Detroit Diesel Facts


Detroit Diesel has been providing high-quality diesel vehicles since 1938.  Here are a few interesting facts about their production efforts since then.

  • Detroit Diesel has built more than 5 million engines since 1938
  • Detroit Diesel built its one millionth Series 60 engine in 2008
  • More than 115,000 Detroit Diesel MBE 900 engines have been shipped since 2002
  • The heavy-duty DD15 offers bullet-proof reliability

Follow @Detroit_Diesel on Twitter, but don’t get excited.  They haven’t tweeted since 2009..

One thought on “Detroit Diesel Facts

  1. Bought and drove VW diesels for over twenty years while American car makers sat on their hands! GM’s feeble effort in the 70’s ruined the markets in U.S. for diesels! Mercedes makes the best today for cars – Americans shy of them after the GM fiasco. Awaiting VW’s Diesel elelctric hybrid powertrain for cars and utility vehicles – I dont give a damn how fat ir is stop light to stoplight, I care more how cheaply it can provide good stable reliable transportation and for how long – a lesson GM and other Aemrican car makers sorely missed.

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