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Banks Power | Diesel Performance Exhaust & Intake Systems

Monster Exhaust | Ram-Air Intake Systems | Six-Gun Tuners | Speed Brake | Billet Torque Converters | And More! Gale Banks Engineering (Banks Performance) is one of the most trusted names in diesel ... read more

Monster Exhaust | Ram-Air Intake Systems | Six-Gun Tuners | Speed Brake | Billet Torque Converters | And More!

Banks Power Diesel Performance Parts by Gale Banks

Gale Banks Engineering (Banks Performance) is one of the most trusted names in diesel performance and manufacturers arguably the highest quality diesel truck parts for our Cummins, Duramax, or Powerstroke diesel trucks with highly sophisticated and tested components from your airbox to the tailpipe, and everything in between. With products like the Ram-Air Intake System for your Cummins, Techni-Cooler Intercooler for your Power Stroke, Big Head Wastegate for your Duramax, High-Ram Intake Manifold for your Ecodiesel, and their extensive line of Monster Banks Exhaust systems to help your engine exhale, you’ll be sure that every last ounce of available airflow is being utilized. Further, Banks Power Products produces numerous diesel tuners and programmers, such as their Derringer, iQ, AutoMind, and EconoMind, and water methanol injection systems to not only produce additional horsepower, but lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) and increase fuel economy (MPG’s). And for those of us that would prefer to not source individual parts from numerous manufacturers, they deliver proven complete vehicle packages that are tested to perform at their pinnacle when used in conjunction with one another, such as their Big Hoss Bundles, PowerPacks, and Six-Gun Bundles.

Now, with all of this available horsepower, how are you going to get it to the ground? Don’t worry, they've got you covered with their highly acclaimed Billet Torque Converters featuring proven triple disc technology. To keep your newly found horsepower under control, Banks also manufactures a complete line of exhaust brakes. Available are both traditional inline mechanical exhaust brakes, as well as their line of SpeedBrakes that take advantage of the electronically controlled veins or sliding rings in newer variable geometry turbos (VGT) for both a simple installation and effective braking.

Wow, what DON’T they do? Well, they don’t fail, they don’t produce cheap knock off parts, and they don’t let the competition finish ahead of them, that’s what Banks DOESN’T do!

Gale Banks Studebaker

HISTORY - Established in 1958, Gale Banks Engineering has grown to 200+ employees on a 12-acre campus. The Mechanical Engineering Department, staffed with world-class automotive people, designs and tests the latest high performance equipment. Sophisticated electronic engineering technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department. GBE designs turbocharged engines from the centerline of the crankshaft, out.

BANKS PROJECTS - While having the ability to produce world class performance parts is one thing, putting your money where your mouth is could be on an entirely different level, and that's exactly what Gale Banks is known for. Time and again, they've proven their design, engineering and manufacturing prowess in whole vehicle development/modification, including Project Sidewinder, Banks GMC Syclone, and the big block twin-turbo Pontiac Firebird. And in order to provide testament to the capabilities of such vehicles, you are likely to find Gale Banks himself on the Bonneville Salt Flats setting a new land speed record, or on site with the military refining the engines that they specifically build for their Oshkosh JLTV vehicles. So yeah, you can rest assured that Banks has used, abused, and attempted to find the limits of every one of their products.

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