DPP Named Top BD Dealer for Northwest Region

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BD Diesel is a household name in the diesel community. With its long standing roots in fuel injection via their original company, Valley Fuel Injection, to the all-encompassing company they are now, they manufacture and perfect a wide array of products for nearly anything diesel. We, at Diesel Power Products, have been long time supporters of their products and consistently stock, sell, and run their products even on our own personal vehicles with great success.

We recently had the opportunity of being named BD’s Top Dealer in the Northwest for 2013, which was a crowning achievement for us that we are very proud of. Overall, their products are easy to sell with confidence simply because they accomplish their intended purpose, and done so without any issues at a fair price. Whether you are after a simple high-idle kit to warm up your truck sooner in these cold winter months, or a complete Track Master transmission for your drag truck, they’ve got it. BD has even been dabbling in various suspension components to help cure nagging issues on the Ford and Dodge pickups, such as with their steering box braces and adjustable track bar kits. And let’s not get started on their turbo shop, which is quite literally a giant warehouse stacked floor to ceiling with every turbo application under the sun, pretty impressive really.

A big “Thanks” goes out to BD for the support all of these years and we look forward to many more!

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