10 Reasons to Choose Diesel

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With gas prices constantly rising, diesel vehicles are getting a second look by many economically-minded people. Here are 10 reasons why diesel is sparking such interest:

1.      Diesel vehicles deliver 20 to 30 percent greater fuel economy than vehicles with gas engines.

2.      Diesel cars and trucks burn less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide than gas vehicles.

3.      They are more durable and reliable.

4.      The absence of spark plugs and wires lowers maintenance costs.

5.      Great driving range. Some diesel vehicles can go as far as 50 miles per gallon.

6.      With proper maintenance, a diesel engine can run for 250,000 miles.

7.      Fuel cost is 30 to 50 percent lower than that of gas engines.

8.      Diesels are great at towing and hauling heavy loads.

9.      Quicker take-off. Pure Diesel Power.

10.  Diesel engines require less maintenance than gas engines of similar size.

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