Casserly/Full Force Diesel

Diesel injectors for 7.3L & 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Trucks & SUVs

Ryan Casserly, the owner of Full Force Diesel, has created a name for himself in building some of the most reliable, power producing injectors on the market for 7.3L Powerstrokes.  Still within their infancy stages of growth, we had the opportunity to join forces with the team at Full Force to offer their complete line of stock rebuild and performance injectors.  Since then, Full Force has further perfected their injector building processes, as well as mastering the 6.0L performance injector. 

Whether you own a 7.3L and are in need of a simple set of reliable stock displacement injectors to replace your tired injectors, or are looking to match a set of custom injectors to a complete engine build, we have the injectors to suit your needs.  All of the performance 7.3L injectors are built on the single shot platform, as its been shown time and time again that split shot injectors cannot perform nearly as well as single shots. Due to this, 99-03 Powerstrokes will require custom tuning when opting for any of Casserly's performance injectors. 

While we discuss Full Force's outstanding ability to rebuild 7.3L injectors, many simply prefer new injectors, and that is never a bad option either.  When opting for new injectors, Full Force starts production with a set of new Alliant injectors and will modify these in the same manner as their in-house reman units. 

But what about 6.0L's?  Full Force spent countless hours in R&D to determine the best route to rebuild and enhance the longevity of the 6.0L injector.  While "the fix" was determined by Casserly, the cost to manufacture the injectors completely in house from scratch, would outweigh the benefits overall.  So in order to be able to provide a performance injector that was worthy of the Full Force name, all of the 6.0L performance injectors begin life in their shop as new Alliant injectors that get the same TLC as what they have become known for.