2016-2019 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins
Towing | Recovery

For those that use their truck as a truck, this category is for you!  We offer a huge assortment of winches, winch accessories, recovery ropes, and other equipment to ensure that you'll never have to walk out of your favorite camping or hunting spot.

One of the worst tendencies we see in recovery is using a chain to pull out a stuck vehicle.  Not only are chains brittle, but they also have absolutely no give to them, meaning all force is immediately transferred to both vehicles, typically causing damage, as well as a sore neck.  Synthetic ropes are substantially stronger than chain and also deliver elasticity to safely aid in recovery.

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Bubba Rope | 10 Foot Tree Hugger
DPP Price: $79.00
Bubba Rope | 16 Foot Tree Hugger
DPP Price: $89.00
Bubba Rope | 6 Foot Tree Hugger
DPP Price: $59.00
Daystar D-Ring Isolators
DPP Price: $9.95
Daystar Jack Isolators
DPP Price: $12.99
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