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Want to add serious aggressive looks AND sound to your diesel? We have just the answer to turn heads and separate your truck from the crowd! Grand Rock introduces their PowerFlow Chrome Stack Kits, designed specifically for our pickup trucks. We offer several styles, including Straight Cut, Curved, Mitre Cut, Bullhorn, and the NEW Aussie Style!!! Most stack kits are available in 4, 5, 6, and even 7 inch diameter! Grand Rock kits are designed for an existing four or five inch exhaust under the truck, but we can accommodate for smaller exhaust with reducer pipes. We even have full four inch turbo to stack kits available. When ordering a four inch stack kit, a four inch in-bed “T” pipe kit is included. When ordering a five, six, or seven inch stack kit, a five inch in-bed kit is included. Stack kits are available in our more popular dual stack kits, but single stack passenger side exit kits are also available.

Grand Rock prides itself in making the finest exhaust stacks in the industry, and double nickel chrome all stacks. Each one of the kits you will find on our website feature 36” stacks, which will bring the tips several inches above the cab on most full size trucks. But for those of you who want something different, CALL US!!! We are able to obtain Grand Rock stacks in many different lengths, for those who want to push the extreme, or are doing something even a bit more custom.

NOTE:  All pricing includes 36” chrome-plated stacks with complete installation kit. Call for pricing and ordering on different lengths and finishes, or for individual stack pieces and/or parts.

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Grand Rock 5" Hood Stack 20" long Kits
DPP Price: $144.17
Grand Rock 6" Hood Stack 20" long Kits
DPP Price: $149.62
Grand Rock 7" Hood Stack 20" long Kits
DPP Price: $232.51
Grand Rock Dual 4" Stack Bed Kit
DPP Price: $315.36
Grand Rock Dual 5" Stack Bed Kit
DPP Price: $375.85
Grand Rock Dual 6" Stack Bed Kit
DPP Price: $397.37
Grand Rock Dual 7" Stack Bed Kit
DPP Price: $418.87
Grand Rock High Flow 5" x 51" Muffler | HF-1051
DPP Price: $327.70
Grand Rock Quiet Performance Muffler| Dual Stacks Exhaust |Cummins/Mack/Detroit | QP-5LC/6LC/7LC
DPP Price: $473.70
Peterbilt, KW, Mack, IH, Sterling, White/GMC, Volvo Trucks
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