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SKU #: PPEI-EZLYNK20-67PS EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 by Kory Willis of PPEI 11-16 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

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Purchase EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 by Kory Willis of PPEI 11-16 6.7L Ford Powerstroke
    • 2011-2016 6.7L Ford Powerstroke
  • Add Shift-On-The-Fly-Switch
  • Please Expect A Delay Due to Hurricane Laura That Has Effected PPEI Distribution


The Auto Agent is a tuning device with limitless possibilities. But the hardware can only be so good unless you have the best tuning to go along with that device. Kory Willis, owner of PPEI, is well k ... read more

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The Auto Agent is a tuning device with limitless possibilities. But the hardware can only be so good unless you have the best tuning to go along with that device. Kory Willis, owner of PPEI, is well known for developing tuning that truly delivers usable power. Demand the best for your Powerstroke, a PPEI EZ LYNK for unrivaled performance.

EZ LYNK AUTO AGENT DETAILS: The AutoAgent connects to the vehicles via the OBDII-port and broadcasts a Wi-Fi access point (AP) which allows a wireless connection to the vehicle using any iOS or Android device . By launching the free EZ LYNK application on your device, engine data is seamlessly streamed to the phone or other smart devices. The AutoAgent also has the capability to reflash vehicle system controllers with ECU profiles shared by technicians.

Technicians will quickly learn to appreciate the EZ LYNK Cloud where they can easily manage customers/vehicles and all the data associated with them (data logs, engine profiles, vehicles information). Transferring engine profiles via US&B connection, SD card or e-mail are now a thing of the past as technicians have the capability to share engine profiles with the click of a button to completely eliminate user-error from the equation.

On the other side of things, the end-user can conveniently share data logs and other vehicle information to any technician with the touch of a finger without even leaving the driver seat. Data logs can be quickly started and stopped from the main gauge display screen and bookmarks can be added to draw interest to the specific points of a data log if desired. A graphical web-based data log viewing solution will soon be incorporated into the EZ LYNK Cloud as well.

A fully customizable user interface allows the end-user to create a gauge interface that suits their particular needs. Technicians can also create default PID configurations that are automatically loaded during a re-flash procedure to further assist in the troubleshooting and diagnostic process.

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  • ManufacturerPPEI | Power Performance Enterprises, Inc | EFILive by Kory Willis
  • Shift On The Fly
  • +15 Horsepower
  • +30 Horsepower
  • +60 Horsepower
  • +100 Horsepower
  • +150 Horsepower
  • Shift On The Fly power level adjustments
  • Up to 150 RWHP gains!
  • Tuning designed specifically for use with all emissions equipment in place and functioning
  • Data logging
  • Live vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Mobile app that communicates seamlessly with your vehicle
  • Plugs into your vehicle's on-board diagnostic II port and relays data to your phone.
  • Your technician sends you software updates for your vehicle's computers. The update can be installed without having to bring your vehicle to your repair facility.
  • Easily send data to any technician for instantaneous assistance with your vehicle.
  • Live Data: Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Playback 30 minutes of data.
  • Your technician can login to EZ LYNK's cloud server and connect to your vehicle almost as if they were riding with you.
  • You can use your smart phone to quickly view live data as it streams from your vehicle.
  • The EZLYNK Dashboard conveniently displays information not available on your factory instrument panel.
  • In order to utilize the shift on the fly functionality, you will be required to add the optional switch. If you do not add the switch, the EZ LYNK will default to the base power level
  • Emissions compliance assertion made by PPEI based upon independent testing. Product is not available for shipment to California
  • This product is not capable of supporting any vehicle in which the emissions equipment has been removed or disabled
  • Product does not include screen itself
  • This product will not allow for the removal or disablement of factory emissions equipment, such as EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).
  • Product is not returnable if the packaging has been opened and/or product has been installed.


