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PureFlow AirDog Air Fuel Separators & Lift Pumps | Raptor Diesel Performance Fuel Pumps

PureFlow Technologies aka Airdog has established themselves as one of the “go to” companies for factory replacement and upgraded fuel pumps for the light duty diesel performance truck market with ... read more

PureFlow Technologies aka Airdog has established themselves as one of the “go to” companies for factory replacement and upgraded fuel pumps for the light duty diesel performance truck market with their AirDog and Raptor lines. If you are looking for just a reliable source of fuel, their Raptor stand alone gerator pumps are the answer. You guys with 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins diesels equipped with Bosch VP44 injection pumps know how important this is to avoid pump failure. When lift pump pressure drops below 5psi you run the risk of ruining the expensive VP44 injection pump. The Raptor fuel pump gives you peace of mind with a LIFETIME WARRANTY , a built in ADJUSTABLE REGULATOR that supplies a constant 15-17psi available in flow rates of 100 and 150 GPH, complete truck specific installation kit with no drill mounting brackets and standard ½” big line kit included.

For those of you that prefer the added security of having a filter system to go along with your lift pump, PureFlow offers the AirDog and AirDog II systems. The original AirDog® provides a cost effective technology designed specifically for diesel pickups to remove water, particulates, vapor and entrained air from diesel fuel. The AirDog® replaces the Cummins factory lift pump and filter system, and enhances the existing fuel delivery and filtration system for Powerstroke and Duramax engines. Your High Performance diesel engine demands higher fuel flows. Yet, higher fuel flows increase the vacuum at the fuel pump and agitation in the fuel tank. These factors generate additional air/vapor in the fuel system preventing your engine from producing maximum power and efficiency. Additionally, air/vapor can cause galling and pitting of the injector barrel/plunger assembly and also tip erosion. The AirDog® eliminates the air in the fuel that robs your engine of consistently greater performance and can also cause permanent damage to your injectors. The AirDog® also provides the fuel volume your diesel engine needs to produce maximum power, any time, every time! Increased diesel fuel economy, reduced emissions and increase power output are the net results.

The AirDog II system improves on the original AirDog by offering demand flow, so that the unit only draws as much fuel from the tank – through the tank module – as is required by the engine, and then returns only air and a dribble of fuel to the tank. What does this mean? Connecting to the tank module means there is no need to drill holes in the fuel tank to install an aftermarket fuel draw straw, so installation with the included fittings is QUICK and EASY. The AirDog II also features either a preset or adjustable stainless steel pressure regulator. As always, all AirDog II units come complete with fittings, fuel lines, mounting brackets, and full-color installation manual specific to each model truck.

We have fielded numerous calls regarding model years 1998.5 – 2004 Dodge trucks modified with in-tank fuel pumps. To facilitate an easier installation, Pureflow offers models available for 1998.5 – 2004 Cummins that are standard without an in-tank pump, or that have been modified with the in-tank pump. Please note that this option applies to 100 GPH models only, as the higher-flow models (150 GPH and up) will still come standard with the suction tube kit and bypass the in-tank pump anyway.

And finally, for the 1998.5-2002 Cummins owner that has a failed factory, block mounted pump, and merely looking for a stellar upgrade over stock, but not wanting to jump into a frame mounted system, the Factory Replacement Raptor is your answer. This features 100 GPH of reliable fuel delivery and mounts in the factory location for ease of installation. The FRRP is a great alternative for those only running a programmer and are not concerned with additional filtration. This unit only comes with a four year warranty, in contrast to the lifetime warranty of Pureflow's frame mounted systems.

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