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  • F-bomb diesel fuel additive F-bomb diesel fuel additive Fuel Bomb's F-Bomb Diesel Fuel Additive is a unique proprietary blend of chemicals to help your diesel run better and cleaner.
  • FLO~PRO's Performance Exhaust! FLO~PRO's Performance Exhaust! Diesel Power Products has been carrying FLO~PRO's exhaust line for years now and we have been so impressed that we have expanded from just offering their DPF delete kits into their complete exhaust line up for all light duty diesel trucks.
  • MADS Electronics SSR In Stock and Ready To Ship!!! MADS Electronics SSR In Stock and Ready To Ship!!! Diesel Power Products is very excited about the new SSR. All of our 03-07 store trucks have now been permanently upgraded to the SSR. We wont go back to any other tuner on our 03-07 Cummins.
  • Local Diesel Dealers Local Diesel Parts Dealers
  • Carli Suspension- Diesel Power Products Carli Suspension- Diesel Power Products We are also proud to announce that we are The Northwest US Premier distributor for Carli Suspension!

Use the Shop By Vehicle section to the left to see our full product selection for your truck. is a leading supplier of diesel products and diesel performance parts including injectors, fuel pumps, exhaust, air intakes, suspension and much more. We ship our diesel parts internationally. Our goal is to become your diesel performance source! We have full time diesel techs available to answer your questions and get you the correct part for your truck while providing the best customer service in the industry. If you cannot find what you are looking for then call or email us and let us know what you are lookign for. We are The Northwest US Premier distributor for Carli Suspension & BD Diesel Performance!

We are a leading independent supplier for AutoEnginuity Scantools, Aero Exhaust, Banks Power Products, Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust, Dynatrac ball joints and free spin kits, Dynomite Diesel, FLO-PRO DPF deletes and diesel exhaust, H&S Performance, PureFlow AirDog, Grand Rock Stacks, CFM Intakes, Diesel Gauges, FASS Fuel Systems, S&B Filters, PacBrake Exhaust Brakes & Air Suspension, Edge Products, Mads Electronics Smarty ProgrammersValair Clutches, Wilson Intake Manifolds, Bosch Injection, Industrial Injection, ISSPRO Gauges and our own DPP Cool Hose diesel intercooler hose line.

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Fuel Bomb
HELLFIRE +8 Cetane Booster Diesel Fuel Additive
Works on All Diesel Vehicles

The Most Powerful Diesel Fuel Additive on Earth!

Fuel Bomb's HELLFIRE is a unique proprietary blend of chemicals to help your diesel run more powerfully. HELLFIRE will do the following: 

BD-Power UpPipe and Manifold Kit

Whether you've already burnt out your factory up pipe or would like some preventative maintenance, the BD UpPipe and Manifold Kit will deliver unprecedented reliability and additional exhaust flow for your 6.4L Powerstroke

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 3"-5" Coil Over Kit

Add another first to the list of many for ICON Vehicle Dynamics, a truly 100% BOLT-ON Coil Over kit for the front of the 3rd and 4th Gen Dodge Ram HD's!  If you're after ride quality, coilovers are the epitome.

Mads Electronics S67  Smarty 07-12 6.7L Dodge Cummins

Smarty…this is a name that has bee synonymous with Dodge Cummins for years. It's hard to describe to someone what is different about a Smarty tuner versus "others" until they...

Auto Enginuity Scan Tool

AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool was designed to be as easy to learn—as it is powerful.  You won't have to spend valuable time learning another piece of software, you can focus on what's important—servicing the vehicle.

Swamps 58 Volt FICM

We offer the infamous Swamps 58v FICM with stock tuning, as well as several performance tunes, including KEM custom tunes.

Valair G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch 05.5-12 Cummins G56

This is THE clutch for the guy that tows heavy with a modified truck. Good daily driving manners along with plenty of holding power. Available in both ceramic and the very popular organic facings. Hydraulics included with clutch. is a leading independent supplier of diesel products and diesel performance parts . We are proud to be a warehouse distributor of diesel performance products from some of the leading names in the diesel industry, including:
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You can browse our inventory using the menu on the left by clicking on the year range of your Cummins, PowerStroke or Duramax. Customer service is our number one priority, so feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our products or your diesel performance needs. Thanks for visiting!


Since 1999 Diesel Power Products has provided high quality diesel performance parts and accessories at affordable prices. Whether its diesel gauges, diesel exhaust kits, re-placement turbos, performance turbos or any other type of top of the line diesel performance parts and accessories you are looking for we can provide it. Over the years we have developed a strong reputation as an experienced, efficient and highly dependable company who's focus lies with absolute customer satisfaction. We specialize in the sales of high end Duramax, PowerStroke and Cummins diesel performance parts, but we carry a wide range of products for most diesel vehicles. Our overall goals are to provide outstanding diesel products to each customer and ensure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. It is this extreme pride and dedication that has allowed us to stand out among our competitors and to thrive in the industry.

Truck Gauges
Among our more popular items are our top of the line Dipricol Optix and ISSPRO diesel gauges. Gauges help you keep an eye on critical parameters such as exhaust gas temperature (EGT's), boost pressure, transmission temperature and fuel pressure. We carry a large inventory of single unit diesel gauges and custom diesel gauge kits ready to be installed.

Exhaust Options

We also have diesel exhaust kits from Diamond Eye, MBRP, FLO~PRO, Banks Power, Grand Rock and Aero Exhaust in stock. Boost the overall horsepower, torque and mileage of your vehicle by having a high quality diesel exhaust system installed. Another diesel performance boosting product offered here at Diesel Power Products is our complete line of diesel turbo kits. If it's more power you are looking for then these diesel turbo systems are the way to go. These top of the line diesel performance parts are guaranteed to improve the productivity and efficiency of your diesel vehicle.

Air Intakes

Along with exhaust kits and turbo kits, Diesel Power Products also supplies top of the line diesel air intakes from PSM, Icebox, AFE, AEM,BD Diesel Performance, Banks Power and more.

Diesel Suspension Kits

Diesel Suspension kits and components from BD Diesel Performance's Trac Bars, Carli Suspension, Borgeson, T/Rex Technology and Solid Steel Industries. Like all products we supply, these diesel performance parts are sure to improve your vehicles overall performance and driveability.


So whether it's top of the line Cummins, PowerStroke or Duramax diesel performance parts you are looking for, we can provide them. We are dedicated perfectionists and take pride in the fact that our customers are absolutely thrilled by their purchases. It is this drive for excellence and extreme dedication to satisfaction that has our customers coming back year after year. So trust your diesel vehicles upgrades to the professionals. Get your high quality diesel performance parts from a well respected, knowledgeable and all around reliable source. Diesel Power Products has helped so many others already. Now let us do the same for you.

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