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SKU #: MOP68170214AB Mopar Steering Box Upgrade Kit 03-08 Ram HD 68170214AB

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    • 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500
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They finally did it! That's right, Dodge may finally be admitting to the issues with their gearboxes for the 2003-2008 HD Rams. Dodge/Mopar has released a gearbox upgrade for the 2003-2008 2500 and 3 ... read more

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They finally did it! That's right, Dodge may finally be admitting to the issues with their gearboxes for the 2003-2008 HD Rams. Dodge/Mopar has released a gearbox upgrade for the 2003-2008 2500 and 3500 Rams that comes complete with an extreme duty gear box, pitman arm, and upper tie rod.

This is one of the beefiest steering boxes we've seen. The first thing you notice when you just LOOK at this box is the HUGE sector shaft, like nothing we've seen before! This sector shaft coupled with the upgraded internals will help to eliminate the Dodge steering wander issues that have plagued them for years. If you are running a lift kit that requires a dropped pitman arm, you will have to replace your existing pitman arm with one designed for this larger gear box. Another option for those with a 4-6" lift, is to install our Pure Performance steering linkage upgrades that actually uses a stock pitman arm, because it properly corrects the steering geometry, without the need for a dropped pitman arm. Also, if you have a steering box brace, you have several options as the original box will not work with this box. First, you can just take it off as in many cases, you will no longer need it with the beefier box. Secondly, you can order an entirely new brace designed to work with this steering box. And finally, you can order a new sector shaft extension nut designed to work with the larger sector shaft, and in most cases, you will also need to reposition the bearing capture plate which involves cutting it off and re-welding it in the proper place. And as always, if you have any questions about proper fitment with your particular application give us a call.


  • SkuMOP68170214AB
  • ManufacturerMopar | Factory OEM Dodge Ram
  • MPN68170214AB
  • Upgraded Steering Box
  • Pitman Arm
  • Upper Tie Rod


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Verified Buyer
I would recommend this product.
Steering feels like new truck.
Store Reply
Thanks for your review and purchase with Diesel Power Products! Make sure to check out the T-Style steering for those truck as well.
Alright Giggidy.. This is my short awaited ...
Alright Giggidy.. This is my short awaited review on the Mopar Steering Box Upgrade Kit for the 03-08 Ram. Recently purchased by me for my 06 3500 Mega Cab with a 6 lift and 37 tires on 20x12 rims (ya, now you know why I needed this part). Well straight out of the gate DPP got the order in and out fast, but UPS took their sweet time delivering it (probably because it was heavy and I may have clicked on free economy shipping.. what like you wouldn't??). Included was the new steering gear (freaking big, black and beautiful..)a new pitman arm (not good for a 6 lift, stock height I assume), a new tie rod end for your steering linkage and some instructions. Now for my 1 point deduction. The instructions (Sorry, I'm a stickler for details). Follow with me, step 1: identify your truck and linkage, check. Step 2: (My personal favorite)Remove and replace steering gear by referring to the detail procedures available in: DealerCONNECT> TechCONNECT under: Steering Info>19-Steering>Gear>Removal/Installation>Power Steering Gear - Link/Coil. Really?? I don't have access to that info.. It would have been nice to have some torque spec's and stuff like that. The other 10 Pages of the instructions were about tie rod leveling.. Good info to know, but not what we are doing today... You had one job instructions guy.. one job. That being said, it's a steering box. 3 bolts in the frame rail, 2 fluid lines, a pitman arm nut and a tie rod nut. One bolt through the steering shaft. Now believe me when I say bring a friend to help bench press this behemoth back into place.. I almost ruined my favorite underwear when it slipped trying to do this by myself. Also the included tie rod end didn't match my linkages because I have upgraded to the 09 and newer linkage. It says it's a Haltenberger 1-18 thread for the 05-08 for what it's worth to you. In the end the install is easy, takes a few hours, the product is awesome, steering feels like a new truck off the dealership floor (even with the 37's). I had at least 8 play in my steering wheel before and now it's less than half an inch. Love it. This is not an upgraded original box, it's totally different. P.S. shipping the core back is about 40$ so it's worth returning it and getting your 75$ core charge back. See you on my next review...
Took me 1 hour to install after a complete fl...
Took me 1 hour to install after a complete flush. Like the previous rating the instructions are worthless and the tie rod is the wrong one for the upgraded steering components. I am giving it 5 stars for DPP and the actual Steering Gear. Very well worth the money paid.
Great product, buttt....
Definitely beefier than stock box. Only problem is there is nothing stating that you will need to get the upgraded bolts as well since the stock ones are too small. Would like to know ahead of time.
Verified Buyer
All good no cracking popping and steers excellent
Verified Buyer
Good service and I would buy again. Thanks
not yet installed. for a ram 2500 2004
Verified Buyer
Great well built product, but buyer beware!
Great product, fixed loose steering. Built tolast. However READ DIRECTION FIRST! Depending on the year of your truck you may have to swap out all steering linkages like I did. Cost me an extra $400.00 for the kit.
Verified Buyer
Excellent buying experience!
Staff is knowledgeable and polite! Part shipped quickly and arrived on time. Smooth transaction, I will definitely use DPP again!
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the great review and kind words. We look forward to hearing from you again.
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I purchased this product for my 4"" lifted truck. What dropped pitman arm do I need for this upgrade??

You would need a drop pitman arm for a 09-12 truck 2500/3500. I do have some available give us a call.


Does the pitman arm that comes with the box work with the 08.5+ steering linkage upgrade??

Yes it sure does!


I would be installing the heavy duty steering gearbox on a 2006 Dodge 2500 Cummins. The from end has been completely replaced with Moog parts. The truck suspension is stock and does not have a lift kit. Will this installation require any additional parts other than what is included with the kit??

No sir nothing else is needed for the install. I would recommend a steering box stabilizer for the new box to increase its longevity.


You mention that we can buy a steering brace compatible for this unit, which brace is bolt in compatible??

The one that we recommend is the BD Diesel Brace # BD-1032007.


If you are using the 2008.5+ T-style linkage with this steering gear, does the ball joint that attaches to the new pitman arm face down like on the old oem linkage??

That is correct yes.


Who pays for the core to be shipped to you??

The return of the core charge is up to the customer.


What is the part number for the correct upgraded bolts? What size are they??

These don't require updated bolts. The OEM installed bolts fasten these boxes.


Is there supposed to be bolt spacers in the frame for attaching the new gearbox? I had an odd gearbox on mine that had much smaller bolts and goofy spacers through the frame.?

These should not require spacers or different bolts.

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Mopar Steering Box Upgrade Kit 03-08 Ram HD 68170214AB

Mopar Steering Box Upgrade Kit 03-08 Ram HD 68170214AB

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