Loyalty Program

We appreciate each and every one of our customers and work tirelessly to ensure you have a positive experience with us each and every time. As a "thank you" to our loyal customers, we've created the Diesel Power Products Loyalty Program that gives you points for every dollar spent that can be applied towards future purchases. Its simple, saves you money, and is our way of saying "Thank you!"

In just three easy steps, you can be on your way to start earning points and saving money on every purchase!

STEP 1: Create an account
STEP 2: Make a purchase
STEP 3: Use the points you accrued on your previous order as a form of payment on your next order(s)

If you haven't done so already, make sure that you create an account with us. Its easy to do, and guess what, its free! To create an account, you can either CLICK HERE or click on MY ACCOUNT in the top menu of any page.

Points are accrued any time you make a purchase and are saved to your account. For every dollar that you spend, you get one point, and every point is worth $0.02, basically just like a 2% cash back credit card. For example, lets say you make a purchase for $1000, this will earn you 1000 points, which turns into $20 off of your next purchase, simple as that! At any time that you want to know exactly how many points you have, just log into your account page and click "Customer Points" and you'll know exactly what you're working with.

Now that you have accrued some points in your account, how do you turn those into cold hard cash off your order? Easy! Once you've found the item(s) you're looking for and added them to your shopping cart, just proceed through checkout as you normally would. On the Payment portion of checkout, there will be an option to "Redeem Points" that will also display how much money you can apply to the order. Simply click that option and you'll be able to use up to the full amount of available points towards your purchase. Then, if there's an additional balance owed, it will prompt you right back to the payment screen where you can choose how to pay for the balance. Easy, right?

  • Due to manufacturer regulations, there are several manufacturers that do not allow for the accrual of points with purchase of their product, payment towards their product with points, or a combination of the two.
  • Points have no cash redemption value and can only be applied towards applicable purchases with Diesel Power Products.
  • In the event credit is due on an order originally paid partially or in full with Loyalty Points, credit will be applied back to the original form of payment, to include Loyalty Points, equally as it was originally paid for. As an example, if you originally placed an order that $100 was paid via credit card and $100 was paid with Loyalty Points, $100 will be returned to your credit card and $100 to your Loyalty Points, presuming full credit is due.
  • Points will expire 365 days after accrual.
  • Purchases made prior to April 8th, 2020 are not applicable to accrue Loyalty Points as this was before the inception of the program.