Customer Testimonials

I order a fleece cheetah vgt turbo for my 2012 ram 3500 after my factory one went out. The ordering process was nice and easy and my order was ship out to me in a very timely matter. Had a little issue with the core returning information, but after a call to customer service it was quickly resolved. Overall it’s is a great company to order from and I’ll definitely use again on an future needs or wants.

January 16, 2022

I live way over in Michigan, so I was tempted to go to the local auto parts store for a so call rebuilt unit with sketchy reviews. I read many of the customer reviews for red head and decided to roll the dice. I installed this in my 2005 3/4 ton 8.1 litre suburban that had a little wandering in the steering wheel on the highway. Man..... This unit tightened everything right up and is driving like new. I recommend to all that read this, spend the couple extra bucks and get a Red Head unit, you wont regret it. Thanks again for the great product.

January 13, 2022

I ordered a few parts for my 7.3 powerstroke build, everything arrived quickly, well packaged, and everything in the order was correct. Great customer service and will be ordering from here again. Love the wide selection of various parts from different brands. Website is easy to navigate & prices are great too! I followed them on Instagram to keep up with any sales they might run & tagged them in my post of my engine!

January 12, 2022

Just got my billet PPE drain plug. Excellent customer service from the phone call checking availability the guy called the warehouse to put hands on it. Then it shipped out that day. Packaged perfectly!! Great job I’m very happy.

November 8, 2021

Thank you for the “Boosted” delivery of my 7.3 Dipstick fix kit, it was nice to have the kit by the weekend. I can’t say much for the kit other than I had to modify my factory Ford installed retention nut on my one owner Ford with the original engine to complete the installation. At least my oil pan leak is gone for now.

The next time around I’ll go with a competing billet product that I have read about which you sell so I am not sweating bullets wondering if the soft metal nut provided with the kit is going thread onto the threaded dipstick boss. Thanks again for the quick shipping.

June 19, 2021

Ordered new sway bar end links for my truck with a 4 inch lift. Was having trouble finding the part because my end links measured about 5 inches and the lowest they offered was 6 inches for lift kits above 3 inches. Well with the help of someone named Dillon in the sales department. He found some measurements on some sway bar end links that ended up fitting perfectly on my truck. I ordered the suspensmaxx performance end links and couldn’t be more happier. I also ended up ordering the 09 “t style” upgraded steering assembly for my truck that Dillion recommended because I had death wobble issues, and let’s just say I couldn’t be anymore proud. Totally eliminated the death wobble and made my steering more stiff. Definitely will be ordering from this company again!

December 24, 2020

Ordered and installed a set of bbi stage 1 injectors. Customer service was great, shipping was fast. All I can say is WOW what a difference. Rattle is gone truck starts faster and runs smoother than when new and throttle response is almost instant. Have gained 3 mpg also.

January 18, 2021

Ordered new sway bar end links for my truck with a 4 inch lift. Was having trouble finding the part because my end links measured about 5 inches and the lowest they offered was 6 inches for lift kits above 3 inches. Well with the help of someone named Dillon in the sales department. He found some measurements on some sway bar end links that ended up fitting perfectly on my truck. I ordered the suspensmaxx performance end links and couldn’t be more happier. I also ended up ordering the 09 “t style” upgraded steering assembly for my truck that Dillion recommended because I had death wobble issues, and let’s just say I couldn’t be anymore proud. Totally eliminated the death wobble and made my steering more stiff. Definitely will be ordering from this company again!

December 24, 2020

Just wanted to let you gentleman and/or ladies know, just got through putting my new Synergy Steering System on 04 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins. I have absolutely no issues with anything bumping and/or grinding against any part of the undercarriage of my truck. Enclosed you will find some pictures ofit on my truck! I read some of the customer reviews that stated not to waste your time and/or money on this system that it was rubbing and/or grinding on the undercarriageof their truck my guess is that they have absolutely no clue what their doing; because this system matched up perfectly with my truck!

PS: Thank You for carrying such a quality product on your website!

October 18, 2020

Recently purchased the redhead steering box for my 2001 7.3 powerstroke. Before installing new steering box, I was sawing the steering wheel back and forth about 2 to 3 inches either way. Since installing the redhead steering box my truck goes straight down the road now with no sawing at the wheel. Thank you so much for selling such a great product.

