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SKU #: ME-S-03 Smarty S03 Programmer By MADS Electronics 98.5-02 5.9L Dodge Cummins

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    • 1998.5-2002 5.9L 24 Valve Dodge Cummins


If you're looking for a programmer that delivers results, not hype, for your Cummins, you've found it. We, at Diesel Power Products, have been running Smarty products in most of our personally owned C ... read more

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If you're looking for a programmer that delivers results, not hype, for your Cummins, you've found it. We, at Diesel Power Products, have been running Smarty products in most of our personally owned Cummins powered Rams for years and we do it for one reason....THEY WORK. So if you're ready for increased power and a noticeable increase in fuel economy, step up to a Smarty S-03!

One of the biggest reasons we choose Smarty, isn't because of the overall power gains, but really WHERE the power comes in at. While many other programmers deliver the same overall power, it comes down to what Smarty calls their CaTCHER software. This software brings the power right off of idle so you can experience the power increase throughout the entire RPM range, not just at wide open throttle.

Besides the sheer performance benefits, an added perk is the ease and speed of programming your truck. You merely plug the cord into the OBDII diagnostic port under your dash, follow the on-screen prompts, and in a matter of minutes, you're ready to roll....yes, its that easy.

Further, we've found that for those looking for BIG power gains, more so than what the S-03 can deliver by itself, it works exceptionally well for stacking with "fueling boxes," such as the Edge Juice with Attitude, Edge Comp Box, and TST PowerMax. This will deliver the ultimate power and drivability combination.

Software Module Zero
  • About half the power of a stock software. Use it whenever reduced power is desired or when you have to make sure that NO SMOKE is produced.

Software Module One
  • The Fuel Saver software. MPG gains vary, in most cases a + 2 MPG has been reported. Please note that the timing in this software is rather aggressive. HEAVY TOWING is not recommended with this software setting.

Software Module Two
  • This software increases the fuel delivered by the ECM.

Software Module Three
  • Same as software # 2 but timing has been added.
Software Modules Four to Nine
  • The even numbered software are identical to the odd numbered ones, except for the timing. The software setting without added timing are intended for use with timing adding boxes. The power gain at top RPM with these software settings is almost identical. These settings differ greatly in HOW they get there. Than higher the software number then more aggressive the throttle response from idle speed up. Aggressive to the point that the software modules Eight and Nine can become difficult to handle on slippery roads.
Smarty software updates are always free. As an added bonus, you can always send yours in and we can do it for you. Local guys can always bring theirs in for the free update. We will even help you program your truck!
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  • SkuME-S-03
  • ManufacturerSmarty by MADS Electronics
  • MPNS-03
  • CaTCHER software modules.
  • Ten different performance levels.
  • Fastest download in the industry, a typical ECM update takes just two minutes.
  • ABS tire height updates in just seconds.
  • Not traceable by the dealer in the stock setting. Smarty leaves no footprint.
  • Cold weather 3 Cylinder High Idle is enabled in all software.
  • Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text.
  • No tools required, no fuses to pull.
  • USB built in for simple updates .
  • Most complete keyboard in the industry.
  • Reliable, it works off your OEM ECM hardware.
  • SW# 0: Half power
  • SW# 1: Fuel Saver
  • SW# 2: Only more fuel and Boost
  • SW# 3: Like # 2 + added timing
  • SW# 4: Soft CaTCHER no added timing
  • SW# 5: Like # 4 + added Timing
  • SW# 6: Mild CaTCHER no added timing
  • SW# 7: Like # 6 + added Timing
  • SW# 8: CaTCHER no added timing
  • SW# 9: CaTCHER with Timing


