Light It Up with Baja Designs


Baja Designs, originally founded in 1992, gained its roots in the off-road industry, specifically dirt bikes, by producing lighting kits for legalizing dual sport motorcycles. However, because of their passion for dirt and anything offroad, they quickly grew into offering an assortment of lighting kits to equip rally cars, trucks, and even bicycles. As lighting advanced away from halogen technology, Baja Designs was at the forefront in testing and producing cutting edge HID and LED technology to further demonstrate their place in the lighting market with such products as their SII Flush Mount LED light, vehicle specific mounting kits, and their latest line of Arc series curved LED light bars.

We are proud to announce that we are now offering the Baja Designs lineup and can assure that their product lineup is hard to beat. If you’re looking at adding a set of super bright, flush mount lights to your bumper, check out the Squadron 4 LED that packs 4300 lumens. Or if you’re into camouflage, check out the Stealth Series of camo LED light bars for a truly unique look. And if you’ve got something big enough to mount a 59” light bar onto, guess what, they’ve got that too! Overall, whether you’re hitting the trails on a bicycle or a buggy, Baja Designs has an application to suit your needs and we’re honored to bring them on board with us.image014

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