October 9, 2020

I ordered the valair fuel disc clutch for my cummins 6.7. Man the shipping was fast and that clutch is really smooth. It's way better than the mopar clutch

November 1, 2019

Received and installed the screamer stage 1 turbo in my Ford F-250 6.0 diesel engine. The fit was perfect, the truck has power now that it has not had in a long time, turbo spools up quick and there is a huge difference in acceleration the engine also does not struggle towing heavy loads. My top end has been studded and all reworked and my intake upgraded to banks hi ram and inter cooler system I plan on upgrading the exhaust shortly to MBRP exhaust system to enhance performance further. I was originally reluctant to spend almost double for the upgraded turbo but actually seeing and feeling the performance I would definitely do it again, I now see 35 degrees lower egt after the turbo replacement. I spoke with Ben at Diesel Power Products and he went over the turbos and various options for achieving extra power, the guys are knowledgeable and good here!!

John C.
September 2, 2019

Your steering gear box made my 1998 Dodge pickup drive like new. Thanks alot

August 11, 2019

Just ordered the Smarty jr. For my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500, still tinkering with it but I have it on performance setting stage 2 and torque setting stage 2 and it launched my hats off my dashboard into the backseat, lost my phone and got that 'oh hell yeah!!!' feeling. Gonna experiment with it some more but so far its badass. Installment was super easy, and very straightforward, no bs. I do not regret my purchase and will recommend. Also..... don't tell the wife. 🤘

Jacob B.
March 21, 2019

I just installed my Mishimoto hoses on my Gen 2 Ram. Excellent improvement from stock. Pain to install because they are so much (Stiffer) better. Glad I bought them. Service and delivery was great!

Sal V.
March 11, 2019

I just received my icon lift blocks and I was impressed what a product ordering and shipping can't get no better than Diesel Power Products

January 31, 2019

The service was great and the shipping was fast. The product that was packed so well that not even UPS could tear it up. The double thickness cardboard works very well. Thanks

January 21, 2019

This was the fastest and easiest order and delivery I have ever experienced. I love the edge ez tuner also. Great customer service from DPP and great products. Thanks for everything guys.

November 9, 2018

I experienced great customer service and a fast shipment. I will definitely be a returning customer.

October 25, 2018

Wow What a great group of people to work with. Everyone I dealt with was very knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction. My man man Ash was on point for my build. The 2014 ( not so) eco diesel will be a forced to content with on the east coast. PPEI tune. Banks intake manifold. Flo pro exhaust. Oh almost forgot. AFE intercooler tubes. Say good by to any restrictions on this beast. Thanks again team!!!!

October 11, 2018

Just wanted to speak on how great and helpful the staff is. I called several times with multiple questions each time and the couple gentlemen i spoke to were patient, and beyond helpful. You don't get that very often, especially in such a specialized market. Thank all of you so very much, looking forward to future purchases! It was a pleasure!

October 2, 2018

The customer service was great. I spoke with Tyler on the sales team who set me up and answered all my questions to settle the details for my online order. I can’t wait to install the system. Thanks!

August 24, 2018

I ordered a redhead steering box for my truck and I am very satisfied with the product. My purchase was worth every penny! I would highly recommend it. I received my order 24 hours later which i thought was awesome and I was also very happy with their customer service and making sure I would get my core refund back. I will be ordering more products from them for sure.

July 31, 2018

I ordered Hp tuners with tunes by Ryan. Was excited after reading all the reviews. I received the Hp Tuners mpvi2 after about a week. Being new to tuning there was no instructions on how to proceed with tuning. So i decided to call Hardway performance and ask about how i can load the tunes. They then told me i had to download vcm editor and hook the mpvi2 up to my truck and read the stock file and send it to them to write the tunes. No sweat. A few days later i received my tunes. Still no idea on how to install the tunes i called hardway and did some googling. After some good reading i loaded the street tune. After that it was downhill. The tune load kept failing at random percentages. My truck wouldn't start. I charged the batteries and waited a couple of hours. Needles to say this went on for 2 days. My stress was through the roof with fear that i just destroyed the computer. I called edge, hp, and hardway and still kept fighting. Finally i did some googling and found out the only thing i was missing was that i needed to pull the fuel pump relay. After i did that everything went smooth. Overall id give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. Only because there was a lack of guidance for beginners. Other than that now that i have it figured out and tunes downloaded i am amazed. Ive only installed the street tune on my truck and the difference is out of this world. Runs 100x better than i would've imagined. Will continue business with DPP.

July 27, 2018

Ordered a south bend starter spacer with overnight shipping. The original was plastic and broken, new one is aluminum. Fantastic customer service shipped as promised, truck is on the road. Thanks so much.

