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SKU #: DE-K4213A-Main Diamond Eye 4" Aluminized Turbo Back Single 94-98 5.9L Dodge Cummins K4213A

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    • 1994-1998 5.9L Dodge Cummins
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Diamond Eye makes a great exhaust kit and at Diesel Power Products we take it a step farther by offering you a choice of various mufflers or straight pipe to go with their systems, as well as several ... read more

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Diamond Eye makes a great exhaust kit and at Diesel Power Products we take it a step farther by offering you a choice of various mufflers or straight pipe to go with their systems, as well as several exhaust tip options.


Diamond Eye Muffler: This is the standard muffler that comes in the kits. Featuring a stainless steel construction and perforated core, you really can't go wrong with this muffler. The muffler itself gives the truck a deep tone, while not being overly loud and does a good job of reducing exhaust drone.

No Muffler / Straight Pipe: For those that want the uninhibited sound of straight pipe, here it is. This is a complete kit, but instead of shipping with a muffler, you will receive an eliminator pipe to give you the exhaust bark you're after. If you ever want to put a muffler back into the system, you'll merely need to remove the eliminator pipe and install a proper length muffler.

No Muffler or Eliminator Pipe: Maybe you already have a muffler you're fond of, no problem! This kit ships with a literal void where a muffler or eliminator pipe would go. This option requires you have something to fill this void, or the kit will not properly fit on your truck. Check out our Related Products section for options.


No, it won't add 20 horsepower or give you better mileage, but adding an exhaust tip (or tips on dual kits) simply adds the finishing touch. As another way to make ordering easier, we allow you to simply add Diamond Eye's most popular tips right from this page to complete your kit. You have the option of Diamond Eye's 4" to 5" angle cut, rolled edge, bolt-on tips in either a stainless steel or black powdercoat finish. We will add the appropriate amount of tips for a single or dual kit. And if you either don't want to add a tip, or would like to choose a different option, no problem, just select "No Tip(s)."

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  • SkuDE-K4213A
  • ManufacturerDiamond Eye Performance
  • MPNK4213A | K4213A-2 | K4213A-RP
  • With Straight Through Diamond Eye Muffler
  • No Muffler / Straight Pipe - These Kits Will Ship With Eliminator Pipe
  • No Muffler OR Eliminator Pipe - You Supply The Muffler

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Lower EGTs
  • Mandrel Bent Tubing for Maximum Flow
  • Direct Fit
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Aggressive Sound
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Easy Bolt-On Kits
  • Utilizes OEM Hangers
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on Aluminized kits
  • 6-Year Limited Warranty on Stainless Steel Kits
  • Made in the USA
Q: Will this kit fit my specific bed and cab length?
A: Yes, Diamond Eye includes all parts and pieces to fit all bed and cab lengths.

Q: Does it come with the clamps?
A: Yes, this will come with clamps, some are integrated with the hangers, as well.

Q: Does it ship in one piece?
A: No, it will ship in multiple pieces, in a box approximately 52”x21”x13”.

Q: If I add the tip(s) what size are they?
A: If the exhaust is 4”, the tip will be 4” inlet, 5” outlet, 12” length. If the exhaust is 5”, the tip will be 5” inlet, 6” outlet, 12” length.


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Verified Buyer
Kids first exhaust.
This purchase was made by my son. He bought, installed it on his pickup by himself. He is very pleased with it. We always have had good luck with Diamond Eye.
Store Reply
Thank you for your review! Glad it is working out for you. We have great luck with those kits, great choice. They always fit great and sound great. Next time you are looking for some more parts look us up. Stay safe.
Verified Buyer
fix it myself guy
Over all, the system fit the pickup as I was told it would. I was able to reuse all the existing hanger positions except for a little modification at the tail end. The only issue I had was the connection at the forard end at the elbow behind the turbo was off by about 4 degrees. I took it to a muffler shop and had them bend the pipe so it would line up. over all satisfied.
Store Reply
Glad you could make it work. Most folks would have gave up, way to really grab the bull by the horns. Sometimes with the small variations in the trucks, slight adjustments are needed. If you need anything else, look us up! -Sands
Works Great
I've had it on about a week and it's working well. No leaks, nice sound. I was my first ever exhaust job so it took me a couple hours and multiple cuts to get it in. Could've done it with one cut if I wasn't so afraid of cutting too much off. I'd add a video link but I'm doing my clutch right now so I can't start it and make one.

Will this fit on my 96 extended cab long bed? Tried to find out on my own but never could figure out if it would or not.?

Yes these kits are meant to fit all cab and bed lengths unless otherwise stated


will this fit on a 97 dodge ram 3500 extended cab??

Yes, all cab and bed lengths. - AW


Will this fit with a hx40 turbo?

No, a HX40 downpipe would need to be purchased separately.


Is this available without the down pipe? I already have the hx40 down pipe. Thanks?

Give our sales techs a call directly, we can order this kit less the downpipe for you!-TL


If I ordered the kit with no muffler or eliminator pipe would the 24"" resonator that you can buy separately fit in the gap where the muffler/eliminator pipe would go, or would I have to bu the straight pipe kit and then find a different spot for the resonator??

This unit has a 30"" section missing for where the muffler would go. So a 24"" resonator would not fill the gap. - AW.


do you sell the Diamond Eye Performance eliminator pipe used in the K4213A-RP separately? so that if i were to order the K4213A system, i could sometime in the future remove the muffler and go with a straight exhaust.?

It is not on our site but we can get it they run about 40 dollars, we would have to special order it is part number 510204.


will you price match? it's not much of a difference, but autoplicity.com has it for $262.31. https://autoplicity.com/11928727-diamond-eye-manufacturing-k4213a?gclid=Cj0KCQjwsZ3kBRCnARIsAIuAV_TfBcFxsSIf2h6mQ1nfFXbTF0jugEHjQqQctgIjHw2bsKx1n-vdNNQaAoGlEALw_wcB?

Looks like it is on a sale. We don't match sale prices unfortunately. Only normally advertised prices. DppSands


I believe my 1996 Dodge 2500 has a catalytic converter. I don't wish to remove it because I have to pass emissions each year, does this kit retain it??

This exhaust system will not utilize a factory catalytic converter. I am fairly certain your truck does not have a catalytic converter on it. If you do, and you need to keep it intact, you will want to look into a cat-back system. I do not know of any, as these trucks typically were not equipped with one. You other option would be to purchase a system which does not retain it, then have en exhaust shop put it back in. -Ben


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