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SKU #: BDS-55383_85430 BDS 55383 Steering Stabilizer Kit 15-19 GM2500HD / 3500

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    • 2015-2019 Chevrolet / GMC 2500HD / 3500
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Its hard to believe, but many of the late model Heavy Duty GM's came from the factory, in brand new condition, WITHOUT a steering stabilizer! This is cost cutting to a pinnacle as even on stock heigh ... read more

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Its hard to believe, but many of the late model Heavy Duty GM's came from the factory, in brand new condition, WITHOUT a steering stabilizer!

This is cost cutting to a pinnacle as even on stock height trucks, a steering stabilizer is crucial to ensure the vehicle tracks properly in any condition. BDS Suspension is now offering an upgrade for the Chevy and GMC 2500HD and 3500 trucks with a single steering stabilizer kit designed to improve handling and drivability. The kit includes a new frame mounted dual shear stabilizer bracket and hardware to secure the BDS NX2 series single steering stabilizer to the previous position over the center link. The design works with stock and lifted trucks that use the center link in the stock location. This steering stabilizer kit is compatible with all BDS lift kits and most other lift kits on the market for the 2015-2018 Chevy/GMC HD trucks. Upgrade your HD with this new accessory from BDS Suspension.

  • Kit includes mounting hardware and shock
  • Fits Two Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive Models
  • Fits 2015-2019 models without OEM steering stabilizer only
  • Fits stock and lifted trucks with stock center link only


  • SkuBDS-55383+85430
  • ManufacturerBDS Suspension
  • MPN55383+85430
  • Reduces front end shimmy caused by oversized tires
  • Improves handling/driveability on all terrains
  • Words with stock or lifted applications.


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Verified Buyer
Some-what satisfied
I have a 17’ 3500. I ordered this kit and I’m not sure where it went wrong. The bolt that holds the damper to the steering bar was not long enough to go through the steering bar. Doesn’t seem anyone else had run into this problem so not sure if I received the wrong kit or what. I just cut the bolt and welded a new one to it to make it long enough to go through the hole on the steering bar. So all is well and works really well.
Store Reply
Thanks for yoru order Levi! That issue with the bolt is very odd, we have never come across it before. Good on you for being able to take care of it so well! Happy it is working out. Let us know if you have any questions. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Had it.
You can feel the difference. I'm running an 8" BDS lift on 37x13.5. SMOOTH. BUT.. I already had all the hardware. Just needed the stabilizer. So check your rig before ordering.
Verified Buyer
Awesome product, works great. Personally I think the shock should be stiffer, going to try one out. Excellent for fast cornering & control in any driving condition.
Verified Buyer
A must have for 2015.5-2016 Chevrolet and GMC HD Trucks
This is a really well designed kit. BDS did a great job once again. Installation was really easy. Made a surprising difference in the steering feel. It made the steering feel more tight and it really does a great job of soaking up some of the normal road vibrations that transfer into the steering. Definitely a must have accessory, whether your truck is stock or modified.
Verified Buyer
Would recommend
Made a huge difference in the steering. Tracks much better on the highway. Fairly easy install.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Its amazing that these trucks don't come factory with a stabilizer, but since they don't, BDS stepped in.
Verified Buyer
I would use this product over others
Quality made from an outstanding distributor Can't go wrong on both accounts!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Adding a stabilizer to the 15-16's that don't come with one from the factory definitely makes a noticeable difference, especially if you're running larger than stock tires.
Verified Buyer
This is an awesome product.
This was perfect for my lifted 2016 Sierra HD that did not have a factory mount for dampener. Easy install. Threaded insert installed perfectly first time with open end wrench and ratchet/socket. Better option than a weld in bracket.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. BDS does it again, offering up aftermarket support for something that really should have been done from the factory.
Verified Buyer
Loved this product and always love ordering accessories from Diesel Power Products! Great site and has some of the funniest videos online. Definitely give you the satisfaction that your money and product will be delivered like it should within a timely manner. Install of the BDS product took roughly 45-1 hr. Very simple job for someone who has the right tools and it made a heck of a difference on the factory steering on my 2017 Chevrolet 2500HD! Will keep on purchasing awesome products from Diesel Power Products!!!
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the great review. We're definitely glad to hear you like the new steering stabilizer....these trucks REALLY should have come from the factory with one, but since they didn't, glad BDS stepped up. And also thank you for the accolades, sincerely appreciated.
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The installation of the part looks a bit extensive, will I require an alignment once this part has been added? I see I may have to mess with the torsion bar and other parts to get this installed.?

We would recommend reading through the instructions. The alignment is not required.


Will this fit a 16 Chevy 2500 with rc 7.5 lift??

This should work on this system yes


Is this able to fit on the 2011-2014 Sierra HD's or was the suspension changed between the models so that it will not fit??

Those trucks should already have the brackets for a steering stabilizer no need for that kit just a replacement stabilizer.


Does this kit still work for 2017 models??

Have not confirmed fitment on the 2017's. Nothing changed for suspension as far as we know and it would probably work. But can't guarantee it.


Does this fit the 2016 2500hd 6.0 gas?



Will this item work with the PISK support system in place? Some others have a clearance issue. Thanks?

We are not aware of any fitment issues as of currently.


I have a 2012 chevy duramax that doesn't have the bracket already on it will this kit work?

This kit includes all components needed for installation.


I have a 2016 gmc Duramax Denali 2500hd with a four inch lift not sure what the lift is called like a pro lift or some thing some off brand lift that gm installed any way truck drove great first twenty thousand miles now all of a sudden is vibrateing and pulling to the left just had it balanced and aligned and still pulls and vibrates will this help and will it fit also on dirt roads tires vibrate back and forth?

I would be looking for other items in order to fix this issue, it is most likely a worn out part or a malfunctioned part. The steering stabilizer would only be a Band Aid on a wound.

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BDS 55383 Steering Stabilizer Kit 15-19 GM2500HD / 3500

BDS 55383 Steering Stabilizer Kit 15-19 GM2500HD / 3500

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