July 19, 2018

I bought a Red Head gear box for my 04 Dodge 2500 Cummins 4x4. I ordered it on Thursday at 6pm and paid for overnight shipping. It came the next morning at 10, from 3,000 miles away! I have never drove anything, even brand new vehicles, that steer as smooth, strong, and precise as this gearbox. The steering was terrible on my truck and come to find out someone had put a piece of junk Cardone brand box on my truck. It was loose and pouring fluid out around the bottom shaft. Anyone that owns a truck with gearbox problems just needs to forget any other brand and seller and go with RedHead and Diesel Power Products!

June 8, 2018

I sent the first unit back as it was the wrong one. I ordered and Edge tuner and got it the other day. Have to call tech support to get the up grade for it. Then we will install it on Monday! I hope it works out ok. I'll let you know! Ordering was easy and delivery was timely. So far, so good!

June 4, 2018

The best customer service in the diesel parts industry! Bri, Thank you very much. Bri went above and beyond. I needed answers, she got them. Which was way more than expected. The issue was with a manufacturer. She made it right when she did not have to. DPP is my first option, hopefully the only option I will need. Hopefully customer loyalty will be repayment enough. Thank you again.

May 25, 2018

I had an unfortunate failure with a new turbo for a 6.0 powerstroke that I purchased from DPP. When I called in for a warranty claim everyone I spoke to was polite and helpful. The claim form was sent immediately to me with an explanation on how to fill out the form. I shipped the failed part and within a couple days was informed that a warranty replacement was on its way. Thanks again for the quick turn around !

April 18, 2018

I was having issues checking out and purchasing my parts. I started a live chat and got Ben. He was so helpful. Not only did he get my issue squared away and got my order processed quickly, he helped with getting me my military discount. I am looking forward to getting my new truck parts in and getting my truck back on the road and hauling my horses. I will for sure be recommending them to all my military buddies for their great service, parts and of course, the discount!

February 14, 2018

I called to ask a few questions and possibly order some parts and was greeted with amazing customer service! Couldn't be happier placing my order with DPP. Thank you!

January 25, 2018

I ordered a Banks exhaust break for my 99 Powerstroke a few weeks ago. The salesman was extremely helpful in my order and in fact helped save my money on the order by advising me of a computer part required to accompany the exhaust break was on sale. And gave me the sale price, which very much appreciated. The salesman also was very helpful in tracking my order. I would recommend this company to my friends for their diesel products. Thank You Diesel Power Products!

B. Long
January 23, 2018

Thanks for all your help on ordering my South Bend clutch. It's in my truck and broke in. Wow what a difference.

December 20, 2017

I ordered the carli trackbar for my 13 ram 2500 it was delivered fast and it fixed my death wobble. I’m very pleased with DPP and I will order from them again.

December 13, 2017

I purchased the dipstick leak repair kit, and it was really easy to install. The hardest part was letting the OEM part call to the bottom of the pan. Once that mental hurdle was cleared, it was smooth sailing. Service & shipping were a dream. Thanx so much for providing this great problem solving part.

ABC Construction
October 30, 2017

I ordered a PPE oil cooler for my 6.0 Powerstroke and it made a world of difference. The product was well built and works great. The staff even sent me a signed thank you receipt. The sales rep helped me with the details and quality of the product. I will continue to do business with this company not because of the parts available but for the awesome customer service. Thanks!

October 23, 2017

Ben was a huge help, quick to respond to me email questions, hooked me up with a military discount, and even dealt with my numerous questions without any attitude. I never felt like I was bothering him and he always answered my questions quickly and very informatively.

Christopher Schiffner
August 9, 2017

I just installed the Red Head steering box on my 2002 Dodge Cummins. It is every thing you said it was and met my expectations. It cured the the problem of wondering where it wander next, my Dodge feels like a new truck.

G.E. Shuck
July 21, 2017

I ordered the 07.5-12 Holset Turbo with upgraded compressor wheel. The first turbo turned out to be defective which as I was told was the first time this had happened. DPP got me another turbo which worked perfectly, spooled much better than stock and sounds great. I was refunded 12 after shipping the first turbo back. Bri was very helpful and kept me informed during the entire time. I will use them again in the future.

June 28, 2017

I can't tell you how happy you all just made my son! I ordered his Diamond Eye 5" Aluminized Turbo Back Single 94-02 5.9L Dodge Cummins K5216A-No Muffler / Straight Pipe yesterday right before lunch an it arrived today! Extremely satisfied, thanks again!

June 27, 2017

Just installed my Redhead steering gear box on my 2011 Dodge 3500. I hotshot mostly to oilfield locations. Looking forward to many years of good results. Thanks guys!

