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Vehicle recovery is tricky business, and without the right tools you're primed for failure. Factor 55 is an industry leader in the creation of recovery products and winch attachments. The ProLink is t ... read more

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Vehicle recovery is tricky business, and without the right tools you're primed for failure. Factor 55 is an industry leader in the creation of recovery products and winch attachments. The ProLink is the first of it's time, attached to your cable with a simple but sturdy titanium pin, the ProLink offers a exponentially stronger, safer, and smarter connection than the traditional winch hook.

Vehicle recovery is tricky and often risky business and traditionally securing your load happened with a winch hook. These hooks were designed to carry a load with a downward vertical force, this application is typically never needed in recovery work. More than likely you will find yourself pulling at odd angles with the danger of your winch hook securing pin breaking, bending, coming off and generally causing you a lot of pain and hassle. Factor 55, a group of Aerospace, Defense, and Semiconductor engineers, have a passion for off-roading and a drive to create quality products that solve unaddressed problems in the world of vehicle recovery.

The ProLink completely replaces the need for a traditional winch hook. CNC'd from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum, and engineered to hold astounding loads, the ProLink allows you to form a solid connection between your winch cable eye through the aid of a 5/8" titanium double shear pin. The base of the ProLink is fitted with a rubber stopper that stops the annoying and sometimes costly bump-bump-ding caused by a traditional winch hook. The stopper forms allows your ProLink to fit snugly against your Hawse or Roller fairlead. The front of the ProLink is where you can get down to business, allowing you to attach a 3/4" screw pin shackle into the precision mounting hole.

Check the list below for a seemingly endless amount of reasons to buy this superior product designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A.

Advantages over Winch Hook
  • Screw Pin Shackles are up to 5 times stronger than conventional hooks
  • Conventional Hooks are too small to safely fit both ends of a recovery strap
  • Recovery straps cannot slip out of a shackle like they can with hooks
  • Hook safety latches are not rated for loads and can tear recovery straps
  • Conventional hook surfaces add higher stresses to recovery strap fibers, resulting in decreased strap ratings
  • Shackles can be quickly removes and stowed away until needed for winching
  • Hooks do not cinch neatly against fairleads and are prone to rattling and loosening
  • Conventional winch hooks are designed for chains, not commonly used for recovery straps.
  • Engineered, Tested and MADE IN THE USA
  • Stress analyzed using COSMOS FEA and destructively tested for confirmation
  • Billet Construction, Percision made from 6061-T6 Kaiser Aluminum round bar
  • 16,000 pound max load rating
  • Fits all steel cables and synthetic ropes up to 3/8" in diameter
  • Fits eyes equipped with standard or tube thimbles to 3/8 inch diameter
  • 1.2" shackle tab thickness virtually eliminates "shackle rattle"
  • Massive 5/8" diameter carbon steel double shear pin- 6AI-4V Titanium upgradeable
  • Optional EPDM "Rubber Guard" protects alloy Hawse fairleads- Rubber barb attachment
  • Can be installed and removed in minutes, simple snap ring removal
  • Cinches neatly against all types of fairleads , Hawse or Roller.
  • Beautifully anodized and zinc plated in the USA


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  • ManufacturerFactor 55
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