‘Tis the Season for Giving – DPP Toys for Tots 2014 Drive

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We, at Power Products Unlimited, have always seen the need to give back to the community, and this need is always more prevalent during the Christmas season. An annual tradition that we cherish is to make donations to our local Toys for Tots. This great charity was started by the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1947 as a way to collect and distribute Christmas presents for under privileged children, that otherwise may not receive any Christmas presents.

Each year, we welcome our customers to make a donation that we pool until Christmas is near. We have even built in a feature on our website that allows our non-local customers to add any dollar amount to their order that is added to the pool. Once the holiday is around the corner, we take the donations, coupled with our own donations, and head out to the local toy stores with several trucks and get to act like kids in a candy….errrr….toy store. After our trucks are loaded down with an abundance of the latest and greatest Lego’s, Frozen dolls, Teenage Mutant Turtles, and whatever else is on all of the kids’ wish lists, we make our way to the Toys for Tots donation center.

Toys-for-tots-2014-diesel-power-products-7Something that we introduced this year was a unique take on the White Elephant gift giving tradition. Instead of purchasing a joke gift for another co-worker, we purchase gifts that they would have wanted when they were children. This was a really fun event with lots of laughs as we opened the gifts. All toys, even the super cool ones, were donated to our Toys for Tots drive.

The truck loads (quite literally) of toys, in combination with the toys we gather as part of a White Elephant gift exchange at our company Christmas party, create a very much appreciated donation that we are sure put a smile on a number of kids’ faces. This year, we were able to donate over $2000 worth of toys to this great organization including over $500 in donations from our customers, and are already looking forward to next year, and seeing it grow as the years go by. We want to thank our local White Elephant store for supporting this great cause!

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