April 22, 2017

Ordered the H&S High Flow Intake Horn for my 6.7 Cummins and I'm really happy with my purchase. Delivery was quick, product looks great and I know is a huge improvement over factory airflow. I recommend this part to anyone. Price definitely beats other sites. Thanks again.

March 10, 2017

Just installed the 5” turbo back system with the 5050XL muffler and noticed an immediate performance increase. Great investment and sound.

December 27, 2016

I have ordered several products from Diesel Power Products in the last month. Being that the truck is registered in Nevada I set out to do a major maintenance overhaul while adding upgraded reliable parts.. I purchased the RedHead steering box, Bosch fuel control actuator, and stage 1 Garrett ball bearing turbo. Combined with moog tie rods, pitman, idler arm and bracket, the steering feels amazingly tight and responsive. The turbo, with an aftermarket intake tube, magnaflow downpipe and 4" mbrp mid/magnaflow cat-back the truck sounds absolutely amazing. The response from the turbo is quick but civilized at level two on my PPE tuner. The truck is faster than the stock turbo on extreme with a bully dog, but it drives as nice as a brand new diesel engine. I'm keeping it at stock boost and level 2 until I can get a lift pump and a built trans, but the truck is an absolute pleasure to drive now, I could not be any happier with it.

I want to give Ash at extension 107 a shout out for exemplary customer service, from answering my questions about the turbo to having the warehouse physically check stock on the turbo before I had it overnighted. Even though it left late in the day on the east coast, It got to me in California the next day at noon. I also appreciate the billing department calling me when I changed my credit card and billing address to confirm identity. As someone who works in the same industry, I greatly appreciate a company that goes out of its way to take are of the customer like that. I will definitely be giving Diesel Power Products some return business and refer them to people looking for diesel parts.

Brian C.
December 22, 2016

Just wanted to send a quick thank you to Sands for helping me find an oddball replacement part. Great customer service from a great company. It's why I keep coming back.

November 21, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks to Tyler for all the help on my 2008 duramax kory Willis efilive live tuner. He answered all my questions and quickly processed my order, you were very helpful just wanted to say thanks I will be buying more products from you guys.

Rebecca J.
July 25, 2016

Ordered the Edge EvoHT2 for my 2007 duramax classic and does exactly what it says! Gives a huge difference in performance mode!

Edward M.
Fort Payne, AL

June 24, 2016

Awesome company easy to navigate and great quality products! Definitely #1 in my book and will buy from them again.

Jeremy R.
Rossville, IL
June 9, 2016

I was having fuel issues with my truck. Getting around 9 miles per gallon pulling loaded trailer. With the products I purchased my mileage is averaging 13.3. Pulling and 19.7 not pulling. I am excited to say I am getting better mileage and more horse power. Thanks

Joe A.
Yazoo City, MS
May 27, 2016

Diesel Power Products Is a great company to work with will be looking forward purchasing other products I need for my 6.0 powerstroke thanks Tom

Tom S.
San Tan Valley, AZ
May 2, 2016

The site is easy to navigate and find the products I was looking for I'll definitely order more parts soon

Tyler C.
Quaker Hill, CT
April 17, 2016

Great site! Carries a great variety of products and reputable manufactors. Basically a one stop shop for all my diesel wants and needs.

Robert D.
Houston, TX
April 16, 2016

Great product line, and very user friendly website. Your company came highly recommend from several friends.

Christopher C.
Price, UT
April 15, 2016

I really love how easy it is to find what i need and how descriptive you are with each product. It really helped me find the exact parts i needed......GREAT ON LINE EXPERIENCE.......

Stanley D.
Henagar, AL
April 14, 2016

Always good service and good prices. Will definitely buy from them again

Joshua D.
Cottonwood, AZ
April 10, 2016

Everything that I have purchased so far from Diesel Power Products has been Quality.

Stephan S.
Farmington, ME
April 10, 2016

Best online buying experience.

Peter M.
Story, AZ
March 25, 2016


Miguel R.
Thibodaux, LA
March 22, 2016

Great Company, its nice to finally find the exact part I was looking for.

Breant W.
Grand Junction, CO
April 9, 2016

I had no problems in purchasing my fass fuel system. Site was easy to navigate and the checkout gave security

Matthew D.
Shelburn, IN
April 9, 2016

Good products with good technical info

John F.
Beaumont, TX
April 8, 2016

Great site. Easy checkout

Stephanie R.
Billingsley, AL
April 8, 2016

Good reputation and good pricing and selection

August M.
Fredericksburg, VA
April 8, 2016

Great company

Troy N.
Allison, IAM
March 28, 2016

Good product, at a great price. Very satisfied.

