Diesel Technology Forum Holds U.S. Freight Sustainability Summit

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Beginning tomorrow and going through Friday will be a major event in the diesel fuel world.  The summit, titled “The U.S. Freight Sustainability Summit: Growing the Economy, Protecting the Environment and Improving Energy Efficiency,” will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

The event is being sponsored by the Diesel Technology Forum, along with help from Navistar, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Retail Leaders Industry Association, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the American Trucking Associations. The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization that aims to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines.

Each of these (sometimes opposing) groups is coming together to find a solution to the current diesel crisis and the environmental issues it brings to America.

Leaders, executives, and stakeholders are going to be present at the summit.

Thursday morning begins with a forum titled “Building an Efficient, Competitive, and Environmentally Sustainable Freight Supply Chain in North America.”

Keynote speaker for the event will be Gina McCarthy, Assistant Administrator for EPA Office of Air and Radiation.  McCarthy was previously Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Other featured speakers include Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund; David Matsuda, Administrator of Maritime Administration U.S. Department of Transportation; and Bill Graves, President and CEO of American Trucking Associations and former Governor of Kansas.

Talks of the clean diesel industry are likely to be prominent at the summit as well.  2017 is said to bring more fuel economy standards for cars and light-duty trucks.  In the same light, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and buses will have to meet fuel efficiency standards beginning in 2014.  These changes are quickening the pace that new technologies have to be introduced.

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