Deferred Core Program

First, in order to understand what a Deferred Core Program is, its first important to understand what a "core charge," and even better, what a "core" is.

What is a Core?

In the automotive industry, most products are manufactured from brand new materials. However, numerous products are also remanufactured, meaning that the manufacturer of the product takes a used product, typically removed from a vehicle, disassembles, and replaces all worn components of the master product. A great example of this is in regards to automatic transmissions in which the manufacturer takes an existing transmission, replaces all of the inner working components, such as the torque converter, valve body, etc. and merely reuses the case.

What is a Core Charge?

Because aftermarket manufacturers require a steady stream of incoming cores to build, they charge a deposit on the core, known as a core charge, that is refunded upon receipt. In some cases, the core is not reusable, such as in the event of a cracked case, at which point the core deposit would not be credited as the core component is not reusable.

What is a Deferred Core Program?

We at Diesel Power Products offer a deferred core program in which we allow you to defer the typical core charge you'd normally have to pay for upfront, only to be refunded upon returning your core part. And when it comes to big-ticket items, such as transmissions that can have core charges nearing $3,000, that can easily mean the difference between affording that part and havng to go without. Think of it as putting the core on an open tab for you and once your core is received within the allotted time allowed, we'll delete the charge altogether, so you never have to pay it!

In order to take advantage of the Deferred Core Program, you merely need to pay via credit card for the new parts and agree to the terms of the program, simple as that! This is an industry exclusive program that we had offered in years past and something we felt strongly about ensuring our customers had access to again.