John W.
Marquoketa, IA
March 25, 2016

Very nice selection of parts for my exact year and type of truck the best website I've seen for dodge diesels yet

Cory S.
Magnolia, KY
April 7, 2016

This place is great you all have all kinds of stuff and options I well be back to get more stuff from you all

Garrett B.
New Washington, IN
April 7, 2016

Customer service and technicians were very polite and handled all my questions with respect and made me feel like I was top priority. I would really recommend them to anyone!

Michael S.
North Branch, MI
March 20, 2016

Great place to deal with fast shipping and very knowledgeable people working there can help you out with just about anything

Jeramy B.
Loeminster, MA
February 27, 2016

I had a great experience buying my edge programmer with diesel power they were the most informative site I have found. Thanks

Jesse N.
Oklahoma City, OK
March 31, 2016

Very enjoyable experience ordering from you. Customer service was prompt at answering my question and looked into my problem in depth to help me find the right product and make sure it will work.

Ryan B.
Beaverton, OR
March 31, 2016

It's nice when things work like the way they're advertised I bought an Edge EZ Tuner for a 1998.5 Dodge Cummins. The instructions were very easy to follow, It worked better than I expected. I would tell a friend to buy from these guys..

Michelle S.
Bountiful, UT

March 29, 2016

I initially called and spoke with Tyler on the phone and explained my issues while i was driving home from work. He was very helpful and sent me and email with quick link to the products we spoke about. I was able to go home and pull it right up and follow with a purchase. Great help and explanation of the products i Needed. Thanks Tyler.

Lenny M.
Mishawaka, IN

March 22, 2016

Awesome company!

Dane W.
Bonney lake, WA
March 19, 2016

Was realy impressed on how fast it got to me it said 8 to 10 bisuness days I got it in 3. The part was easy install had my truck goin sooner thanks guys

Dustin D.
Central Point, OR
March 7, 2016

I was unsure of what I exactly wanted, so I made a call down there and was helped by Marty.He answered all of my questions and recommended a product that I ended up buying.Excellent customer service. I would definitely shop here again

Eddie O.
City of Industry, CA
March 18, 2016

Dp ( is awesome great service and always an easy checkout

Alexis S.
Phoenix, AZ
March 18, 2016

Great site lots of awesome products

James O.
Weatherford, TX
March 18, 2016

The site is easy to navigate and provides good info relating to the product and seems to have a better selection then any other site that I've been to.

Grant P.
Wenatchee, WA
March 17, 2016

I love the prices and the easy checkout

Shawn K.
Oak Grove, KY
March 16, 2016

Best prices on the parts that I need and will come back for parts I want

Claud K.
Denham Springs, IL
March 15, 2016

I went 2 RockAuto and couldn't find the part through their system and I found it about one minute

Anthony E.
Dallas, TX
March 14, 2016

DPP is a 5 star company and employees, willing to do anything to help you out. I had some issues with a order a placed, injection pump I selected wasn't in warehouse. Ben spent at least an hour trying to work with me on how to get another injection pump order. Great crew at DPP. I will most definitely do business here again and again.

Brandon M.
Henrietta, TX
24V Dodge Cummins
November 19, 2014

I had only a few dozen questions before I did my purchases. Kipp is the man! Anyone that would take time of his Sunday, especially when there is great football games going on, is going above and beyond for me. I thank him and the company that provides such greats things to the diesel community. He is the man to talk to with any diesel questions. Pay him well so he isn't lost! Thanks again for the much needed help!!

Clint S.
Twin Falls, ID
Dodge Cummins
September 8, 2014

I want to say thanks to DPP, as a participant of the Ultimate Adventure2014, I was unable to obtain beadlock wheels anywhere at such short notice until I contacted Cooper of DPP who was able to ship beadlock wheels for me from Trail Ready within a day. I want to thank all of those who made this happen, this shows the commitment to customer service of both DPP and TR and the "performance" for their customers. The wheels worked great! Cooper that was close! Thanks Again.

Tim H.
1988 Suzuki Samurai
Georgetown CA
July 15, 2014

Baddass parts at Badass prices! This U.S. MARINE APPROVES.

