2020-2023 JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator Jeep EcoDiesel The most widely upgraded and accessorized vehicle on the planet. Its about time Finally, a Jeep with a Factory Turbo Diesel Its no secret, we've long been fans of Jeep Wranglers. And what self-respecting truck enthusiast wouldn't be? The problem is that up until 2020 model years, Jeep didn't offer a diesel engine option, which kind of eliminated the option for us at Diesel Power Products to offer products for this infamous model. For those that haven't been following us too long, we even worked with Bruiser Conversions back in 2012 to build a 2011 four door JK to install a nicely equipped 4BT Cummins. This Jeep was heavily modified, running on 40" tires and was even featured in Borg Warner's booth at SEMA due to it sporting one of their EFR (Everything For Race) turbos. Fast forward nearly a decade and we finally have the opportunity to use our experience in suspension, axles, etc. that can be applied towards the JL and JT's. Take a look through our categories below, but as always, if you're uncertain as to what kind of upgrades you're after, we'd love to work with you on your goals for your own Jeep and put a plan in motion. Popular Jeep JL & JT Products The #1 most popular upgrade on a Jeep Suspension & Steering Its actually uncommon to see a Jeep at stock lift height. For most, before their Jeep even leaves the dealership lot, some kind of leveling or lift kit is installed. And who could argue with that? Jeeps are meant to go offroad, or at least LOOK like they do. In terms of steering and suspension upgrades, the sky's the limit from simple spacers to 3 link coilover conversions. Shop Now Bigger tires need better rims Wheels & Accessories Wheel selection goes a lot further than just figuring out whether you prefer chrome or black wheels. Offset and backspacing will determine how far out or in of the fenders your wheels and tires protrude. Wheel diameter when combined with overall tire size dictate ride quality and tire flex which effects cornering capability. Bead locks will allow you to air down your tires without fear of losing the bead, but not legal in some states for use on a public road way. And oh yeah, there are a lot more color options than just chrome versus black! Shop Now Big tires also need big axles Axle & Differential Upgrades Why is it that one of the least frequently upgraded parts are the axles and gearing when its really one of the most beneficial? In order to mitigate losses in power and fuel economy as a result of larger tires, lower gearing is really the best fix. Further, unless you enjoy replacing broken axles on the trail, upgrading the factory Dana axles is imperative. Shop Now Protection goes a long way Skid Plates & Rock Rails Have you looked on the underside of your Jeep? There's a whole lot of plastic, wiring harnesses, and just "things" protruding below the frame just waiting to get hung up on a rock or stump. Protect the underbelly of your Wrangler and you'll be able to slide across obstacles with ease and without destruction with the addition of some skid plates and rock rails. Shop Now No More Plastic! Fender Upgrades When you're offroad, you're bound to come into contact with obstacles that will destroy a plastic flare. Most aftermarket flares are built from metal that will allow you to slide past these obstacles unscathed. Further, many of these fenders work with an aftermarket inner fender that is also built from metal for better protection of your engine bay, as well as delivering increased space for more wheel travel. Shop Now Its Not An Option Winches & Accessories Seriously, don't be "that guy" out on the trail without a winch. You can build the coolest, most offroad capable Jeep on the face of the planet, but at some point in time, you're going to need a winch. Maybe its just to help out someone else on the trail, but either way, you'll need one. When you're looking at all of the various options for a winch, just remember the rule of thumb that you want one rated for at least 1.5x the weight of the vehicle you plan to pull, i.e. your Jeep. Shop Now Its for more than just "bumping into" things Bumpers Replacing the front and rear bumpers is for more purposes than just running into things with. Both of your bumpers are more like the Swiss Army Knives of your truck. When properly equipped, they will house your offroad lighting, a winch, recovery points, and even gives you a suitable lower point on the body to slide across obstacles with. Trying doing all of that with stock bumpers, we dare you. Shop Now They're not just for looks Lighting Upgrades Maybe you don't think you need auxiliary lighting because you never take your Jeep offroad at night. Okay, have you EVER had an offroading excursion go exactly as planned? Not likely. For those instances when your day trip takes longer than expected and the sun has set while you're still making your way back to the trail head, you'll appreciate being able to see. Shop Now Unless you like oil leaks Differential Covers & Transmission Pans The factory transmission pan and differential covers are built from stamped steel, that when used under "normal" conditions, could be considered adequate. But who uses a Jeep under "normal" conditions?! Whether you back into a boulder (or maybe your neighbor's Corolla) or find yourself high centered, both types of covers will buckle and cause an oil leak. Most aftermarket covers and pans are built from thick cast aluminum or nodular iron, to prevent any failures. Shop Now Don't just get there, stay there! Overlanding & Camping What really is the difference between camping and overlanding? Honestly, not much beyond "overlanding" is more geared towards your vehicle being the actual camper, featuring a roof top tent, built in fridge-freezer, and all of the dedicated equipment to aid you in living comfortably off grid for a few days. The JL and JT platforms lend themselves better than most for this type of lifestyle due to their offroad prowess and massive amount of storage options. Shop Now Make your bed Bed Accessories The bed of a Gladiator is the perfect place to transform your Jeep into a toolbox. With a handful of upgrades, you will turn a blank canvas into a utilitarian utopia. Imagine having every tool you may need offroad, at the camp, or just to aid someone with a flat tire, all at your fingertips, neatly organized in the bed of your JT. With accessories like molle panels, bed slide, storage boxes, and a rack, the possibilities are endless. Shop Now You never knew you needed it, until you had it Air Compressors For anyone even relatively interested in offroading their vehicle, at least carrying a portable air compressor in your vehicle is a necessity. An often overlooked method for increasing traction 10x is simply airing down your tires when you go offroad. Having an onboard air compressor makes airing back up a simple affair after a day on the trail. And for those with air actuated lockers, obviously its a necessity. Beyond these obvious reasons, once you have one, you'll find a TON of uses. Just do it, you'll thank us later! Shop Now More Power + Added Functionalities Programmers & Chips The most obvious reason to upgrade your EcoDiesel with a programmer or chip is to increase the power, especially after installing larger tires. Beyond that, many of today's performance programmers have numerous other features that help you get the most out of your Jeep, such reprogramming the TPMS thresholds, functioning as a central switch location for all of your 12 volt accessories, ability to alter throttle sensitivity, and so much more! Shop Now Make the Whoosh, Whooshier Cold Air Intakes Okay, so you've got a Jeep, and just so happens your Jeep has a diesel engine, and that diesel engine has a turbo that is responsible for shoving air into the cylinders in order to create power and keep engine temperatures at bay. Want to help that turbo create more power and do an even better job keeping temps down? Easy, upgrade your stock air box to a cold air intake. Plus, you'll get more of that cool turbo "whoosh" sound! Shop Now Its not always for the sound Exhaust Kits Over the years, most people upgrade their exhaust system to create more sound and some added power. Honestly, those are good reasons. But for owners of Jeep EcoDiesels, it goes another step. The stock exhaust lends itself to being "in the way" of obstacles you'll come across on the trail and many of today's aftermarket exhaust systems are built specifically for the Jeep enthusiast to be tucked high and tight out of the way. Plus, yes, add power and sound! Shop Now But wait...there's more! More Options Sure, we could have made this one page 37 miles long with endless scrolling to get to each of the different Jeep accessory sections. But instead, if you click the below, it'll take you to a condensed version with all of the different product types for quick navigating. Shop Now