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    • 2007.5-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins
    • 68RFE Automatic Transmission
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    Manufacturer Warranty: 36 Months


The marrying of the 68RFE transmission in a Dodge is almost as important as the marrying of a Cummins in a Dodge. For YEARS, Dodge has put lackluster transmissions behind the Cummins powerhouse, and ... read more

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The marrying of the 68RFE transmission in a Dodge is almost as important as the marrying of a Cummins in a Dodge. For YEARS, Dodge has put lackluster transmissions behind the Cummins powerhouse, and have regrettably developed a poor reputation for it. When the 2007.5 6.7L was released, it came featuring the 68RFE, and it was proven to be a good choice. This new six speed automatic has proven itself to be able to handle a TON more abuse compared to its predecessors. But with any transmission, it has its limitations.

There are many of those whom have already pushed the limits of their transmission with performance enhancements and hauling heavy loads that know all too well how much is too much for the 68RFE. BD transmissions are designed to take on what most 68RFE owners are looking for - responding with smooth sharp shifts to keep the engine in the torque range required.

BD has done extensive research to determine the failure points of the 68RFE and to correct them. For instance, BD's 68RFE pumps have a new regulator valve design, and along with a new valve body separator plate and pressure control module, can deliver up to 250 PSI clutch apply pressure. This provides 150% MORE holding force above stock, in order to help prevent clutch slippage. Also, BD's 68RFE Electronic Pressure Controller dynamically adjusts the hydraulic apply pressures based on APPS, which is used in governing engine loads and responsiveness through transmission gear selection. the module's dynamic control ramps up in the much larger sweep right up to 250 PSI mainline pressure as needed dynamically. This is NOT accomplished with any other aftermarket engine tuner

All the clutch packs and drums have new machined designs with the maximum amount of heat/energy/capacity in mind. Special machining has been done to the second gear piston to incorporate additional thick as stock clutch fiber and steel plates. The fourth gear apply piston has been modified to accept new heavier BILLET retainer and a steel girdle is applied to strengthen the piston and give a broader apply area.

The low and reverse sprag clutch with dog-bone style dawgs that bind and wedge themselves into destruction are also replaced with a BD EXCLUSIVE, heavy duty constructed cam and roller style one-way clutch, preventing these explosive failures.

Each transmission is dyno tested and comes with BD's heavy duty deep sump aluminum transmission pan to add strength to the case preventing flexing and internal oil leakage.

BD has also matched their proven Triple Torque Force Converter to this application. It's one piece billet cover prevents warping and trapezoid teeth hold the clutches that provide THREE TIMES the holding power over stock units, resulting in less friction wear and no rattling. BD's own cast stator offers the ultimate torque multiplication and hits the target fluid coupling speed.

In comparison to the standard Performance Series 68RFE transmission from BD, this transmission package includes a BILLET input shaft for unrivaled strength where you need it most. These shafts are built from 300M billet steel alloy to an extremely high yield strength. Further, they are heat treated and precision ground, as well as gun drilled through the hole to eliminate stress risers that are associated with conventional drilling procedures.

BD BIG STACK ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The factory 68RFE features a poorly designed overdrive clutch pack and shaft, which can lead to premature failure of the transmission. While many companies will merely produce thinner clutches in order to increase the clutch count, because the clutches are already relatively thin, in the 68RFE this is not the best option. BD determined a method that when combined with their Big Stack Overdrive Shaft, allows for additional clutches made from QT100 for less deflection, less wear, and substantially more holding capacity.

  • BD's large overdrive clutch spline and beefy high strength billet QT100 reaction plates ensure less deflection and more uniform clutch face engagement.
  • BD's exclusive design gives an additional four overdrive clutches - 16 total - for torque holding capacity of 33% over stock!

WARRANTY - 36-month / 150,000 mile limited warranty on non competitive, racing or sled-pulling applications. See warranty statement for further details. In order to receive warranty, you MUST fill out and return to BD their 68RFE Warranty Form, found in the product documents. Failure to fill out and return this form will result in the forfeiture of any warranty or technical support by BD. Please read through the requirements before purchase to confirm you are able to take all of the required readings.

SHIPPING POLICY - Due to the size and weight of transmissions, they cannot be shipped through traditional couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. and MUST be shipped via truck freight. We do not offer free shipping on transmissions, however, we do offer a very competitive flat rate charge that is added to your shopping cart at checkout. Further, to aid in returning your core transmission, we give you the option to be billed up front for the core return and we will coordinate the pickup and return of your transmission. Once your core transmission is ready for pick up, you just need to give us a call or send us an e-mail with your original order number and the core tag on the transmission, and we'll take care of the rest. Otherwise, we give you the option to coordinate the return shipping on your own and independently pay your courier of choice. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


  • ManufacturerBD-Power
  • MPN1064264BM | 1064262BM
  • Hard anodized valve body and new solenoid pack installed in every unit
  • Custom bonded gasket valve body separator plate increases line pressure while stopping internal cross leaks
  • Heavy duty cam & roller design low reverse one way clutch
  • New 4C billet spring retainer
  • Steel girdle added to 2C piston to allow for more clutches and broader apply area
  • BD durable QT100 pressure plates allow for increased clutch counts and reduce deflection and distortion within the clutch drum
  • Over Drive clutches 33% increase & 2C clutches 33% increase
  • Custom Big Stack overdrive shaft
  • BD reinforced accumulator plate
  • TCC limit valve machined and sleeved to address high wear area with in pump
  • BD Deep sump oil pan adds extra fluid and cooling capacity while reducing case flex
  • BD ProTech68 pressure control module ramps up line pressure to 250 psi using MAP sensor to input load and adjust pressure required
  • Performance Transmission but with the added touch of a Billet Input Shaft to take the "snap" from rapid throttle and high horsepower
  • Triple Disc
  • Enhanced Stall - Street/Towing applications
  • HD springs absorb shock of engagement
  • Stamp forged 1-piece cover
  • Eliminates warpage from clutch heat
  • Taller cover can be rebuilt more often
  • Trapezoid teeth design
  • Engineered tighter tolerances
  • Self-centering trapezoid teeth design increases contact decreases wear and chatter
  • Thrust bearings - not plastic thrust washers
  • Riveted piston ensures alignment & eliminates vibration or embrittlement from welding
  • Cast stator designs maximizes torque
  • New sprag components ensure long term durability
  • Furnaced brazed turbine fins for improved fluid coupling efficiency
  • Reduced overall weight by 12lbs compared to competitors


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BD TorqueMaster 68RFE Transmission & Torque Converter w/ Billet Shaft 07.5-18 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

BD TorqueMaster 68RFE Transmission & Torque Converter w/ Billet Shaft 07.5-18 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

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