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SKU #: AMP-75126-01A-main AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards

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    • Ford SuperDuty F-250/350/450
    • Dodge Ram 2500/3500
    • Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra


No other running board, tube step or nerf bar can match the ease of entry of the AMP RESEARCH PowerStep. Open the door and this full-length running board automatically deploys for easy stepping in and ... read more

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No other running board, tube step or nerf bar can match the ease of entry of the AMP RESEARCH PowerStep. Open the door and this full-length running board automatically deploys for easy stepping in and out of the cab. Close the doors and this sure-footed step platform retracts safely under the truck with no loss of ground clearance. AMP RESEARCH Power Step running boards are triggered by an electronic signal from the vehicle's factory door sensors and extends to a convenient stepping height in one second. The Power Step running boards are powered by a heavy-duty, weatherproof motor. The Power Step is lowered when any door is opened and Power Step retracts when any door is closed. At the optimal ergonomic height for proper entry and exit without sacrificing ground clearance, it provides a natural step similar to steps found in your home. All AMP RESEARCH Power Step running board components are OEM quality and corrosion-resistant for long service life. The AMP RESEARCH Power Step is designed to operate normally in all weather conditions and is built to handle up to 600 lbs. per side.

  • Load Rating: 600 Lbs. per side
  • Construction: High-strength extruded aluminum boards with die-cast machined aluminum lingage assemblies.
  • Drive System: Heavy duty motor with anti-pinch technology
  • Finish: Black anodized and Teflon powder coat
  • Warranty: 3-Year limited warranty


  • ManufacturerAMP Research
  • MPN75101-01A | 75104-01A | 75113-01A | 75118 | 75126-01A | 75134-01A | 75138-01A-B | 75146-01A | 76147-01A | 76235-01A | 76247-01A


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Verified Buyer
The best steps out there
I installed these by myself on my 2007 2500HD, I love the clean look of not having traditional running boards, and with the truck on 33s and a level kit, my parents in their late 60s can now get in my truck with ease. Well worth the money. Will have these on any truck I own in the future.
Store Reply
Oh man where do I start. Amp running boards are awesome! Like you said, super clean when retracted. One of my favorite upgrades on a truck for sure. Glad you like them! Next time you are looking for some more parts look us up!
Semi easy install. Awesome addition to truck....
Semi easy install. Awesome addition to truck. Can't see at all when in up position.
By now you must think I have bought one of ev...
By now you must think I have bought one of everything on the 04.5-07 Dodge Cummins page here at DPP. Well you're almost correct lol. As for the AMP research running board, well it's one of my favorite purchases. These things are the cat's meow. I have had them on for over 3 years now and if you can get past the initial sting on price you will love them. My truck has 8 lift now with 38 tires and the only way I can get in it is with these steps. Like the other review says they take a while to install properly but nothing really scary to the install. I get more compliments and more double takes from people when this go up and down. The steps are activated off of your door ajar safety switch (if I recall right) and anytime you open or close a door they will work. I had feared the ice and snow would affect performance but that's hardly the case. The finish has proven very durable and only a little wear from getting in and out of my driver's door is present. Once folded up you can't see them and the fear of dragging them over something is almost nonexistent. The only thing I wish they had done different would have been incorporate a way to lubricate the moving parts. After each winter they get a little squeaky so you have to hit them with some kind of lubricant. It's not a big problem but maybe something they can change for the future. If I ever get a different truck these are definitely something I would purchase again and it would probably be one of the first things I get. They have no equal and no comparison. They can handle the weight they claim also. we have tried a few times with some healthy girls and they didn't fail lol. I have seen the other brands out there installed and they don't add up to the AMP brand. I give them 6 out of 5 stars. Very happy with this purchase..
Verified Buyer
Great Product
I love how the truck looks with no steps visible but there is still a fully usably step. The installation only took a couple of hours and the instructions are very specific and straight forward. The price is somewhat deterring but the steps are worth it in the long run without a doubt. Would definitely recommend!
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review and glad you like the steps. We have these on numerous trucks here ourselves and they've always served us perfectly.
Verified Buyer
Awesome customer support
Great steps purchased from great guys. Wouldn't shop anywhere else
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review and glad to hear you like the new steps!
installed on 2004 2500 4 x 4 in january 2005 still working
we still get comments on these steps after 15 years. one of the gears broke and part was sent by amp 10 minute fix.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Agreed, most of the trucks here at DPP run AMP steps, and they are so convenient, even allows the kiddos to easily load into some of our taller trucks with ease.

When the product quantity specifies 1, does this mean 1 step or 1 set of steps??

That would be for a pair of running boards.


what would fit the for excursion 2002?

I do not show that these will fit the excursion trucks. Give our sales team a call and we will see what options are available for you. 888-993-4373.-TL


Do you make it for a tundra 2017?

AMP does make one for the Tunda. We can get it special order. There is a couple different options if you want to shoot us a call. DppSands


Do they have LED lights that turn on when they open??

Yes they do come with LED lights that would be mounted under the truck. They come on when the steps open. -Sands


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AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards

AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards

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