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SKU #: BOSCH-VEPUMP-main Bosch VE Injection Pump (Stock Replacement) 89-93 5.9L Dodge Cummins

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    • 1989-1993 5.9L Dodge Cummins
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    We at Diesel Power Products offer a deferred core program in which we allow you to defer the typical upfront core charge when purchasing via credit card payment. All cores, whether the core charge was deferred or not, must be returned within 21 days from delivery date of product requiring core charge. Failure to do so can result in forfeiture of the entire core charge return. In the event you originally deferred the core charge, you authorize Diesel Power Products to charge you for the core charge.

    All cores must be returned to the original warehouse that original shipment was sent from. If a return label is provided in the original shipment, use this tag. If one is not included, contact us immediately, and we can provide you with the correct address of where the core(s) must be returned to, as well as an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. DO NOT rely on the return address on the original label as a source for where to ship to.

    If cores are shipped to the incorrect warehouse, your core money will be returned less the shipping cost for us to send the core(s) to the correct warehouse, or if you deferred the core you may be charged for the shipping amount.

    Cores that have been disassembled and/or have missing and/or damaged major components will not receive full core credit. Returned cores must be on a "like-for-like" basis, meaning that the returned core has the exact same fitment as the remanufactured component that was purchased. In the event that the core is not "like-for-like," your core may not be eligible for return / credit.

    Diesel Power Products has the right to alter this policy (i.e. extend the terms) for any reason. If you have an outstanding circumstance, contact us.

    What is a "Core Charge"?

    In order to understand what a core charge is, you must first understand what a core is. In the automotive industry, most products are manufactured from brand new materials. However, numerous products are also remanufactured, meaning that the manufacturer of the product takes a used product, typically removed from a vehicle, disassembles, and replaces all worn components of the master product. A great example of this is in regards to automatic transmissions in which the manufacturer takes an existing transmission, replaces all of the inner working components, such as the torque converter, valve body, etc. and merely reuses the case.

    Because aftermarket manufacturers require a steady stream of incoming cores to build, they charge a deposit on the core, known as a core charge, that is refunded upon receipt. In some cases, the core is not reusable, such as in the event of a cracked case, at which point the core deposit would not be credited as the core component is not reusable.

    If you plan on returning your core you have two options.

    OPTION 1:
    You can accept it, which means you will be charged for the part AND the core at time of purchase. You still have the option to send it back, and if you do, the core will be refunded back on the card used, presuming the core meets core criteria and the core is returned within 21 business days from originally receiving your order. If you have outstanding circumstances that would not allow the return to occur within 21 days, please contact us.

    OPTION 2 You can defer the core charge. If you defer it, you will not be charged a core at time of purchase. You will have 21 business days from the day you receive it to send it back. As long as the core is received within the 21 business days, you will not be charged. If 21 business days goes by and you do not send it back, the card on file will be charged the core amount. You still may send it back, and once received, we will issue the core amount as in store credit, pending any limitations as set forth by the manufacturer.Core deferral is limited to payment by credit card only.


This is a stock replacement VE injection pump for the 1st Generation Dodge Cummins. Comes complete with a one year warranty. If you're looking to add a little more power and a broader power band, we ... read more

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This is a stock replacement VE injection pump for the 1st Generation Dodge Cummins. Comes complete with a one year warranty. If you're looking to add a little more power and a broader power band, we also offer fuel pins and governor springs to be used with this pump, or complete pumps with these components already installed. All pumps are tested on a bench to ensure function.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Product requires an upfront refundable core charge. Return of core funds is dependent on condition of returned core. Cores will be graded for water, physical internal damage, and head seizure. Core credit will be affected if any of this criteria applies


  • ManufacturerIndustrial Injection
  • MPN0460426114-IIS | 0460426205-IIS


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Its part number is 0460426205? I need it for a 6BT diesel engine?

We would recommend to shoot us a call.


What is the core charge for your stock VE pump? Thanks in advance.?

The core charge is 600.00 for that pump.


Is the 600$ core charge part of the 1200$ price tag or is that another additional cost up front so the pump actually cost 1800$ at check out??

The core is on top of the cost of the pump. It would total out at 1800.00.


How much extra cost to have different governor springs installed??

We do not offer this pump with modifications, we do however offer the BD pump with governor springs.


Would you take a vp44 core as instead of the VE pump?

Unfortunately cores have to be like for like. So a VE core would need to come back. -Sands


Are these pumps new or are they rebuilt??

They are a rebuild, don't think there is such a thing as a new VE pump. I would be cautious of anyone saying it is a new pump.


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Bosch VE Injection Pump (Stock Replacement) 89-93 5.9L Dodge Cummins

Bosch VE Injection Pump (Stock Replacement) 89-93 5.9L Dodge Cummins

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