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SKU #: CS-DATB-03 Carli Adjustable Track Bar 03-13 Ram 2500 / 03-12 Ram 3500

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    • 2003-2013 Ram 2500 4x4
    • 2003-2012 Ram 3500 4x4
    • 2006-2008 Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4x4
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The Carli track bar is intended for use on trucks with 0-3" of front end lift. However, Carli also offers a track bar drop bracket that allows use on trucks with six inches of lift. We haven't met a R ... read more

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The Carli track bar is intended for use on trucks with 0-3" of front end lift. However, Carli also offers a track bar drop bracket that allows use on trucks with six inches of lift. We haven't met a Ram yet that didn't benefit from upgrading to this Carli track bar. By far one of our top selling items, even on a completely stock truck, it will dramatically tighten up the overall feel of the truck. But if you have a lift or leveling kit, or your truck just suffers from a wandering feeling, you will notice a HUGE difference in the drivability of your Ram.

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: With a heim joint on one end, and a heavy duty CUB bearing on the other, you will feel a much tighter and controlled front end. Each bar is constructed of 1.50" 0.375" wall chromoly to ensure maximum strength. The pan rod bar will also allow you to center the axle after installing a suspension lift.

6" LIFT TRACK BAR OPTION: Now available for trucks with up to 6 inches of front lift! If you are running a 6" lift, previously you could not install a Carli track bar. However, Carli has just introduced their track bar drop bracket to be used in conjunction with their newly designed track bar to properly recenter the axle on taller lifts.


  • SkuCS-DATB-03
  • ManufacturerCarli Suspension
  • Dramatically increases steering response and drive feel
  • Centers axle for proper suspension geometry
  • Carli CUB Joint, Jammit Nut, and Heavy Duty FK Heim Joint combine to provide extreme service life and vibration damping
  • Constructed From 1.50" x .375" Wall Chromoly Tube
  • CNC Bent For Perfect Fitment
  • Fixture-Welded In House
  • Heavy Duty CUB (Captured Uniball Bearing) On Frame Side
  • Heim Joint On Axle Side
  • Carli JAMMIT Nut boasts over 100% more clamping surface area than a standard jam nut
  • Powdercoated finish protects your investment
  • Includes Misalignment Spacers
  • Proprietary molded bushings are preloaded to encapsulate 7/8" FK Uniball
  • Dampens vibrations, increases steering response, and extends service life
  • Fully rebuildable


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Verified Buyer
Carli rips as always
Sweet directions. Bit of a PIA to get jam nut inline with frame side rod end.(#10) I got it Real close & jam nut did not touch track bar pocket going in, which was a relief. I have a POS 6" long arm lift with a track bar drop bracket. 38 7/8" length right on the money. Word of advise, invest in the 24" crescent. For install I Also used It to pry open drop bracket a bit to slide TB right into place.(tight from prior torquing I imagine). Also, I used a coarse Bosch or similar sanding block to clean axle side to help get rod end into place. Mine was a super tight fit. I installed TB with tires on & used a ratchet strap to help pull rod end home. Better would be to remove driver tire to get a dead blow to persuade TB rod end into place. Carli products are always top notch & the go to suspension for Dodge.
Store Reply
Oh man, Carli parts make me wish I had a Dodge or Ford sometimes. Definitely the best suspension components for those trucks and a great company. Thank you for your review and the install tips! Next time you need some parts look us up!
Verified Buyer
Awesome bar, put on 08 Ram 2500 and it dwarfs the stock bar
Store Reply
BEEFY is the correct description of this track bar. Thank you for your order and your review. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Very satisfied
Put on a carli leveling kit with this track bar on 2011 ram dually. Great fit. Rides great
Store Reply
Adjustable track bars are one of the most over looked front end components when leveling a truck. You made a GREAT choice with Carli, their track bar is top notch! -Ben
Verified Buyer
Great Product!
The Carli Track Bar made a huge difference in the handling of my Ram, would highly recommend.
Store Reply
Thank you for your review! Everything Carli is top notch, they make some of the best suspension parts available. Glad it is working out for you. Next time you need some parts look us up!
Verified Buyer
Worth it!
So happy I decided to go with Carli on this one. I recently purchased Dynatrac ball joints, a Synergy steering gear stabilizer and a Carli sway bar setup for my 06 ram. After installing those my pickup drove like it was new, or so I thought. I could still feel the pickup wander side to side when hitting bumps in the highway but it was better than before. Went in for an alignment and the tech came back after about twenty minutes with my pickup and said your track bar bushings are gone. I immediately decided to upgrade. DPP had this part to me in less than 24 hours! Thanks guys! I installed it right away and headed out for a test drive. I’m very impressed with this. Very well built, heavy duty stout part. My ram drives better than a new one. Everything feels tight no more wandering around.Hoping to add the Carli control arms soon! I’m really impressed with Carli parts and will continue to be a customer!
Verified Buyer
Hopefully the end of my Death Wobble
After going through 3 Death Wobble experiences, a complete front end rebuild and 3 different stock track bars in less than 20K miles, I wanted the best track bar on the market. I pull a 33 foot travel trailer with my 06 Dodge Mega Cab 5.9 Cummins. After the installation, I was amazed how much better the truck handeled. I could actually hit a bump in the road without having to worry if I was going to lose control of the steering.
Verified Buyer
Carli Trackbar
Great Product. I'm a big fan of Carli parts previously installed the Carli control arms about a year ago (night and day improvement). The track bar tighetend up the remaining sloppiness from the old parts. Handles better than when it was new. Carli ball joints are next in my list.
Store Reply
Can never go wrong with Carli Parts. They make some of the strongest and nicest looking parts for Rams. Little tip, Carli balljoints are difficult to get a hold of. Buy them a couple months in advance. -Sands
Beefy design. Direct fit and excellent adjust...
Beefy design. Direct fit and excellent adjustability.
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will this adjustable track bar work on a 04 ram 2500 with a 6in lift? thank you?

Yes it will work on that 04 ram 2500. As long as it's 4wd and retains the factory locations for attaching the track bar, however it does require the use of a drop bracket for trucks with 6in lift. That bracket is available as an option when purchasing this bar.


I just ordered the mopar 09 upgraded steering linkage, will this trac bar work with this new linkage??

Yes, this and any track bar, including factory, will work with this steering upgrade.


I have a rough country 5 inch lift with 35 inch tires. My question is do I need drop down brackets for a 5 inch lift even though they say ""drop down brackets with 6 inch lift ? ... Ik it says 6"" but I just want to make sure b4 I tear my truck apart..?

We would recommend to use the drop bracket for that application yes.


Will it work with the 07 3500 megacab dually??



Will this work on a 2001 with an after market adapter on the frame??

These would work only on the stock location or bracket that uses similar to the stock mounting.


Does it come with new bolts to fasten the track bar to the truck?

No it does not. The Factory hardware is more then adequate and is reused.


I have a 2004 QCSB cummins with a 2.5 inch leveling kit. Do I need the drop down bracket or no??

No, the bracket is only used for 6"" lifts.


Absolutely a piece of junk. Buy synergy.?

Hi Dan, I fail to see your questions here for us, nor do not show any order from you for a Carli Track bar.

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Carli Adjustable Track Bar 03-13 Ram 2500 / 03-12 Ram 3500

Carli Adjustable Track Bar 03-13 Ram 2500 / 03-12 Ram 3500

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