FASS Fuel Systems

FASS is a name synonymous with diesel performance.  FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation Systems, which is a perfect acronym for the functionality of a FASS system.  FASS builds vehicle specific fuel / lift pumps of varying levels of displacement to meet the needs of the exact build level of your Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax or even your Big Rig Class 8.  There are many manufacturers of lift pumps, but only FASS looks at every potential shortcoming and opportunity when building their systems, and back most of their systems by a lifetime warranty to ensure you understand their commitment to quality.

There are several models of FASS systems:  Titanium, HPFP, Dura-Max Flow Enhancer, and the DRP Series.  The Titanium lineup is FASS’ premier pump system that features 2 micron fuel filtration and water separation, coupled with optional heater ports, gauge ports, and available in GPH (Gallons Per Hour) levels ranging from 95 to 260 to support any fueling level. 

The HPFP, or High Performance Fuel Pump, features the same reliability and displacement range as the Titanium, but without the additional filtration.  The DRP, or Dodge Replacement Pump, are designed to directly replace the factory lift pumps featured on 1998.5-2004.5 Ram Cummins to give them a generous boost and lift pump volume over the factory, without making the commitment of a complete frame mounted FASS system.  And finally, the Dura-Max Flow Enhancer is modeled after the DRP series, to give the no-lift-pump-equipped Duramax’s a generous increase in volume for moderately modified trucks. Too often, we encounter customers having issues with fuel quality or lack of fuel pressure that they could never pinpoint.  Equip your diesel with a FASS fuel system and forget about it.

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FASS Fuel Filters & Water Separators.
DPP Price: $33.25
FASS Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR-1001
DPP Price: $141.55
FASS Fuel Tank Sump Kit
DPP Price: $151.05
FASS Semi Frame Bracket SFB-1001
DPP Price: $89.00
FASS Sump / Suction Tube Kit STK-5500
DPP Price: $236.55
FASS Electric Fuel Heater Kit
DPP Price: $151.05