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The internal construction of the Pro Series is T409 stainless steel and the outer case is fabricated from rugged 18-gauge aluminized steel. With part numbers available in 3.00, 4.00, and 5.00 inch pip ... read more

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The internal construction of the Pro Series is T409 stainless steel and the outer case is fabricated from rugged 18-gauge aluminized steel. With part numbers available in 3.00, 4.00, and 5.00 inch pipe diameters, we have the solution for your needs. The bottom line is that if you want to make more power, quietly, Hushpower Pro Series is the answer.

In our continuing endeavor to bring the latest in performance and sound control technology to the street and race track, Hushpower is proud to introduce its newest line of performance Pro Series mufflers.

These round-cased mufflers deliver ground breaking sound control while delivering maximum power and exhaust system efficiency. The Pro Series mufflers work on all applications ranging from street trucks, to sled pullers, to your everyday work truck. During development, at the dyno and track, the new Hushpower Pro Series mufflers consistently delivered performance that is equal to or surpasses open pipe systems, while dramatically reducing sound levels across the RPM range. On a modified GMC diesel truck, racing on the DHRA circuit, one engine builder found 33 lbs/ft of torque and 13 horsepower at 2,850 RPM. Only a simple change out to the Hushpower from a competing performance muffler was made.


  • ManufacturerHushpower
  • MPN13016100 | 13516100 | 14020100 | 15020100
WARNING: CANCER AND REPRODUCTIVE HARM www.P65Warnings.ca.gov This product can expose you to chemicals including silica - crystalline, carbon black, methylene chloride, lead and lead compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.
  • High horsepower apps include diesels/RVs/trucks
  • Race Proven Design
  • 409 Stainless Steel Internal Construction
  • Durable fully welded 16 gauge stainless steel case

  • Fitment: Universal
  • Inlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
  • Inlet Position: Center
  • Muffler Type: Laminar Flow
  • Outlet Position: Center
  • Sound Level: Moderate Sound
  • Type of Muffler: Laminar Flow


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Verified Buyer
Highly recommend! Great product!
Have a 17 ram 6.7. Had a 4 inch turbo back and it was just to loud. After some research decided to order one of these. Best idea! Brought the noise level Down with a nice tone and absolutely eliminated the drone. Highly recommend great product!
Store Reply
Right on! Hard to judge what a muffler is really going to sound like until you hear it in person. Glad you like it! Those mufflers work great! Stay safe.
Verified Buyer
Good Stuff!
Used this on my Jeep Liberty CRD. It was slightly to large in outside diameter, but I made it work. It did its job well, and I think the slight increase in back pressure actually made it a little more responsive when stabbing the go pedal!
sounds great and with the 4 turbo back makes...
sounds great and with the 4 turbo back makes a big difference. I wanted economy and performance with out the noise and that is what i got. If i can keep my foot out of it i will let you kno0w how the MPG goes.
2005 Dodge Ram 5.9 H.O. went from no muffler ...
2005 Dodge Ram 5.9 H.O. went from no muffler to a Hushpower 4, No drone now, Much Quieter on the road...can roll down my windows now and wife loves it.
2004 ram 3500 5.9 H.O. Great muffler, extreme...
2004 ram 3500 5.9 H.O. Great muffler, extremely quiet and flows great
Very quiet. Gets rid of drone in five inch e...
Very quiet. Gets rid of drone in five inch exhaust on a 08 6.4
very very happy, came quicker than was poste...
very very happy, came quicker than was posted, muffler was fantastic, exactly what I wanted
I installed this on a Ford 6.8L V10 with long...
I installed this on a Ford 6.8L V10 with long tube headers, first an FTE Resonator to eliminate cab drone followed by the Hushpower to drop the DB. The Hushpower dropped the in cab noise levels significantly - very pleased.
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How about using this on a CUMMINS 8.9L ISL (Freightliner chassis) motorhome??

Would be no issues running that muffler on that application.


Would this exhaust fit in my Chevy Cruze 2014? And if so, how would I attach it, I'm new to the car modification setup, as much detail would be awesome?

That would be too large for a Chevy Cruze. I believe they have 2.5 inch exhaust, unfortunately we wouldn't have anything that would fit. SNA


Hi I have a 2001 Duramax. 4"" exhaust. Too much drone. Looking to get rid of drone. Saw these as well as other products on your site which I asked about too. Anyhow, first priority is to get rid of drone without the rise of egt's. What are your thoughts? RIght now I have a 30"" straight through muffler. Looks like maybe a flo-pro but I can't see any markings. Anyhow too much drone. I had also looked at a resonator. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks?

This is a great muffler to go with for a toned down exhaust. We have had great luck with it and would highly recommend it.-TL


I have a 5 inch magnaflow turbo back stainless exhaust with their regular muffler on my '06 5.9 CTD. After years of use I would like it quieter. Would this be noticeably quieter in your opinion? I used to have a Nelson 4 inch on the stock set up and it sounded pretty good actually. Thanks?

It will certainly be quieter then the regular straight through muffler that came with the kit. You can also look at the MBRP quiet tone diesel muffler, that is another great one to go with. DppSands


I see that these mufflers are for diesels but I have a gas 05 GMC Sierra 5.3 v8 are these mufflers still a good option for gas vehicles and trucks?

To be honest, we specialize in diesel trucks. I have zero experience with this muffler on a gas engine.


Is this a straight through muffler?

No it has perforated opposing cone shaped baffles inside. DppSands


What are your thoughts on using this for the 3.0L Eco Diesel? I have a 3in turbo back kit and the next item I need to address is the stock muffler.?

This is a great muffler. It is a universal fit so it may need some customizing. These clamps can make the job easier as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/p-8629-flopro-exhaust-lap-joint-clamp.aspx Thank you. Cooper


Would this muffler work on a cummins 8.3l ISC in a freightliner M2??

Yes, it would just fine on that application. Just have to make sure it would physically fit. Some of the medium duty mufflers are off set or really long. This is straight through of course and the body is 20in long. -Sands


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Hushpower Pro Series Muffler

Hushpower Pro Series Muffler

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