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    When it comes to you and your truck, you only want the best of the best. In many cases, the best programmer or suspension upgrade for you could be polar opposites from someone else merely because the two trucks are used differently. However, most diesel truck owners share similar basic expectations from their vehicles: dependable, powerful, and comfortable. While some may venture into less predictable classifications, those three are typically universally shared. What this means is that one particular cold air intake is the best for the majority of Cummins owners, or that one Duramax programmer outsells the rest, and so forth. Let history guide you in your product selection by at least checking out our list of Best Sellers. And if you don’t see something that matches what you’re after, by all means, give us a call or send an e-mail so we can discuss your exact application and how its used. Diesel Performance is our business, let us help.

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    Diesel Power Products is your diesel performance headquarters proudly located in Spokane Valley, Washington. Our online storefront provides the most comprehensive catalog for your diesel truck and we offer the industry's best product support for your Dodge Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, Ram EcoDiesel, Nissan Titan XD, Volkswagen TDi, or Sprinter. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 and have numerous shipping locations throughout the United States to ensure you receive your product as quickly as possible.

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    World's smallest diesel engine? Ronald Valentine's Nano Bee .00037 cu in (.006cc) spins up to 12,800 rpm and was designed for model airplanes. Hopefully the EPA doesn't crack down on him for its lack of emissions!
    🇺🇸 Ben and Tyler discuss "How to Do Big Wheels Right" on this week's America's Diesel Podcast. These 22" @duallydesignco rims are definitely doing it right!  ​ 🎧 ​Click the Bio Link and then click on this image to see the Podcast
    S&B Filters showed up today so we now have what you need in stock and ready to ship. Click the Bio link to find yours...
    Are you a person or a mechanic? This is one of the many questions you must ask yourself before beginning your journey.
    The shop has been busy installing a @carlisuspension lift on this 2020 6.7L Ram with @nittotire and @methodracewheels finishing things off. This lucky truck is brand new and will never have to live that "Stock" life.
    Odin is an incredible, massive truck. What would you run over with it? Watermelons? Fences? Your truck? A glass shop? A long roll of bubble wrap? One of those sheds from the commercials? Your buddy's landscaping? So many choices...
    First Gen Cummins? You know we have you covered at DPP! Click our bio link and then the apparel tab to discover our Diesel Lifestyle gear.
    Ben is looking good in our USA Diesel T-shirt. Check out our apparel page for many more designs for the Diesel Lifestyle. Click our bio link and then the apparel tab to discover our Diesel Lifestyle gear.
    It's hay season here in the NW. @goldengemmercantile offers a beautiful backdrop for Ramule the Manual.
    A pallet of @dynatrac is hard to come by. We have the elusive 2000-2008 Dodge Free Spin kits in stock and ready to ship. Get them before they're gone!
    Love ATS? Share a picture of your install with us! https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/m-64-ats-diesel-performance.aspx
    With as nice as the new trucks are- Can you make a bad choice?
    @ddcwheels are designed to make your Dually look and function as well as it can. If you drive a Chevy, GMC, Ram or Ford, we have the right package for your stock, leveled or lifted dually truck. Click the Bio link to learn more about Dually Design Co. Wheels
    @fullforcedieselperformance knows how to have a good time with a Powerstroke!
    So many @dynatrac axles to choose from!