The Nomad Package by Diesel Power Products

The Nomad Package, as we have dubbed it, is an in house build here at Diesel Power Products, taking the best of the best components and combining them to offer a full package ready for whatever adventure you can think of.  The base vehicle for the Nomad builds start off with either a 2014+ Ram 2500 or 2013+ Ram 3500.  From the start, we were out to build a truck that could pull double duty, having the ability to perform on the trail as well as on the street, thus the suspension package needed to be carefully selected.  The AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) 3" DualSport SC Suspension designed to run 40" tires was a no brainer to deliver this tall order.  And many may wonder why tire size truly matters to the suspension components, but because of AEV’s particularity about finite fitment, several of their components are changed out from their original 37” tire kit in order to properly orientate the larger 40" tires in the front fender well to their specification.

In regards to the physical installation and included components, AEV's approach to suspension is hands down one of the most thorough systems on the market, the basis of the whole set up revolving around the roll center and how the extra height will affect handling and ride quality.  Because of this approach, they have come out with a system that maintains all of the factory feel, while gaining what is needed to clear the proper tire size for your adventure needs. 

Because the sheer lift height, limited to three additional inches in the front does not provide the necessary fender clearance for 40" tires, we opt for a set of the AEV 40" front and rear fender flares.  These flares require cutting out the factory wheel openings to deliver the necessary clearance.  With these flares, we are also able to reintegrate inner fender liners to keep all the grit and grime out of the areas originally protected by the factory fender liners.  This is an extremely nice feature that truly separates these fenders from traditional aftermarket fiberglass fenders that tend to leave the engine bay and associated wiring harnesses exposed to the elements, including flying debris from the tires.  While the installation of the fenders is relatively in-depth due to the cutting process, the end result is nothing short of an OE fit and appearance.

To fill up these newly formed massive wheel wells, a set of 40" Nitto Trail Grapplers on AEV Katla wheels fills the void quite nicely, finishing off the menacing stance of the Nomad, daring any obstacle to obstruct its path.  To round out the AEV products, one of their Premium Front Bumpers, featuring a stamped steel, modular design outfitted with their 40" tire outer wings for proper clearance replaces the flimsy stock front bumper.  And what kind of upgraded bumper would it be if it weren’t stuffed with a winch and auxiliary lighting?   To remedy these voids, a set of Baja Designs XL-R 80 lights and a Warn 16.5ti are mounted in place.  The Warn 16.5ti can best be summed up with the phrase “it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.” 

In order to maximize traction when offroad, but maintain superb street manners, front and rear ARB Air Lockers are mated with 4.56 gears from Nitro Gear & Axle that deliver a proper RPM to speed runout with the oversize tires.  And for the final piece to the puzzle, an AEV Front Differential Cover replaces the thin stock unit.  To activate the air lockers, as well as handle any of the auxiliary air supply needs one may encounter, an ARB Twin Air Compressor is added to the mix, featuring a 100% duty cycle and has the power to handle anything you can throw at it.  So that the compressor doesn’t necessarily have to run under all circumstances, an ARB One Gallon Aluminum Air Tank is plumbed in for an instantaneous supply of air.  To aid in supplying air to the tires, split air lines and fittings are ran to the front and rear of the vehicle so one front and one rear tire can be filled simultaneously.  To finish off the air supply equation, an ARB Manifold Kit is installed inline with both of the air control solenoids mounted up high away from any road debris or mud that could potentially cause them to fail. 

Actuating the lockers, compressor, lights or anything else you may choose, is done so through an sPOD Single Source Six Switch System with a custom mount located at the top of the center stack.  If any additional 12 volt is required in the future, there are two switch locations remaining to be customized to your personal needs. 

