Alternatives to Non-Compliant Products Page

STOP! No, you didn't reach this page by accident.

You landed on this page because in the past we sold certain products we are now being told by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that we can no longer offer. Instead of only removing the products from our portfolio, we also wanted to give you additional information and some insight to possibly help your buying decision.

More than likely, you landed here because you were looking for more information or possibly to purchase a product to allow you to remove or bypass certain factory emissions devices on your truck. Why? For most, there are three reasons why you would want to do this. The most prevalent is because the factory emissions device has failed or is malfunctioning and its less expensive to merely remove it from the truck. Another reason is because you're looking to gain fuel economy and you've been told that by removing the emissions device(s) you will pick up some MPG's. And the third biggest reason is that you want to increase the horsepower of the truck. Okay, these are all reasonable things to want: reliability, fuel economy, and power. We've found that most people don't want to remove emissions just for the sake of removing them, but because they are looking to improve one, or all three, of these facets. What if we told you that it's very possible to have all three and just leave your emissions in place? We're here to tell you that its absolutely possible. Furthermore, no longer do you have to fear going to the dealer and worrying about what they'll say when your emissions are removed, or if the possibility comes around that you are required to run an emissions inspection in order to renew your vehicle tags. Nope, you just roll right in, get it done, and move on with life. All this while still gaining the additional reliability, power, and fuel economy.

Now the big When all of these newer emissions compliant trucks started rolling off the assembly line, we'll admit, the automotive manufacturers really hadn't worked out all of the kinks. Furthermore, the automotive aftermarket was still dialing in the methodology for improving power while working in tandem with the emissions systems. The easiest thing to do was to merely yank it off. But now with well over a decade under their belts, these systems are vastly more reliable than their original designs and the aftermarket has had ample time to fine tune their expertise, as well. The result......fully emissions compliant trucks that you can easily add substantially more power to coupled with superior reliability.

Please, take some time to think about this and we welcome you to contact us with any questions about your truck and the goals you have for it.

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