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Making more power with your Cummins diesel truck is easy when you have the right tuning equipment to inject more power into your engine. There are two basic ways to tune your engine: You can flash or reprogram the factory ECU or you can use an inline tuner that modifies the signal prior to the fuel injector. Flashing a modern truck’s ECU will leave a footprint—one that dealers can see. An inline tuner does not recalibrate the factory settings of the vehicle. As long you remove the physical parts, it’s doubtful a dealer would know. If you have a truck with an existing warranty, an inline tuner like the Edge Juice w Attitude CTS3 is a great choice. Edge’s CTS monitors have proven themselves the gold standard of PID and performance monitoring, and the newer CTS3 5-inch touchscreen displays have upped the game. The CTS3 can be packaged with the Juice with Attitude inline tuning module to allow shift-on-the-fly tuning via the CTS3 display. The complete package adds five different options to increase power (with an unlockable sixth power level), monitors almost every PID possible, allows a variety of performance tests, adds defueling safety parameters, and gives the option to control lockers, lights, cameras, or even other brands’ tuner modules through the Expandable Accessory System (EAS).

Install time of the electronics takes less than a couple hours. Upon turning on the truck, the beautiful 5-inch display is easily readable (day or night). The touchscreen ability works excellently and does not skip around nor ignore our touch like some displays sometimes do. The readout is customizable with 23 different gauge layouts, multiple color differences and backgrounds, and numerous PIDs to choose from. The slide-down or slide-up menus offer quick access to everything, and you can quickly toggle between three different main displays you customize by sliding your finger left or right.

The five power increase levels are noticeable when unloaded, but the real difference can be felt when hauling 10,000 pounds up a grade. It meant no longer having to downshift from 6th gear to 5th and losing momentum or turbo boost.

Upsell Option: Amp’d 2.0 – Throttle Booster

We installed the Juice with Attitude on a manual transmission Cummins truck and made more usable power, but this fourth-generation Ram has a throttle response delay built in from the factory that, when combined with a manual transmission where the boost drops off when off the throttle between shifts, created a lot of lag when shifting. On the highway when towing in 5th or 6th gear, it wasn’t an issue. But it can make for a bit of an erratic driving experience as the power goes from low boost and low power to jumping back into the Juice-supplemented powerband as you shift through gears. The Juice unit has an adjustable low boost parameter, but the fact was that the pedal delay from the factory was killing the performance. This is not an issue in automatic transmission trucks since your foot stays in the throttle and boost barely budges between shifts of an automatic transmission when accelerating. But on this stick shift with pedal lag, help was needed.

Adding Edge’s Amp’d 2.0 throttle booster is the icing on the cake needed to get the most out of this Edge package. Five different presets and three custom settings quicken the throttle response, allowing turbo boost to be built more quickly, consequently making a big difference in drivability. For those of you who like to link everything to your smartphone, it has that Bluetooth feature that gives complete control.

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