D. Johnson
Jacksonville, NC
7.3L Ford Powerstroke
June 3, 2014

Hey Diesel Gurus,
Are you looking to add a bit more to your beast? If so, you have found an awesome web-site. Packed to the gills with all the top name brand performance parts you can shake a stick at! DPP even has a friendly professional staff to help you with questions on parts and to see that you get the correct parts. But what’s really cool, are the “Horse-Power Recipes” listed on the DPP site. My truck is a 2003 Dodge Cummins Turbo 5.9 and I have just installed a “Bully-Dog” programmer and, I’ve got a pair of “MBRP 5in Aussie Cut Dual Stacks”. She putting out around 400hp, and more is on the way! Thanks to those at DPP

M. Morris
Frankston, TX
2003 Dodge Cummins
June 2, 2014

Fuel rail plug was very easy to install price was cheapest around shipped quick awesome site.

R. Young
Southside, TN
6.7L Dodge Cummins
November 16, 2013

I just want to thank all the guys at DPP. I just recently started getting into the performance diesel stuff with my 2001 Dodge 2500. These guys have been great at answering all of my "newbie" questions and concerns. A special thanks goes to Kipp who answered countless emails and got me headed in the right direction to upgrade my truck. I just received my first order and I will always come back to DPP for all my parts and any questions I might have. Thanks again for all your help. I will refer all my buddies to this website

Tyler M.
Morgantown, IN
2001 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500
September 9th, 2013

I have just finished installing the Flo Pro exhaust system I purchased from you for my 1998 Chevy 2500 with a 6.5L diesel in it. Both the cross over pipe and the exhaust system fit perfectly. It's a real pleasure to work with quality parts that fit like they are suppose to. I can't seem to buy products like this in Canada so I'm glad I can get them from you. Please keep building quality parts in North America, there is a market for them. The shipping was very fast. Your dealing with a very happy customer. I would recommend your company to anyone wanting quality parts. Thanks Guys!!!!!

Barry F.
Sechelt, BC Canada
1998 Chevy 2500 Flo Pro 4" Exhaust Heath diesel Turbo Master System
July 10, 2013

Great thanks for the phone call and excellent service ! I will be ordering more parts. The Web site is by far the best !!!

Ryan M.
July 8, 2013

This was my first time with DPP and I am very picky but they came through for me I mostly talked to Kipp. That man bent over backwards for me, he answered any questions I had and did his best to really make me happy. I have never worked or ordered something from people as nice as this team was so I just want to put out a big thanks to every one and Kipp for the extra time he had to spend on my order

Joseph L.
6.6 dirty max
June 22, 2013

I would like to thank Tyler for his advise and quick shipment of the parts for my truck. His commitment to asking all the right questions and getting the correct product for your vehicle is unheard of these days. I was very impressed with the old fashion Care and help that this company gives it's customers before and after the sale. The prices are also the best I have found. Thank you for being there and keep it up.

Patrick B.
2004.5 Cummins 5.9
6-speed Manual
April 29, 2013

I'm just a guy who want to drive powerstroke here in Finland but it is so hard get any parts here and one night I found this site. After that I have been so pleased that I really can get great parts with awesome customer service (great thanks to Kipp!). Have to say that some other companies [in the US] haven't take me seriously or my needs, maybe because I'm Finnish but Kipp make a difference with that. Again THANKS!!!

Henri H.
Ford PowerStroke
April 22, 2013

I have ordered parts from you several times and you guys have been great.
A special thanks to Kipp for taking care
of everything for me today. Very much appreciated.

James Z.
5.9L Dodge Cummins
April 18, 2013

Just FYI. I did receive my smarty Jr ME yesterday and it is now working as it should. Programed my truck on SW1 and drove 30 miles and got 26.3 mpgs, WOW! BTW, thanks for getting it back to me so quickly and fixing the problem as well. Will continue to buy from DieselPowerProducts.

Best Wishes,

Tracey S.
Cummins 6.7L Ram
April 17, 2013

As a new diesel Cummins owner, I will like to give Special thanks to Kipp for all the technical support that he provided to me during my selection and installation process on my 2010 2500 dodge Ram.

For those who are new to this field of Diesel Power, Kipp is a knowledgeable technical support representative that will guide you through the process of selection and installation of all the parts and instructions you need for the kind of upgrades that you are doing to your Toy… Kipp, Thanks…!

Olaff C.
2010 2500 dodge Ram
April 17, 2013

I went to Cummins for a replacement fuel lift pump and it came with nothing, no nuts ,no washers, and no electrical pig tail. The cost was $168.87, I returned it the next day when the plug would not reach. That’s when I came across Diesel Power Products and decided to go with the FASS ddrp pump for my 1999 dodge ram 5.9l with 241,385 miles on it. I called DPP and and made sure I got everything I needed to install the pump. They were very helpful. I received my pump in 3 business days, quick I would say. I'm sure DPP will have my continued business from now on, also what a very good and easy pump to install.

