The Best Deals This Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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We’re diving into the most exciting Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts across key product categories including turbos, suspension & steering components, fuel-related parts, exhaust systems, and programmers and chips. Whether you’re looking to enhance performance, improve fuel efficiency, or simply upgrade yo

r diesel truck, our curated selection promises something for everyone. Let’s gear up for some serious savings!

Top Turbo Upgrades:

Whether you own a Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax, the deals on turbos are not just hot; they’re sizzling. The right turbo can not only boost your engine’s efficiency but also provide that much-needed edge in power and performance.

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15% Off Fleece Cheetah Turbos: Stock turbo on its way out the door? Looking for some added performance without having to tune your truck? How about a turbo that bolts in the stock location and can handle up to 700 Horsepower??? If you even considered yes to any of these questions, then the Fleece Cheetah is the obvious choice. Fleece has done a large amount of research on making the best drop-in turbo for someone looking for reliability or wanting to make some real power for their truck.

10% Off BD Screamer Turbos: These re-engineered factory-style turbos have larger compressor wheels and unique turbine housings that help drop drive pressures while increasing boost. Installation is easy, just drop the Screamer Performance Turbo right into your stock location. No special tuning, manifolds, gaskets, exhaust, or clamps are required.

10% Off ATS Aurora Turbos: A quick spooling turbo with unsurpassed reliability that matches up perfectly to even stock-powered trucks with a significantly broader power band and decreased temperature.

10% Off Calibrated Power Stealth Turbos : Calibrated Power are not only experts at programming trucks, but they are also experts in performance turbos.

Up To $20 Off DieselSite Wicked Wheel Upgrades: If you don’t want to replace your entire turbo, DieselSite’s Wicked Wheel upgrades are a great option for increasing the performance and overall drivability of your factory turbo. Installation is easy, as the Wicked Wheel upgrades are balanced at the factory, so no need to balance your turbo after installation.

Suspension and Steering Specials:

Next up, let’s talk about control and stability. Get ready to experience a noticeable improvement in your vehicle’s handling and comfort with these unbeatable deals.

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Up To 20% Off BDS Suspension: From adjustable track bars to complete suspension lift kits, BDS has you covered with some of the best suspension and steering parts all backed by the best lifetime warranty in the industry.

10% Off RedHead Steering Gear Boxes: One of the most prevalent issues with heavy-duty, diesel-powered trucks, especially as they accrue some miles, is sloppy steering. And its no wonder, most of us install larger tires, haul a considerable amount of weight, periodically use them offroad, and even put snowplows on the front. RedHead Steering Gear Boxes are one of the first steering upgrades we recommend to every customer. They are USA-made and boast a 1-year unlimited mile warranty.

10% Off PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering): The factory Independent Front Suspension (IFS) of the heavy-duty GM line of trucks is known to bend or break the factory tie rods, especially with larger than stock tires and above factory horsepower levels. But by upgrading to at least a set of PPE tie rod sleeves or replacing them with a pair of Stage3 Forged Tie Rod Assemblies, you can leave bent or broken tie rod worries at home. Beyond tie rods, PPE also builds some of the finest heavy-duty forged pitman arms, idler arms, and MORE!

20% Off ICON Vehicle Dynamics Suspension: What sets ICON products apart is their incredible commitment of time and energy dedicated to both ride development and testing. From vehicle dynamic theory to years of experience and involvement in off-road racing, rock crawling, and just about anything you can do with a vehicle on or off the road. ICON engineers are in control and the driving force of the entire product line and manufacturing processes.

Fuel Related Promotions:

From high-performance injectors and efficient fuel lift pumps to essential fix-it parts – these deals are handpicked to ensure your truck runs at peak efficiency and power.

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10% Off Dynomite Diesel Products: Whether you’re building a high horsepower sled puller or you’re like most and simply want some added power for pulling your equipment or travel trailer without causing any unwanted side effects such as black smoke or high EGT’s, upgrading with a set of Dynomite Diesel injectors is an upgrade we stand behind.

Over 15% Savings On FASS Titanium Lift Pumps: The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel lift pump was engineered to be the top-performing, longest-lasting, and most reliable aftermarket filtration system in the diesel industry. Rated at 100+ gallons per hour and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Titanium Series lift pump is capable of supporting a diesel engine with enough fuel from stock to extreme. A Titanium Series lift pump also offers advanced filtration benefits that will help protect the injection systems, effectively extending the life of your injectors.

10% Off BD Diesel: Known as one of the originators of diesel performance because they’ve been there since the very beginning. It’s by no coincidence that BD Diesel has been in the industry since 1972 where they’ve seen competition come and go over the years. So whether you need injectors, a fuel lift pump, an injection pump, or a combination of things – BD has you covered.

LOUD Exhaust Promotions

Make your truck purr with these exhaust deals. We’ve got you covered with full exhaust kits to high-quality mufflers designed for optimal sound and efficiency.

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10% OFF Diamond Eye Exhaust: You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a better exhaust product for a better price in today’s very competitive diesel truck exhaust market. Diamond Eye exhaust kits are made from either 16-gauge aluminized steel or high-quality T-409 stainless steel. Most exhaust kits can be installed in about an hour with ordinary hand tools. To top it off, while other kits are made overseas, Diamond Eye builds their kits in-house in small-town Athena, Oregon.

15% OFF MBRP Exhaust: For over twenty years MBRP Exhaust has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality, and the most in customer responsiveness you could possibly expect from exhaust. Full bolt-on design and clear, well-written instructions mean that consumers can install most of MBRP’s systems with minimal tools and in under forty-five minutes

Programmers & Chips on Sale

10% Off Edge: Edge has been providing the diesel industry with quality tuners/programmers for quite some time, leading the charge in a digital monitor revolution. From the best-selling Edge CTS3 Tuner to Comp Box Performance Chips, Edge has your tuning needs covered this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

10% Off Calibrated Power Tuning: Calibrated Power, often referred to as Cummins Tuner, is at the pinnacle of the custom tuning business. Check out the Spade and EZ LYNK options for Cummins applications.

10% Duramax Tuner: From daily drivers to race trucks, this team knows how to massage and finesse an ECM to maximize the true potential of your Duramax power plant. Check out the Spade and EZ LYNK options for Duramax applications.

15% Off TS Performance: If you have a 1994-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke, the TS Performance 6 position chip is a no-brainer. The switchable on-the-fly performance chip for your Powerstroke nets you up to 125hp to your rear wheels and has transmission tuning that firms up the shift points to ensure that extra horsepower makes it to the ground. Install is simple and quick, just slide the TS chip into your truck’s computer port and start enjoying the added power.

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