2004.5-2005 6.6L GM Duramax LLY
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Since the initial release of the Duramax powered Chevrolet and GMC pickups, the auto manufacturer has been making big waves.  With the release of the 2001, they were the first pickup to feature a common rail injected fuel system.  For 2004.5 models, they ventured into variable geometry turbos for the first time.  And while Ford may have beat GM to the punch with VGT technology, it has been proven that the GM platform is substantially more dependable compared to its competitor.  Even with the numerous changes that have occurred to Heavy Duty GM's over the years, they have actually done an excellent job of keeping a relatively unchanged platform.  Sure, there have been tweaks and upgrades, but not completely different engine platforms, displacements, etc. that cause the buying public to wonder what they are really getting themselves into, in other words, they are PROVEN. 

And for those of you with this model of Duramax, we've got good news for you, there are TONS of upgrades available for this truck.  Whether you want to make it faster, more fuel efficient, last longer, haul a heavier trailer, handle better off road.....you name it, we've got the components and knowledge to make it happen!

Attention: If you have a GM Duramax  please verify your engine type before ordering any product. You will either have an LB7, LLY, or LBZ  motor, many of the products we offer are not interchangeable with all three engines.

To verify, check the 8th digit in the VIN number:
If it's a 1 you have the LB7 motor and it is covered by the model years 01-04
If it's a 2 you have the LLY motor and it is covered by the model years 04.5-05

Products in this section are designed to work on 2004.5 and 2005 6.6L GM Duramax equipped trucks unless otherwise noted.

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