Diesel Emissions Reduction Act

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Diesel Emission Reduction

The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act was passed by Congress in 2005.  The Act, known as DERA, aimed to speed up the rate of improvement on air quality in the United States through cleaning and modernizing millions of dirty diesel engines.  The United States gave DERA a five-year limit.

The law also required divulgence of all acquired information to countries with poor air quality. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was responsible for distributing DERA’s funds.

According to the EPA’s report filed four years later, DERA reduced 46,000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions and 2,200 tons of fine particulate matter.  Over 14,000 diesel-powered engines were made cleaner under the act.

Two decades ago, clean diesel did not exist.  Thanks to the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, trucks, buses, and other diesel engines are 90% cleaner.

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