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SKU #: EDG-84130 Edge Insight CTS2 for 1996 and UP OBDII Monitor for Cars/Trucks

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    • 1996 and UP OBDII Trucks and Cars


The Edge Insight CTS2 gives you unmatched control and monitoring of your OBDII vehicles all wrapped up in a slim and sleek 5" high resolution screen. Monitor you engine effectively and in style with a ... read more

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The Edge Insight CTS2 gives you unmatched control and monitoring of your OBDII vehicles all wrapped up in a slim and sleek 5" high resolution screen. Monitor you engine effectively and in style with a host of customizable parameters, with the ease of an intuitive touch screen display.

While digital monitors are by no means new to the market, Edge Products excels at creating tuners that are unmatched by their competition. The Edge Insight CTS2 ushers in another Edge Product game changer, this redesigned version of the original Insight CTS is a must have for anyone looking to monitor their 1996 or newer vehicle. Whether you're an enthusiast or just a daily driver, the ability to keep track of your vehicles performance is always a plus. The Insight CTS2 offers a variety of ways to monitor your vehicles many parameters. And all of this through the ease of a sleek, touch screen display easily connected to your vehicles OBDII port.

*Please note that some features may vary and additional horsepower and torque can only be reached with other aftermarket chips and tuners.

  • Master Screen: This revamped version of the old CTS screen allows you to monitor 9 parameters (PIDs) at once in your own custom layout. With the added advantage of swiping between two gauge screens at once!
  • Retro Screen: A throw back to the original CTS, this screen has the feel of the original CTS with the availability of 7 PIDs instead of the original 5.
  • Digital Screen: Created for the ultimate gear head, this screen allows you to watch up to 12 PIDs at once
  • Needles Screen: A throw back to a simpler time, this screen shows your parameters with analog-style gauges as well as a digital value allowing you to monitor 8 PIDs at once.
  • Accelerometer Screen: From racers to daily-drivers, this screen lets you know how many Gs you're pulling off the starting line or around the corner. Or monitor the pitch and roll angle of the hill you're climbing. You can also choose to monitor 4 additional PIDs.
  • Pull-Up Main Menu: Offering quick navigation through you CTS2, this screen will allow you to press just one button to get to any gauge screen you desire.
  • Programming Screen: If you're running performance tuning whether with an Edge product or not, this screen gives you an easy way to select your performance level.
  • Back-Up Camera: Make sure you know what's behind you with this easy to install option on the CTS2, simply purchase the Edge back-up camera and install into your CTS2!
  • Performance Testing Screen: Test your vehicle's performance with a variety of different tests designed by Edge, including tests for horsepower, torque, and quarter-mile performance.
  • Records Screen: Store and review peak records like engine temperature, RPM, speed, and transmission temperature values for ultimate fine-tuning.
  • PID Selection Screen: Easily select and customize your vehicle's parameter identification on any of the 5 different gauge screens.
  • Data Log Screen: This unique vehicle management system won't have you wondering, driven by intuition this feature identifies potential driving experience issues and lets you know exactly what is happening.
  • Mileage Coach Screen: Get the most out of your MPGs with this feature designed to help manage your fuel economy.
  • Maintenance Manager Screen: Set custom alerts for vehicle maintenance to keep your vehicle running smooth.
  • Control and Notification Center: Simply press the upper tab to easily view alerts, change the power tuning of your vehicle, change your backgound image, or access your color-mixer.
  • Color Mixer Screen: Custom mix your gauge arcs, screen tint, and gauge needles to any color you desire!
  • Turbo Timer: A must for diesel applications, this accessory allows your truck to keep running after you've shut it off letting your turbo's oil cool down to prolong the turbo's and engine's life.
  • Diagnostics: No more mystery "check engine" lights. The CTS2 also doubles as a diagnostic scan tool to keep you in the know.
  • Back-up Camera (sold separately) - The Insight CTS2 features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera, or other compatible video source directly to the CTS2 unit.