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Verified Buyer
This thing blows away the h&s I had.
I would recommend this product to other people.its so easy to use.
Verified Buyer
I would tell people to purchase this over other brands
Awesome tunes. Truck runs flawlessly, burns clean
Store Reply
Thank you for the review, and yes, PPEI's tunes truly wake the truck up, but still run really clean and smooth. Plus, the EZ LYNK makes it EASY!
Verified Buyer
Need help, but no one answers.
I tried to install but cannot figure out how to down load the program. I tried to email the Auto Agent and they did not respond... Not sure what to do...
Verified Buyer
I would defiantly purchase for my other trucks
Very easy to use Simple install Basically plug and play and it made a huge difference
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Hence the name....EZ. You're right, we are running EZ LYNK in a handful of our own trucks and they have made this device extremely simple to use and make updates.
Verified Buyer
Dont waste your time on any other tuner
Super easy to use with great tuning capabilities
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. You're right, the EZ LYNK makes everything, well.....EASY!
Verified Buyer
Buy again and again.
Unbelievable power. Stock 6.7 ford dually. What a difference. Unstoppable
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. PPEI definitely knows how to properly tune a Powerstroke, and coupled with the ease of use that the EZ LYNK provides, its a pretty unbeatable combination.
Verified Buyer
Would recommend
Easy install and quick set up.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Agreed, EZ LYNK makes install and updates....EZ!
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend
Had a mini maxx in my truck and it was good but i kept hearing great things about the ez lynk so i decided to give it a shot. This thing blows away the mini maxx. The 30hp ppei tune is like the 150hp tune on the mini maxx. Would highly recommended to anyone with a 6.7 powerstroke.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. We'd agree completely. One of our 6.7L Powerstroke trucks here was running a MiniMaxx and had the opportunity to get a prerelease version of EZ LYNK from PPEI, and the power is night and day difference.
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Does this eliminate the DEF system? If I use this with my stock exhaust until I upgrade to the race exhaust what do I need to do with all of the sensors in the stock pipe/DEF system? I have 5 codes currently all related to the DEF tank/pump and truck is out of warranty and I would rather install one of your tuners and not worry about all that stuff.?

Give us a call we would be happy to talk to you about that tuner and the requirements.


is this tuner turbo upgrade compadle?

Yes, custom tuning available for all aftermarket turbos. Including fixed vane.


Dose this void your warranty on your truck??

Majority of the aftermarket tuning will void factory warranty yes. Give us a call and we can go over what is best for you.


What kind of mpg increase can I expect from the EZ Link with the stage 4 kit installed??

MPG is something can very majorly between case to case. We would recommend shooting us a call to go over more details on gains.


Will this product work on the F350 cab and chassis trucks? They have a different tune, than the regular trucks. Thanks.?

These have not been made for the C&C trucks yet no.


Will this product work with an H&S SX-E turbo kit. What I am looking for is a tuner that will grow with my needs. With a full warranty on a 2016 F350, I just want to add an SB cold air intake and a DFP back exhaust as well as the H&S low pressure fuel upgrade kit. After the warranty is expired I would like to add the H&S dual fuel pump kit and the turbo, but I am seeking a tuner that would work with the future up-grades. Or can you recommend a tuner that would work for all these upgrades, this would also include and EGR and cooler delete in the future.?

Yes, this tuner will have the ability to grow along with you. That tuner would work excellent for you. ***UPDATE*** This tuner will not tune the truck for a NON-VGT turbo. -Ben


how good is the tech support on these? I currently have a Spartan and just went to a non vgt turbo. I talked to Spartan about getting a custom tune and they said they could do it. that was almost 2 months ago and they said that custom tuning isn't their priority and cant give a time.?

Tech support is excellent on those tuners. There is already a tune profile for non vgt turbo available. It works very well, we know.


Do you need the SOTF switch or can you still SOTF with your smart device? Just curious if the switch was needed or more of a convenience option. Thanks!?

Switch is required now.

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EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 by Kory Willis of PPEI 11-16 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 by Kory Willis of PPEI 11-16 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

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