins/PowerStroke/ Duramax
DPP Price: $110.00
Works on All Turbo Diesel Vehicles
BD Power T4-T3 Adapter Flange PowerStroke/Cummins/Duramax
DPP Price: $100.00
Works on All Diesel Vehicles with a T3 Manifold
BD Power Turbine Diverter Valve T3/T4 Flange Cummins/PowerStroke/Durmax
DPP Price: $780.00
Designed for T3 to T4 or T4 Flange
Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins Ram, GMC Duramax
BD Power Turbo Speed Analog Converter
DPP Price: $55.00
BD TrackMaster S363 Billet Turbo
DPP Price: $955.00
BD TrackMaster S400SX4 Billet Turbo
DPP Price: $1,590.00
BD TrackMaster S480 Billet Turbo
DPP Price: $1,645.00
BD Wastegate Valve Regulator Kit
DPP Price: $50.00