Donnie H.
1999 dodge ram 5.9l
April 8, 2013

Thanks for the fast service. All parts were exactly what i ordered. you guys have all the best stuff, I have saved your site in my bookmarks, I will be a return customer-5 stars.

Thomas G.
6.7L Dodge Cummins
April 4, 2013

I just wanted to say thanks for all your diesel tech support, awesome customer service, competitive pricing and super-fast shipping. Your customer service made me realize what the difference between a good company and a bad company is. Your competition (if you call it that) may sell similar products, but none of them I have dealt with come close to the customer support that DPP has. It’s great that DPP runs a lot of products they sell and can help you understand, before you purchase, what works best for your situation and what doesn’t. It’s hard to find a company that does that these days. Now if I could just get you to come out and help put all my new parts on ha-ha. A special thanks to Tyler Kipp at DPP for answering my hundreds of emails and noob questions (I have a few hundred more for you lol). Its help like his that will defiantly make DPP my #1 source for #2 power. Thanks.

P.S. Attached is a photo of my truck during the little Midwest Snownami of 2013. DPP made driving by everyone else stuck in the snow possible, well except for the hottie in the blue car. I may have made an exception for her on the “No Tow” rule J (don’t tell my wife)lol.

Dustin D.
2006 Ram 3500 4x4
Mega-Cab Laramie

March 1, 2013

I haven’t had a chance to play with the product yet, but I have to tell you that their order processing is excellent. I ordered the product on a Wednesday morning and the order was processed and shipped the same day. I would recommend them to you as a source for diesel products, I will certainly use them again. I realize that they may not always be able to process an order so quickly, but this is evidence that they process the order as quickly as feasible.

Morris F.
2001 7.3 Powerstroke, Ford F350 Super Duty
AE with Ford Package.
February 27, 2013

I just installed my oil cooler, 5" diamond eye exhaust, BD intake, horn and SCT tuner that I got from you. I wanted to say thank you for sending me in the right direction on all my parts.

Travis C.
6.0L Ford PowerStroke
Longview, WA
November 5th, 2012

Outstanding customer service, above and beyond of the type of customer service I have gotten from other places.
Josh was just great to work with.
Thank-you once again.

Jim k.
Fountain, Colorado
August 31st, 2012

Everyone was so helpful with my purchases. They were very knowledgeable with all of my questions the flo pro exhaust matched with the h&s mini max tuner for my 2010 f350 6.4 diesel is sick I'm mean it ran good with the programmer with the exhaust still factory than once I got the Flo-Pro exhaust on it was reprogram time with the mini max tuner. It was like I was 10 years old and Christmas was tomorrow. I Couldn't wait until the Mini Maxx was reprogrammed and the new exhaust installed. When it finished, I hit the Hot Damn program of 300 extra horse Power! The results were amazing, needless to say it was crazy fun on the test drive wow!!! Thanks for the great service I'll be referring many others!

2010 Ford F-350 6.4L
Grove City,PA
August 19, 2012

You guys are great I ordered my "FASS" Titanium SERIES Fuel Filter/Water Separation System yesterday, after emailing with an employee and getting great customer service. Today I was so excited to see it was in the mail! You guys are quick, efficient, and very helpful! I will defiantly be ordering all of my parts with y'all from now on!

Stacee R.
6.7L Dodge Cummins
Midland, TX
August 17th, 2012

I had a surge problem with my 2000 Cummins, you guys found me the right part to fix the problem and I had it in my hands next day in Arizona. You guys rock and saved me tons of money! Thanks again!

Scott G.
2000 Dodge Ram Cummins
Mesa, AZ
March 14, 2012

Just wanted to let you know how helpful, patient and knowledgeable Josh was in helping me with my purchase. I'm a newbie to the diesel truck stuff and Josh took his time and walked me through it. Luv my new EDGE Insight CS and Smarty JR.

Hope you will take the time to pat ole Josh on the back for a job well done. Because of him, I've deleted my bookmarks to everyone but Diesel Power Products.

Bric B.
5.9L Dodge Cummins
Ethridge, TN
March 6, 2012

Thanks so much, u guys rock! I love the way my truck pulls now, it's like a new truck! I can't wait to do some more mods. Also thanks for pricing, wont ever have to look or call around again. I will only have to to call u guys.

