Rock Krawler 2.0 Adventure Leveling Kit

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Ram 2500 and 3500 truck suspensions are relatively simple to enhance with a Rock Krawler 2.0 Adventure Leveling System. The solid axle and coil-&-link design offers a decent amount of suspension movement from the factory and makes it fairly easy to work on them. On top of that you can almost squeeze a 35-inch tire under the stock suspension. But if you have one of the millions of Rams out there on coil springs (without the self-leveling Air Ride airbag suspension) then your truck still sits higher in back than it does in front. Adding a leveling kit can fix that stinkbug look and ensure that you’ll clear 35-inch tires without any fender trimming. And while there are a ton of choices out there to level your Cummins truck, a set of replacement coil springs and an adjustable track bar will improve your truck’s ride quality better than any other type of leveling system.

Rock Krawler’s 2.0 Adventure Series Ram Kit comes with triple-rate coils that provide a 2-inch lift and a heavy-duty adjustable track bar to correctly align the front axle. Not only does it give you a vast improvement in ride quality and retain proper suspension geometry, the 2.0 Adventure Series gives the ability to properly fit 35-inch tires all the way around without any rubbing at full steering lock. The kit can be ordered with monotube shocks or as just the track bar & coils, but either way you’re going to feel a big difference.

Triple-Rate Coil Springs

The side by side comparison of the Rock Krawler coils to the stock springs easily shows where the added lift height comes from. Whats more difficult to determine is how the tighter, closer wind of the coils delivers such an improvement in ride quality.

The Triple-rate coil springs are one of the biggest advantages of Rock Krawler’s Adventure Leveling Kits for Rams and Super Dutys. What is a Triple-rate coil? It is one that increases spring rate as it compresses. Why would you want a spring that increases rate as it compresses? Because it allows you to get away with a lighter spring rate—for an improved ride—under normal driving conditions, with the spring rate increasing two different times as the coil springs are compressed. The Adventure Leveling kit springs add approximately 2 inches of lift to the front of your Cummins truck (3 inches if you have a Hemi) and levels out the truck so the front and rear height better match. As you can see in the picture, the new Rock Krawler coil springs are quite a bit taller when unloaded. This will make it more difficult to get the new coils in than it was to get the old coils out. You will likely end up unbolting the sway bar, shocks, the track bar (which comes out anyway for this kit), and potentially the brake line brackets if you are stretching the brake lines to get the RK coil springs in.

Adjustable Heavy-Duty Track Bar

A lot of potential suspension and steering problems can be traced back to the bushings wearing out and the lack of adjustability on the Ram’s factory track bar. More often than not, the feared “death wobble” that can occur in a solid front axle setup is due to worn-out track bar bushings. And if you add a leveling kit to a solid front axle truck, the axle will be pulled slightly toward the track bar frame-mount. Rock Krawler solves both those problems with a 1.5-inch solid chromoly steel track bar tipped with a 1-inch FK spherical bearing rod end on one side and a serviceable anti-wobble joint on the other. The new track bar inhibits any potential for death wobble and allows the installer to adjust its length to correctly position the front axle under the truck.

Can I Do It In My Driveway?

Rock Krawler’s Adventure 2.0 Leveling Kits for Ram 2500s and 3500s come with replacement coils and an adjustable track bar. While we would always recommend letting a professional shop install suspension equipment so they can adjust your caster, steering, and axle position on an alignment rack, this Adventure Leveling Kit is something an enthusiast with reasonable mechanical ability and some tools could do themself, at home, in a matter of a few hours. We would still recommend seeing an alignment shop after to exact your steering and suspension so as to minimize tire wear on the road.

Adjusting Caster and Steering

The front Ram suspension went from a four-link setup to a radius arm configuration in 2013. And while leveling a four-linked truck doesn’t do much to the suspension geometry, 2 extra inches can more radically affect the caster of a radius arm truck. You will want to address caster adjustment at the lower axle mount after leveling a Ram radius arm truck.

Once you have finished installing (and adjusting) the suspension, you will likely find your steering wheel at an angle. This can be changed at the drag link adjustment on the steering linkage (unless your steering drag link has been welded up per a factory service bulletin—in which case we have Apex Chassis and Synergy heavy-duty steering linkage kits available).

Stock Shocks or New Shocks?

If you’re going through the time and expense of install proper suspension under your Ram, do yourself a favor and upgrade the shocks while you’re at it, otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and money.

Since Rock Krawler’s leveling kit only adds 2 inches of front lift, you’ll still be within acceptable parameters of up and down shock shaft stroke and you can continue to use the front shocks that your truck had at stock height. That being said, you may find the stock shocks maxing out more often in rougher driving situations, due to them being closer to maximum extension with the leveling kit. A new set of shocks matched to your leveling kit will not only give you more droop travel, they’ll improve your truck’s ride both on- and off-road. We carry a variety of Bilstein, Fox, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, and Rock Krawler shocks you can choose to enhance your suspension with.

Before and After Rock Krawler’s Adventure 2.0

Here are before and after images of a single cab Cummins truck completely stock and then improved with a Rock Krawler 2.0 Adventure Series Leveling System and 35-inch tires. This particular owner also decided to add a set of Bilstein shocks and an N-Fab light bar with Rigid LED lighting, along with some OE style fender flares to finish up this Ram the way he wanted it.



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