More Regarding the Infamous Dodge Ram “Death Wobble”

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Dodge Ram truck owners have been reporting more cases of the “death wobble”.

Dennis Warren of Brantford, Ontario, says of his experience, “We hit a pothole in the road and the truck just started shaking violently.”

Chrysler advises service technicians to check vehicle suspension and steering components, as well as adjust the tire pressure.  These manufacturing defects are believed to be the root of the problem.

It’s been reported that four separate incidents involving the death wobble have caused car accidents.  Yet despite these complications in the perfection of Dodge Ram trucks, most drivers continue to use the vehicles.

One truck owner coughed up $30,000 for repairs.. a hefty price to pay for manufacturer errors.

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3 thoughts on “More Regarding the Infamous Dodge Ram “Death Wobble”

  1. o8.5 dodge ram 3500 Death Wobble. I have replaced Ball joints, wheel bearings, Stearing stablizer shock, track bar, and one tye rod end. and Death wobble is worse than ever. I did go with the cheapest Ball joints from Oreilly Auto parts, but you would think that right out of the box, they would be better than the old factory ones that lasted 14o,000 miles. I did not have any death wobble problems until 140,ooo miles. Any one have any suggestions?

  2. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind put cheap ball joints on a one ton truck. I suppose cheap tires are the way to go too? Owning a truck is a responsibility. Cheap parts are not built to the same standards as original (even if orignal have their flaws). Changing ball joints are somewhat labour intensive so you would have saved nothing by not getting quality ones (moog or other heavy duty quality brand). Do you like doing things twice? Don’t get me wrong Chrysler should do something about the death wobble. Seeing as how there is a multitude of aftermarket options (hd ball joints, tie rods, steering box supports), surely the factory can come up with something. All of these options will help but some effort on the owners part is also required. Front end inspections and replacing worn parts, using quality parts and tired and correct tire ressure. I don’t know why people allow the same parts to be changed over and over. If a part is changed and the death wobble returns in three days its quite obvious to me that it never went away only needed the right conditions to strike again.
    Correct tire pressure, quality tires of correct size and type, heavy duty tie rods, ball joints, steering box support kits, heavy duty steering dampers all will help lessen the effects of the wobble. I suspect the root cause of the wobble comes from a very heavy cummins engine placed over a solid front axle. This is where the factory needs to address the issue ultimately. Any wear and fatigue in the chassis allows the wobble to present itself. All we can do is maintain and upgrade.

  3. I need help I’m fed up with the wobble bull shit , I had a 2005 Ram 4×4 diesel 3500 and I ended up with wobble now I have a 2017 Ram 4×4 diesel 3500 , I had a weird steering issue so I brought it to some guys that I trust so they said it’s the tractor bar , steering stabilizer and 2 Bill Stein front shocks , I got in all excited thinking my steering would be great but no it ends up being the steering gear box but before that I ended up with death wobble and bad steering now steering gear box is good but I still have death wobble , if the guys would have just put the steering box in and left trac bar etc alone I’d never have this DW wtf . I’ve had 5 different people look at it but no ones getting it to stop. If someone could help that would be great if not time to talk shit and get attorney involved because this is bull shit and dodge needs to be sued

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