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BOOST YOUR 2011 - 2016 FORD 6.7 POWERSTROKE PERFORMANCE The release of the 6.7L Powerstroke marked a significant evolution in Ford's diesel engine lineup. As their first in-house built diesel engine, ... read more

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The release of the 6.7L Powerstroke marked a significant evolution in Ford's diesel engine lineup. As their first in-house built diesel engine, it followed a series of engines that had mixed reviews, particularly the 6.0L. However, the 6.7L has established itself as a robust and versatile option, proving its worth through consistent performance and reliability. At Diesel Power Products, we provide a wide range of parts and upgrades to help you optimize your 6.7 Powerstroke, ensuring it meets all your driving needs and preferences.

The 6.7L Powerstroke offers a solid foundation, but to truly unlock its potential, the right performance upgrades are essential. Whether you’re looking to increase horsepower, enhance fuel efficiency, or improve suspension capabilities, Diesel Power Products has you covered. Our extensive selection of high-quality parts allows you to customize your truck to suit your specific requirements, whether for daily driving, heavy towing, or off-road adventures.

With our expert team and comprehensive product range, transforming your Powerstroke into a powerhouse is straightforward. From cold air intakes to exhaust systems, and tuners to fuel injectors, each part we offer is designed to maximize your truck’s performance and reliability.


Elevate your 2011 - 2016 Ford 6.7 Powerstroke with our selection of premium performance parts. Our carefully selected products ensure top performance on highways and tough off-road terrains alike.

  • Cold Air Intakes: Enhance your engine's performance with cold air intakes from brands like S&B and AFE. These systems draw in cooler, denser air, resulting in better combustion and increased power output. This upgrade helps improve efficiency and provides consistent performance, especially during high-demand situations like towing heavy loads​​.
  • Exhaust Systems: Upgrade to high-performance exhaust systems from manufacturers like MBRP and Diamond Eye. These systems reduce backpressure and improve exhaust flow, boosting engine efficiency and power while delivering an aggressive exhaust note that signifies enhanced capabilities​.
  • Tuners and Programmers: Optimize your engine's performance with tuners and programmers from trusted brands like Superchips and Edge. These devices help you extract maximum performance from your Powerstroke, whether you’re aiming for increased horsepower, better fuel economy, or customized settings for specific driving conditions​​.
  • Fuel Injectors: Ensure precise fuel delivery and enhanced engine performance with high-quality fuel injectors from brands like Dynomite Diesel. Upgraded injectors provide better atomization of fuel, leading to more complete combustion and increased efficiency, essential for high-performance setups​​.

These upgrades provide significant improvements in power, fuel economy, and overall performance, making your 6.7 Powerstroke a formidable force on the road.


At Diesel Power Products, we are committed to offering the best parts for your truck. Here’s what sets our selection apart:

  • Expertise: With extensive experience in the diesel industry, our team understands what your Powerstroke needs to excel. We continually test and evaluate new products to ensure we offer only the highest quality parts to our customers.
  • Quality: We stock parts from trusted manufacturers, such as AFE, MBRP, S&B Filters, and Mishimoto. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each part meets our high standards of performance and durability​.
  • Support: Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any questions, ensuring you get the right parts for your needs. We provide exceptional customer service, whether you need installation advice, compatibility information, or performance tips.

Our commitment to quality means you can trust these parts to deliver outstanding performance and durability. Each product is rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, so you can drive with confidence.


Discover our extensive selection of 2011 - 2016 Ford 6.7 Powerstroke parts and see why diesel truck enthusiasts across the country rely on Diesel Power Products. Whether you want to enhance your truck’s performance or maintain it with top-quality parts, we have everything you need to keep your Powerstroke running strong.

We get a lot of calls and e-mails each day with various product, vehicle, and installation questions. Some are completely off the wall and can even catch us off guard at times, but many others are fairly routine, so we thought we'd post some of the most popular questions that can hopefully be a good resource for you.

