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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. hi
    i have a question about your coolant filter

    is it possible to use for my car?

    my car is …..
    2000 cadillac seville sts 4.6 liter gas.

    i wnat to use a your coolant filter.

    is it your coolant filter fit for ford-truck only?? can not use for cadillac seville??

    please let me know about your coolant filter for ford-truck..

    thank you.

    from song chi hun

  2. I have A 2008 dodge 6.7 I have installed the mini max I removed the EGR and all of the other exhaust from the manifold and installed 5 in exhaust from turbo back
    I am getting engine service codes can I update my mini max and delete these codes or do I need to plug the components back in again?

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