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SKU #: BAN-66560 Banks 66560 iDash 1.8 Super Gauge

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    • Fits all 2008+ vehicles plus 2006-2007 Duramax and 2005-2007 Powerstroke


The iDash 1.8 from Banks is a powerful monitoring device that is small enough to fit into a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole for a clean, discreet installation. It includes everything you need, and nothin ... read more

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The iDash 1.8 from Banks is a powerful monitoring device that is small enough to fit into a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole for a clean, discreet installation. It includes everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Cheap insurance, that's the best way to summarize the iDash. Overall, the Idash 1.8 delivers you a host of gauges that your factory instrument cluster does not, but are incredibly important, especially for those that tow heavy or have modified the engine to produce above stock power levels. There's a reason you see 99% of modified trucks running a plethora of gauges to include EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), Boost, Transmission Temperature, et cetera, and its to avoid costly repairs after exceeding the limitations of the powertrain. While most of the aftermarket relies on having numerous individual gauges strewn across your dash or A-Pillar, or a bulky screen, which both can distract the driver, the iDash fits everything into a compact size. The iDash mounts into a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole, perfect for using in conjunction with a single pillar mount. Or for those that want to monitor even more parameters than the iDash can on a single screen, you can even "loop" multiple iDash's together for the ultimate cockpit.


  • SkuBAN-66560
  • ManufacturerBanks Power
  • MPN66560
  • Customizable gauge display
  • Read Boost Pressure, EGT and so much more
  • Avoid costly repairs by monitoring important sensors
  • Display 2-5 values
  • Read up to 80 OBDII Mode 01 values
  • Over 300 parameters available
  • View Data your dash does not display
  • Displays accurate values your OEM dash gauges filter
  • Includes patented OBDII Density (exclusive to Banks)
  • Log up to 20 min/max values
  • Built-in Shift RPM Light
  • Connect multiple iDash 1.8 gauges
  • Auto-Dimming Feature
  • Fits standard 52mm (2-1/16 inch) gauge mounts
  • Features vary by application


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This super gauge is awesome
This is one of best things I purchase for my 2017 f350 dually.
Store Reply
Those I-dash units are great, you can monitor a lot of parameters with that little screen. Glad you like it! Next tim you are looking for parts look us up.
Verified Buyer
Great buy!
I purchased the iDash gauge to use in my Motorhome. It is easy to install and navigate through its features. The nice thing is if I want I can use it in multiple units with OB2 PORT.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review and glad you like the Super Gauge.

do you sell the EGT probe that works with the idash??

It is not a stocking item. That would be something we would have to special order.


Hello! I have a 2007.5 Dodge Ram with the 6.7 cummins. Can you tell me if the Banks Idash 1.8 monitor monitors trans temp on my truck? Or do I need another sensor? Also can you tell me, what all parameters it does monitor without another sensor? Thank You!?

We don't have a complete list of the parameters for each truck. Might shoot a call to Banks Power directly and talk to a tech guy there.


Hi I had a question about the banks super gauge. I did not see any add on for an EGT probe. Does the super gauge come with one? Or does it need to be purchased separate? Thanks, Ryan?

It does not come with a Pyro sensor no. You would need to buy Banks 4 or 5 channel signal converter. And then the Pyrometer probe and any other sensors. The 4 channel kit is about 300 bucks and the Pyro sensor is 90. -Sands


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Banks 66560 iDash 1.8 Super Gauge

Banks 66560 iDash 1.8 Super Gauge

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