Q: What are some recommended upgrades for increasing towing capacity on my 2011 - 2016 Powerstroke?
A: While you can't necessarily increase the rated GVWR of a vehicle, you can easily make towing or hauling a lot more comfortable with fewer white knuckles with the addition of several key upgrades. First of all, added horsepower undoubtedly makes the job easier with fewer downshifts of the transmission. Fortunately, its quite simple to add extra ponies to the 2011 - 2016 Powerstrokes by installing a performance tuner/programmer and a cold air intake. If you're wanting more, we also offer numerous injector, injection pump, and turbo upgrades, as well as plenty of other methods to deliver massive power gains. On the other side of things, having a truck that squats or sways excessively is not pleasant and potentially even dangerous to drive. We offer numerous upgrades such as supplemental air bag systems with optional on board air systems, anti-sway bars, overload springs, and more. Upgraded brakes and a heavy-duty transmission cooler can help manage the added stress from towing, as well.

Q: How can I improve the fuel economy of my 2011 - 2016 Powerstroke?
A: Improving the fuel economy of your 2011 - 2016 Powerstroke can be achieved through several strategic upgrades. Installing a cold air intake and high-performance exhaust system can enhance engine efficiency by improving airflow. Tuners and programmers allow you to adjust engine parameters for optimal fuel efficiency. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing fuel injectors and ensuring your turbocharger is functioning efficiently, is also crucial. Additionally, consider using synthetic lubricants to reduce friction and enhance overall engine performance.

Q: What are the benefits of upgrading to aftermarket intercoolers for my 6.7 Powerstroke?
A: Upgrading to an aftermarket intercooler for your 6.7 Powerstroke can significantly enhance your truck's performance. Aftermarket intercoolers improve cooling efficiency, allowing your engine to intake cooler, denser air, which leads to better combustion and increased power output. They are typically built with superior materials and designs that reduce pressure drop and improve airflow, resulting in better throttle response and overall engine performance. Additionally, aftermarket intercoolers offer greater durability and reliability, especially under high-boost conditions, ensuring your engine components last longer and perform more efficiently​.

Q: Are there any specific maintenance tips for the 2011 - 2016 6.7 Powerstroke?
A: Regular maintenance is key to keeping your 2011 - 2016 6.7 Powerstroke running smoothly. This includes routine oil changes with high-quality diesel engine oil, regular fuel filter replacements, and ensuring the air filter is clean or replaced as needed. Monitoring and maintaining proper coolant levels and ensuring the cooling system is functioning correctly is also vital. Regularly inspecting the turbocharger and EGR system for signs of wear or clogging can prevent major issues. Keeping an eye on your exhaust gas temperatures and using a quality fuel additive can also help maintain optimal engine performance​.

Q: Will a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) back system provide more sound to my truck?
A: Generally speaking no, the emissions equipment upstream will still act as a muffler. However, that doesn't mean installation will not help in other areas by improving exhaust flow. While minor, the benefits are noticeable, plus an aftermarket exhaust looks way better than the stock exhaust.

Q: I'm looking at an exhaust kit on your website, but it doesn't state which cab and bed configuration it fits, will this fit my application?
A: In most cases, unless it is specifically stated as fitting a certain configuration, all exhaust kits on our website will fit all cab and bed lengths. Further, most kits will not fit cab and chassis applications unless otherwise noted.

Q: I'm looking at this 5" (or other) exhaust kit, but my truck only has a 4" exhaust now. Does this 5" exhaust include an adapter / reducer?
A: Yes, the exhaust systems we sell will adapt down to fit the application at the designated starting point (turbo back, cat back, DPF back, etc.) for a hassle free installation.

Q: What are EGT's?
A: EGT stands for Exhaust Gas Temperature, which is the temperature of the exhaust leaving your engine. This measurement is typically measured before the turbo to ensure you are not overheating components. For most applications, we recommend not exceeding 1300 degrees.

Q: Will the products you offer void my warranty?
A: Some parts may void your warranty and some may not. We recommend researching the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that specifically protects consumers when choosing to install aftermarket components on their vehicles, as well as consulting with your local dealer.

If you've got a question about your Powerstroke, feel free to give us a call at 888-99-DIESEL and we would be happy to assist.

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