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If you are having exhaust drone issues with your diesel truck or just want to mellow out the exhaust tone, Diamond Eye has the answer. Their 4" Inlet 4" Outlet resonator is a full flow option for dec ... read more

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If you are having exhaust drone issues with your diesel truck or just want to mellow out the exhaust tone, Diamond Eye has the answer.

Their 4" Inlet 4" Outlet resonator is a full flow option for decreasing noise and drone in any diesel exhaust kit. The resonator is made out of aluminized steel and is baffled on the interior. The resonator portion is 18" overall including ends is 24". These are made to be cut right into your existing 4" exhaust. 4" exhaust pipe will slide right into the resonator. You will require at least a 24" straight section of pipe for installation.


  • SkuDE-400405
  • ManufacturerDiamond Eye Performance
  • MPN400405


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Verified Buyer
Nice but DIY needs directions for install, read on
Quality of this product is great! Being a do-it-yourself-er in order to give a 5 star rating I need it to be a perfect experience all the way. I gave a 4 for a couple reasons. I need instructions. As simple as that sounds I wasn't positive in which direction to install this. I had to google it and get help. If the unit had instructions or a simple arrow stamped on the unit that would have been enough to sway me to a 5. Also the outer shipping carton was horrible. If there were any clamps or instructions they fell out. The outer box material was thin and both ends had opened up in transit. The resonator was safely packaged inside and undamaged. After installing the resonator it did what it is supposed to do. My LML 3500 still sounds awesome and now with no drone and that was my goal. I am running 4"" straight from down pipe back and I put this resonator in line just before the pipe goes over the rear end. In this location it falls between a couple of factory hangers. Nice fit and finish.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the detailed review and glad the overall sound of the new resonator did its job for you.
Verified Buyer
Great product for a great price
Fits great. Quieted the drone in the cab without taking away the sound outside.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and great the resonator got the job done for you. In-cab drone, especially when towing, can drive a person absolutely nuts.
Verified Buyer
Diesel power products is great place to buy from
Great product quiet the drone on my 2004.5 2500hd duramax
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review and glad we could help quiet your Duramax down.

Iv got a 96 Ford single cab 7.3 and with a straight pipe it has a horrible cab drone. Curious if you have had any experience with this resonator to tone it down. Love the sound of my truck but dang I can't handle it inside. Thanks?

Yes, the resonator is designed for that reason. These generally will eliminate in cab drone or harmonics.


I have a straight pipe 6.0 powerstroke, will this allow the turbo wistle to not be so loud??

Yes that will help with not being so loud


Is it reversible. Does it matter which end is the inlet or outlet. Will it work well with a 4 inch exhaust and a high flow muffler on a F150 with a 3.5 liter ecoboost engine.?

It works either direction yes. It could work on that application yes. Not sure how much it would do, it is meant for a diesel application never had anybody put one on a gas application.


I have a 2001 Duramax with a 4"" exhaust. 4 in 4 out absorbsion style muffler approx 27"" long. The drone is terrible. I want to make it quieter but do not want egt's to rise. I am open to suggestions. Replace muffler, add resonator, ? I did put a 3.5"" resonator just infront of the tail pipe but egt's are now too high, it has to go.?

This is a pass through design that should not affect airflow adversely. Typically guys install this as far forward as possibly to get the best results. -TL


Diamond Eye Resonator. Is it directional? Lovers are open one way, closed the other?

You want the exhaust to flow over the louver. So opening towards the rear. DppSands.


Does it come with required clamps??

No clamps, they would need to be purchased separate.-Sands


Are the ends of this 4"" resonator belled ends so a 4"" pipe will slip into it??

Yes they would be 4in ID to fit over 4in OD pipe.-Sands


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