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SKU #: 52122362AL Mopar 09 Steering Upgrade Kit for 03-13 2500/3500

Purchase Mopar 09 Steering Upgrade Kit for 03-13 2500/3500
    • 2003-2013 Ram 2500
    • 2003-2012 Ram 3500
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This is Dodge's solution to the problem that doesn't exist. These kits tie the front wheels together eliminating independent toe in and out. The idea is to cut down on tire wear and death wobble. I ... read more

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This is Dodge's solution to the problem that doesn't exist. These kits tie the front wheels together eliminating independent toe in and out. The idea is to cut down on tire wear and death wobble. In our experience this kit will not make up for other worn front end components such as steering gear box and ball joints, but it will make your front end feel much tighter and more responsive. Now, we won't put our stamp on it as a fix for "death wobble," but it sure has made a dramatic impact even on our own personal trucks.

  • We offer the pitman arm as an option. The new pitman arm features an improved angle that minimizes the tie rod angle, maximizing tie rod life. But your stock pitman arm will work if you choose to go this route. If you have a lifted truck that requires a dropped pitman arm, you will not have any need for the new pitman arm that we offer because it has stock drop, and your aftermarket dropped pitman arm will work just fine with the new upgrade. The offered pitman arm is only for 2003-2008 model years.
  • You WILL need a different damper with this kit since it no longer has the "stud style" attachment point that your current stock one does. We offer several different heavy duty damper options that we prefer to run with the upgrade kit. Our most popular damper upgrade is the Carli Stainless Steel Low Mount.
  • We highly recommend replacing the three nuts that hold the new steering linkage in place. The original nuts are a castle type nut with cotter pin, however the new linkage does not have provisions for the cotter pins, instead uses a jam type of nut. While the original castle nuts will technically thread on, we highly recommend replacing with new jam nuts.


  • Sku52122362AL
  • ManufacturerMopar | Factory OEM Dodge Ram
  • MPN52122362AL


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Verified Buyer
Fast shipping and product is as described. Never had the death wobble on the truck. This was one more item on the list of rebuild and upgrades. Ball joints, track bar, control arms, shocks, steering dampner, stabilizer and Yukon Spin Free. 07 Ram 3500 SRW. Haven’t drove truck yet, but I don’t anticipate any disappointments
Store Reply
Converting from the Y-Style Steering to T-Style Steering makes ALL the difference. Thank you for your order and your review. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Fits as described. If you order, make sure you buy the new nuts, as the old ones are pretty much ruined after disassembly. Why theyre not issued as part of the kit is Ridiculous.
Store Reply
Thanks for your order and your review! We have the nuts as an add-on item on the product listing, for those who may need them. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Steering upgrade kit
So far has fix my death wobble problem but did not come with tie rod end nuts had to buy nylon locking nut the next day
Do not buy mopar upgrade
I had bought this upgrade thinking it would last but the first one only lasted 6 months before the tie rod ends and one drag link end started loosening up and popping. It was covered under the warranty, but the replacement only lasted a year and a half before doing the same loosening and popping. I ran toyo at2 285 tires and stocks off and on, so to me the life of the part was to short on top of it being a recall part that mopar still sells . Do not waste your time on the product
Store Reply
For the exact reasons you stated in your review, we HIGHLY recommend going with the Synergy HD Steering.
Verified Buyer
08 dodge 2500
Very good product about twice the size of stock and a noticeable difference when driving on rough roads. I did pay extra for the hardware but it still didn’t come with the cut for the steering stabilizer so that was a disappoint. And it’s non greaseable other than that very happy with the product.
Verified Buyer
2009 Mopar steering upgrade
I had a great amount of "death wobble" after reading many posts on different sites I decided to change the Y steering to the upgraded T steering setup, so my research brought me to Diesel Power Products and the eventual purchase. This product and some others took care of the wobble. Not needing a higher priced setup was another reason I purchased the Mopar brand. Exact fit combined with quick replacement.
Verified Buyer
I highly recommend this product
Fit perfectly! Easy adjustment!! Super quick remove and replace. Thanks guys
Verified Buyer
I would buy this product again
Haven't installed yet. As far as I can tell It is very well built and it arrived very quick.
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I don't see any grease zerks on this unit. How does it get grease??

The Mopar kit will feature a pre-greased tie rod end that will not require you to service or grease.


What about when i need to replace the tie rod ends, what parts do I use??

These would use the standard replacement tie rod ends for a 09-13 Model ram 2500/3500


I am assuming this will work with the mopar 6 bolt gear box??

Yes, These will work on all steering gear box applications.


Would this kit work with a blistein shock ?? If so which one??

Bilstein 5100 Steering Stabilizer Shock 03-13 Ram 2500 / 3500-T-Style Steering SKU:BIL-33-170794


When buying this conversion or upgraded kit do we buy the ball joints for the conversion year or the year of our vehicle??

No ball joints required. These are a complete kit with the Tie Rod ends pre installed.


I have a 05 Cummins and was wondering if i were to use this product, would it work in conjunction with the Fox 2.0 Performance Series ATS Stabilizer? Thanks.?

If the stabilizer is currently installed on the stock steering system then it will not work. It will require the ATS stabilizer for the 09+ trucks


What size is the nut for the stabilizer stud is needed??

Hex Flange Lock. M12x1.75. That should be the correct size.


Is this for the 2007 mega cab 4x4?

As listed these will work on all 2003-2008 2500/3500 4wd.

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Mopar 09 Steering Upgrade Kit for 03-13 2500/3500

Mopar 09 Steering Upgrade Kit for 03-13 2500/3500

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