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This easy to use device can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs to your own vehicles, as well as MAKE you thousands of dollars in repairs and updates to customer's vehicles to avoid the dealershi ... read more

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This easy to use device can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs to your own vehicles, as well as MAKE you thousands of dollars in repairs and updates to customer's vehicles to avoid the dealerships. As vehicles become more computerized, the requirement to reprogram those modules is more and more necessary. AutoEnginuity's J2534 reprogramming hardware meets that requirement.

The AutoEnginuity VSI-2534 is a J2534 compliant device and is a stand-alone hardware solution. If you have already reprogrammed modules you will understand how helpful this feature can be. It is not integrated into the Scan Tool product to help a shop prevent tying up a computer station with the lengthy process of reprogramming modules.

The J2534-1 Specification covers emissions-related reprogramming which is typically the Engine Control Module and/or Transmission Control Module. The J2534-2 Specification covers everything else. The OEM's aren't mandated to be -2 compliant, but only -1. Everything else is "optional" to the OEM. GM, Ford/Mazda and Toyota are the main OEMs releasing -2 programming calibrations to the Aftermarket.

The J2534 Specification specifically states that calibration data for vehicles 2004+ must be made available by the OEM and that the J1962 connector is to be used. While some manufacturers support earlier vehicles, the J2534 Spec states that manufacturers only have to support 2004+ later vehicles for J2534 programming.
  • Right-to-Repair (R2R)
  • Emissions-related programming for all makes/models
  • Full pre-R2R diagnostics and programming for numerous OEMs
  • Vehicle security and key functions available for many makes
  • AutoEnginuity's pass-thru includes support!
  • Technical support staffed by technicians who understand and know vehicle repair and pass-thru
  • Toolbox3 educational software providing OEM application descriptions, capabilities, videos and more (see below)
  • Easy-to-install device driver updates
    • Technician access to OEM key codes, PIN numbers, immobilizer reset information
    J2534 TOOLBOX:
    • J2534 News: News and information in real-time
    • Up-to-date OEM Information: Application functionality, capabilities, and subscription pricing
    • Video Tutorials
    • OEM Web Links: Links to OEM service and support pages
    • Generic OBDII Diagnostics
    • Screen Sharing Capabilities: Interact with our technical support


    • SkuAE-VSI-J2534
    • ManufacturerAutoEnginuity
    • MPNVSI-J2534
    • CAN FD: Supports Flexible Data Rate CAN,(being introduced in the near future).
    • J2534 v05.00 API: The newest version of J2534 to give you the latest in pass-thru technology.
    • 4 CAN Channels: Going beyond the 3 required by select Chrysler/FCA models, AutoEnginuity's J2534 provides a 4th to meet the needs of future OEM applications.
    • DoIP: Automotive Ethernet for advanced vehicle communications.


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    Verified Buyer
    Might buy one for my daughters
    Reprogram daughters 99 Suburban was a walk in the park for a novice just want to use again fun to use.
    Store Reply
    Thank you for the review. AutoEnginuity makes top notch scan tools that really are easy to use.

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