21 Days of Diesel is BACK.

Welcome back to 21 Days of Diesel! From December 3rd through December 24th, we’ll be forgiving over $10,000 worth of order totals. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our e-mail to learn more and follow along with each day's giveaway. Purchase a part from that day's sponsor to be automatically entered--no need for coupon codes this year! Winners will be announced each day (or on Mondays in the case of weekends) via Facebook live.

This year instead of offering a specific part as a prize we're forgiving up to $500 off order totals.

To enter, simply purchase a part from the day's corresponding manufacturer sponsor and wait until the next day to see if you've won up to $500 off your order total.*

Here's a detailed example: December 3rd is Red-Head Steering Gears' day and you've been needing a new gear box for a while. All you need to do is pick out exactly what gear box you want, add it to your cart, place your order, and wait till the next day to see if you've been chosen to have up to $500* of your order total forgiven. Easy!

Want to make sure you get every 21 Days of Diesel notification? Just sign up to receive the e-mails below. You'll receive a 21 Days of Diesel e-mail starting December 3rd and ending December 24th.

Join 21 Days of Diesel:

Order Forgiveness Days:

Monday, December 3rd: $250 - Red-Head Steering Gears
Tuesday, December 4th: $500 - Edge Products
Wednesday, December 5th: $500 - Method Race Wheels
Thursday, December 6th: $500 - DuramaxTuner.com / Calibrated Power
Friday, December 7th: $500 - Fleece Performance
Saturday, December 8th: $500 - Carli Suspension
Sunday, December 9th: $500 - ATS Diesel Performance
Monday, December 10th: $500 - BD Power
Tuesday, December 11th: $500 - BD Power
Wednesday, December 12th: $250 - Red-Head Steering Gears
Thursday, December 13th: $500 - Fleece Performance
Friday, December 14th: $500 - Banks Power
Saturday, December 15th: $500 - Diamond Eye Performance
Sunday, December 16th: $400 - MBRP Exhaust
Monday, December 17th: $500 - Industrial Injection
Tuesday, December 18th: $500 - Dynomite Diesel
Wednesday, December 19th: $500 - Pure Performance
Thursday, December 20th: $500 - Dynatrac
Friday, December 21st: $500 - S&B Filters
Saturday, December 22nd: $400 - MBRP Exhaust
Sunday, December 23rd: Free South Bend clutch*** - South Bend Clutch
Monday, December 24th: Up to $500 - DPP Wild Card Day!**

Giveaways Sponsored By:

*Order forgiveness only applies to that day's specific manufacturer and will not be applied to parts on your order not fitting this criteria. Some days may have lower order forgiveness amounts as requested by manufacturers. Order forgiveness does not apply to shipping costs.

**DPP Wild Card Days: Diesel Power Products will be forgiving up to $500 off your order for ANY parts you choose.  No need to stick to one manufacturer, just place an order for your chance to win up to $500 off your order total!

***To qualify for entry you must purchase a South Bend Clutch of your choice.