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Verified Buyer
Very Satisfied
Great product!! Arrived on time and in great condition. I strongly recommend for an upgrade. The throttle response and spooling is simply amazing!! I can’t help but smile through all 6 gears!! Thank You Smarty!!
Store Reply
Smarty makes GREAT tuning, it is no mystery why you are so happy with your truck now! Let us know when it is time for the next power upgrade on that Cummins! -Ben
The Smarty really makes my turbo spool better...
The Smarty really makes my turbo spool better.
Like it so much, I had to buy another one for...
Like it so much, I had to buy another one for my other truck. Can't say enough about the performance gains. Turbo spools very quick and almost feels like a gasser in response.
Super easy to use. Very simple plug and play....
Super easy to use. Very simple plug and play. Udating ECM takes 5 mins tops. Love #3 module but then very simple to switch to #1 module and get an additional 1.5 mpg. Great programmer and would reccomend to anyone with a Dodge.
Awesome product, has a level for any situatio...
Awesome product, has a level for any situation. Quickly shipped to Ontario Canada.
cest malade sa marche bien sa puff pi sa reve...
cest malade sa marche bien sa puff pi sa reveille le moteur merci!!!
Easy To Use With Impressive Gains!
I've owned two 2001 Cummins since 2001 and tried out numerous programmers and chips for these trucks, including the Smarty S-03. While the Smarty may not be the most powerful tuner on the market for these trucks, it delivers the best drivability overall. Because of the fact that this tuner does not tap into the fueling wire on the injection pump means its limited to about 70 horsepower over stock, but because of the way it programs the ECM, it delivers amazing throttle response and power where you need it. I've found that in order to get the best of both worlds (big power gains and drivability), the Smarty stacks extremely well with such fueling boxes as an Edge Juice with Attitude or Comp Box or TST. I liked the Smarty so much in my first 2001, I knew it would be a necessity in my second one. As a bonus, it has the fastest load time of any tuner I've used for the 24 valve Cummins, so you're not waiting 15 minutes to change tunes.
Verified Buyer
Best Purchase for the 24V!!!
Josh and Brian are Hands down the best at making sure you get exactly what you need. I will not buy anything for my truck without checking here first!!
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About how much hp and torque does this programmer add ??

Typically added torque is about double the added horsepower. For example, on a 60HP tune you could expect to see about 120 extra foot pounds of torque.


i have 2001 extended cab dodge cummins i do a lot of heavy towing as well as have so,e fun with it on weekends my truck has gauges 5 inch turbo back ,banks ram air elbow , s&b intake 100gph lift pump , trans is stock auto trans can i use this with stock turbo an injectors without making the trans slip if i used on low levels ? id like to get a little more power out of it as a daily driver?

Depends on the condition of the factory transmission.


I was wondering will this tunner help get more power out of my 2001 24v I have injectors and a edge comp box with a ddrp fass fuel pump?

Yes it can tune for what the Comp box can't and get that little extra out of it.


You can send it to the Czech republic? Thank you?

We do offer world wide shipping yes.


will smarty work on a 2001 freightliner 45 stepvan 24 valve??

This unit will not work in a freightliner no.


I have a 2001 stock 5.9 Cummins, 6 speed manual transmission. I haul a camper that weighs 3500 pounds and lag going up hills. Will this tuner benefit me in being able to maintain my speed and not get down into 5th gear? Will it allow me to pick up speed if I get stuck behind traffic while going up hill??

5th gear is a stronger gear then 6th. When it comes to towing and putting a load on the engine and transmission it would be better to run in 5th. It can tune for higher horsepower yes but it only adds about 70hp. We would only recommend about 40hp more on that truck towing.


I have a 99 24 valve with the stock retrofitted in tank lift pump. I was just curious if it would be safe to run this tuner without additional lift pump modifications? I don’t want to burn up the vp. Thanks?

It would benefit you you run a pressure gauge to monitor fuel pressure or a warning light, or both. The retrofit fuel pumps should support that just fine. But better safe then sorry.


It says you can stack the chips in the description but the edge juice in the manual says not to stack any other chips. It also says if you do don't use the timing advance if you're stacking. What's the worst that will happen if you do stack them? Will if fry the computer??

We would only recommend stacking in a competition/race environment. Not something that we would recommend for a daily driver. The theory behind it is both of those tuners can only get you part of the way to the trucks full potential and max power. But used together it has the ability to make as much power possible, being limited by the mechanical components. Normally something only a drag/pull truck would consider where they are trying to get the most power possible for 10 seconds.


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Smarty S03 Programmer By MADS Electronics 98.5-02 5.9L Dodge Cummins

Smarty S03 Programmer By MADS Electronics 98.5-02 5.9L Dodge Cummins

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