    • SkuEDG-84130
    • ManufacturerEdge Products
    • MPN84130
    • Slim, sleek case design
    • Correct speedometer*
    • Internet Updateable
    • Adjust speed and rev limiters*
    • 5" full color, high-resolution, swipe screen
    • Multiple gauge screen layouts
    • Fully customizable backgrounds
    • One-touch easy menu navigation
    • Notification center
    • HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories
    • Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and backgrounds
    • Switch between US or Metric units of measure
    • Light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases
    • Mileage Coach (Includes Trip Monitor, MPG Calc, and Fuel Saving Tips!)
    Expandable (items sold separately)
    • Compatible with optional Edge Accessory System (EAS) to allow users to connect multiple, additional accessories
    • Compatible with optional EGT pyrometer for engine protection


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    Verified Buyer
    Edge cts2
    This edge cts2 is a great monitor for your diesel truck and if you own a 2001 to 2004 lb7 you can change your tunes from efilive on it instead of having a dsp5 switch thanks diesel power products for a great product
    Store Reply
    Keeping an eye on your temperatures is very important on a diesel truck. If your LB7 is tunes, I would make sure you add a lift pump to the truck, and have a pyrometer so you can read EGT's. -Ben
    Verified Buyer
    New school gauges
    Reading all the sensors I need to keep an eye on. Egt add on promo was a plus.
    Fast shipping and the cts 2 is the best Monit...
    Fast shipping and the cts 2 is the best Monitor on the market and hands down
    I love it. Works very well on my truck.
    I love it. Works very well on my truck.
    Great product! Easy way to keep an eye on the...
    Great product! Easy way to keep an eye on the vitals of the truck. Nice touch screen as well.
    Awesome Gauge Package
    With these truck getting nicer and nicer in the interior this is by far the nicest looking gauge package money can buy. It is also completely expandable so you can add gauges and back-up cameras. There is also performance test and maintenance reminders you can set.
    Verified Buyer
    Great way to monitor your vehicle! Highly recommended
    I use this to monitor my 07 dodge 5.9 cummins and I love it
    Verified Buyer
    Easy to install. Works great
    Farmer/Rancher just deleted my lml duramax with evi live. Been looking for a easy to use monitor to keep in check my engine vitals after the upgrade. This product is simple and works great.
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    I have a 2001 Dodge 2500 5.9L diesel and I was wondering if this will give transmission temp readings for it??

    For this specific year, these are the PID's: Accel Pedal Position Battery Temp Battery Voltage Boost Calculated Load Corrected Speed Engine Coolant Temp Engine Speed Fuel Level Fuel Pressure (Juice w/ Attitude Only) Gear Intake Air Temp Throttle Position Time 0-60 Time 1/4 mile


    I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel. Will this unit work for my truck? If so, how much power should I expect to gain??

    This is just a Edge Insight. These are a monitor and have zero power gains.


    Do I need to order the EGT probe for my 2008 6.7 dodge Diesel or is that all ready installed in the obdi computer?

    This does not include it, If you would like to read true Pre-turbo EGT's then you would need to purchase the EGT probe.


    Can I use this with my mini max only to monitor vitals??

    No, as they both can not be plugged in at the same time.


    Will this work with switch on the fly efi live and or take the place of the CSP5 switch??

    No it will not control the shift on the fly for EFIlive for a Dodge. Only the 01-05 Duramax trucks.


    Does the Edge Insight CTS2 for 1996 and UP OBDII Monitor for Cars/Trucks give me the option to turn off the speed limiter in my 2017 F450, 6.7L??

    No, it is just a digital gauge set. Will not remove the speed limiter.



    No it will not.


    will this work for my 03 dodge diesel cumin 5.9?


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    Edge Insight CTS2 for 1996 and UP OBDII Monitor for Cars/Trucks

    Edge Insight CTS2 for 1996 and UP OBDII Monitor for Cars/Trucks

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