Chris M.
Conriver, NC
2008 GMC Duramax
February 28, 2012

Just want to say thank you to Josh for being a great parts man. You are always on top of your game & you always treat me right. Guys like you are who help keep my shop going. Thank you.

Jeremy S.
6.0L Ford PowerStroke
Berryville, AR
February 22, 2012

Your customer service is outstanding! Josh was extremely helpful in getting the parts I needed. There was an issue with gauges that were not sent from the manufacturer. Josh was on the issue immediately. Truthfully I was surprised by the awesome customer service. GREAT JOB guys!

Patrick P.
1963.5 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pickup with P-Pump 4BT
Phoenix, AZ
February 21, 2012

I have dealt with many online diesel product shops, but as of my last two orders, I have finally found the one I am going to stick with for good. Both times I contacted the company through Josh and he was outstanding on both accounts. The first time was just shock absorbers for my truck, which Josh emailed back and forth with me to help me out with my decision, giving me advice until I found the right product. The second time was where he really earned my business. I was changing my injector nozzles on my 5.9 Cummins when I broke one of the copper studs on the 6th injector, rendering the entire injector useless and left me without a truck. Not only did DPP have the lowest priced injector I could find, Josh kept me informed about the order the whole way through and really here as fast as possible. After the order arrived, I was able to call back once more for some last minute technical support with the injector, and Josh really knew his stuff. I am a very impressed customer that will shop and refer all my friends to DPP.

Cody B.
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L Cummins
Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC
February 2, 2012

Just wanted to say THANKS again for helping me out with my Dodge 07,6.7L Cummins. We are running a Smarty set on level 4, 4" turbo-back exhaust,and AFE air cleaner. Every thing is unplugged. She is running great, No Codes. I'am very very happy with it. Here is a pic of my truck..........

Wayne B.
2007 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500
Highland, IL
January 16, 2012

I ordered and received a Flo-Pro performance exhaust system for my '91 Dodge Cummins 5.9 diesel. Installation was an easy task with all parts fitting perfectly. All parts were finely crafted and blemish-free. After installation, test drive affirmed performance enhancement as advertised and smooth sound. I am an aircraft technician and appreciate working with quality products. I will gladly recommend your products to anyone who inquires. Shipping was paid and delivered to my doorstep within 4 days! Thank you for a great product and outstanding customer service. Feel free to use these comments and my recommendations. I would purchase more products from you anytime. (In fact, I just did. Bully Dog fuel pin for same truck).

Thanks again!

Bob C.
1991 Dodge Ram Cummins
Pea Ridge, AR
January 03, 2012

This is not a question but a thank you to your company. As a customer I have always been treated like gold. You have An excellent staff, with knowledge and great business ethics. I recently had a problem with an order, and it was resolved quickly and kindly. The employee's name was Josh. He was smart, kind and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. He is a great representative of your company. I will continue to send my customers to you and use your company myself.

Mike W.
Ford PowerStroke 6.0L
Youngstown, Ohio
December 28, 2011

A Big Thanks to Josh and the guys at BD Power for their customer service. I am on the other side of the world in Australia, and i couldn't ask for a better company to deal with! Great products and Great Service!

Dave F.
Ford F250
Melbourne, Australia
September 21st, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I installed the exhaust system on my F-350 and to say that I’m pleased would be an understatement!!! I’m absolutely delighted, as my truck now has a ton more power, but my fuel economy has increased dramatically. Right after I installed the system, I hauled my 24’ cargo trailer containing a car, two motorcycles, a scooter, tools, etc. from Edmonton to Kelowna and averaged 17 litres/100 km fuel consumption pulling through the mountains. Generally, I’d be burning nearly double that amount!!

Empty, I can set my cruise control at 120 kph (75 mph) and get 10-11 litres/100 km (21 mpg). In the city, my fuel consumption has also increased a chunk. Of course, with the standard extra hp and torque I’ve got (and the traction control turned off), I can smoke the hides off my back tires, haha!

Well, thanks again Bryan and I’ll keep you posted as time goes on. I expect to sell a few of these systems for you as I have friends with the same truck and the same squawks and talk with others when gassing up, etc.

Wayne E.
Ford F350
Edmonton, AB
September 03, 2011

This is the first time I have used DPP and wanted to say thanks and big thumbs up to all you guys. Although I have done everything possible to confuse you guys...DPP has come through with flying colors. DPP has been courteous, fast, and extremely knowledgable. I would highly recommend you guys to anyone who is on the fence about using your products as your service is second to none. were delivered as promised!

Steve P.
September 03, 2011