Now that all the traction is there and the 40's can be locked up front and rear, we turn out attention towards the steering, knowing that the factory steering box would be taxed trying to overcome the contact patch provided by the Nitto's otherwise.  To alleviate any concern, an upgraded steering box from Red-Head replaces the stock box featuring additional ports for a hydraulic assist steering system.  Plumbed into these ports is a PSC 1.5" hydraulic ram that causes the steering to react as quickly and nimbly as if the truck were bone stock.
To aid in vehicle entry and exit, a set of the popular AMP Research Power Steps are a nice touch due to the altitude of a Nomad.  Because you never know what you may encounter on the trail, we recommend a full size spare that is held in place in the bed of the truck with a Mac's Tie Downs Y-Strap, anchored to the bed via a set of Mac's Anchor Plates.  To keep the spare out of sight and protect any additional cargo in the bed, a Truxedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover is a handy accessory that easily rolls open or closed depending on the current truck bed usage. 

For the final piece to the puzzle, we turn our attention back to the rear suspension.  To ensure the truck can handle heavy towing duties, but not hinder it's articulation,  a set of Air Lift Airbags used in conjunction with a set of Daystar Air Bag Cradles fits the bill perfectly.  This allows the airbag to separate from the axle when additional travel is required, but then recenters the bag when the weight is reapplied.  Rounding out the Nomad Package is a set of custom billet aluminum badges on the front doors that we designed in house and have specifically built for the Nomad Packages.

Nomad Package Contents:
  • AEV 3" DualSport SC Suspension
  • AEV Premium Stamped Steel Front Bumper
  • AEV Stamped Steel Warn Winch Mount
  • AEV Front Bumper Frame Mounted Recovery Brackets
  • Nitto 40" Trail Grapplers with full size spare
  • AEV Katla 17x10 Wheels
  • AEV Front and Rear 40" Cut Out Fender Flares
  • Powdercoated Factory Rear Bumper
  • Baja Designs XL-R 80 Front Bumper LED Lights
  • Warn 16.5ti Winch
  • Red-Head Steering Gear Box with Hydraulic Assist Ports
  • PSC Hydraulic Assist Steering Ram
  • Nitro Gear and Axle 4.56 Gears
  • AEV Front Differential Cover
  • ARB Air Lockers - Front and Rear
  • ARB Twin Air Compressor
  • ARB 1 Gallon Aluminum Air Tank
  • ARB Compressor Manifold Kit
  • ARB Tire Inflation Kits
  • ARB Tire Gauge
  • ARB Air Down Tool
  • AMP Research Power Steps
  • sPOD Six Switch Power Distribution Box
  • Custom Center Stack Switch Mount
  • Truxedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover
  • Airlift Air Bags
  • Daystar Airbag Cradles
  • Mac's Tie Downs Y-Strap and Bed Anchors for Full Size Spare
  • WeatherTech Front and Rear Digital Fit Floor Liners
  • Custom Nomad Billet Aluminum Badges

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AEV 3" DualSport SC Suspension System 13-18 Ram 3500
DPP Price: $1,900.00
2013-2018 Ram 3500
AEV 3" DualSport SC Suspension System 14-18 Ram 2500
DPP Price: $2,050.00
2014-2018 Ram 2500
AEV Front Differential Cover 14-18 Ram 2500 / 3500
DPP Price: $290.00
2014-2018 Ram 2500 / 3500
AEV Front HighMark Fender Flare Set 10-18 Ram HD
DPP Price: $850.00
2010-2018 Ram 2500 / 3500
AEV Premium Front Bumper 10-18 Ram 2500 / 3500
DPP Price: $2,325.00
2010-2018 Ram 2500 / 3500
AEV Rear HighMark Fender Flare Set 10-18 Ram HD
DPP Price: $650.00
2010-2018 Ram 2500 / 3500
AMP Research Power Step Running Boards
DPP Price: $1,399.00
Ford SuperDuty F-250/350/450
Dodge Ram 2500/3500
Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra
ARB Air Locker AAM 11.5" 14-Bolt
DPP Price: $997.50
2003-2017 5.9L / 6.7L Dodge Cummins
2001-2013 6.6L GM Duramax
ARB Air Locker AAM 9.25" Front
DPP Price: $1,059.25
2003-2017 Ram 2500 / 3500
2001-2010 GM 2500HD / 3500
ARB E-Z Deflator Kit
DPP Price: $38.95
ARB One Gallon Air Tank
DPP Price: $145.35