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SKU #: AEV-40306302AB-main AEV Raised Air Ram Style Intake System 13.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins

Purchase AEV Raised Air Ram Style Intake System 13.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins
    • 2013.5-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins
    • With Factory Active Air Intake System


Give your Cummins the coldest, cleanest air charge possible while giving it a unique industrial and military themed intake system. Yes, its different, but its a cool kind of different. Inspired by h ... read more

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Give your Cummins the coldest, cleanest air charge possible while giving it a unique industrial and military themed intake system. Yes, its different, but its a cool kind of different.

Inspired by heavy duty industrial and military applications around the world, the AEV Raised Air Intake is designed to provide your hard working engine with the coldest and cleanest air charge possible, maximizing engine performance and increasing longevity even in the most severe environments. Constructed of UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene, the intake body is both lightweight and extremely durable.


  • SkuAEV-40306302AB
  • ManufacturerAEV | American Expedition Vehicles
  • MPN40306302AB
  • Huge 5" inlet for maximum air flow
  • Raises air intake for a cleaner, colder air charge
  • UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene construction
  • Made in the USA


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Verified Buyer
I highly recommend this product.
I am build a AEV ram one part at a time. Raised air intake was installed on a 2016 ram CTD 3500 SRW, install was pretty involved but DIY. Instructions and template were good. I recommend this for anyone wanting cold clean air and for anyone operating in dusty conditions. I got the optional SY Klone pre cleaner and would recommend that over the ram air. Person answering the phone knew the product and said there is a few trucks running around the shop with them, he even gave me a few installation tips, awesome service from someone that actually knows our trucks and truck parts.
Store Reply
Thank you for the excellent review. AEV builds impeccably well engineered products, and while some are labor intensive, such as this Raised Air System and their fender kits, they are well worth the effort. And true, we absolutely use and install AEV products, as well as countless others on our own vehicles here.
Verified Buyer
Happy with my purchase
I bought it, the delivery was on time, i am very happy with the new snorkel in my truck. I recommend 100% diesel power products
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Enjoy the snorkel upgrade, AEV makes incredibly well engineered products.
Sets me apart from the crowd
First off instructions are not included in the box, you have to look them up online. Once you find them you have to try and decipher them. The instructions go back and fourth between gas/eco/Cummins. I found this confusing and waisted a lot of time going back and forth making sure I was doing the right step. Some of the steps seem out of sequence. In the end I got it installed and I'm overall happy with it. For as much as it cost it would have been nice to have the instructions included and perhaps a bumper sticker or something.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. We'd agree, adding a snorkel to a Ram will DEFINITELY set you apart from the crowd! Glad you were able to decipher the instructions and get it installed.
Verified Buyer
I recommend to everyone looking to go off-road or just look
Had a great experience ordering the snorkel easy place the order and it arrived in about 4 days even with free shipping. The snorkel is about a medium difficulty to install so know what your doing before you start or take it to someone who does! It comes with a template for where to cut and drill for the install. All in all I could be happier it looks great and functions the way it should. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes off road or just wants to add a cool looking accessory.
Verified Buyer
Yes for another truck one snorkel is enough for this one
It looks good .Box was damaged and no instructions inside ,had to look on Internet to find. Would've liked connecter hose factory hose was missing had to purchase complete elbow from Mopar to get a hose from air filter box.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. What, you mean you don't want two snorkels? =)

do they make this for a 2012 Cummins??? IDK what the difference would be.?

They do not, the body style is the same. However the air intake and box are completely different.


Is this compatible with the S&B intake? Thanks?

Fitment has only been verified with a stock air box at this time. Worst case it doesn't fit and you would have to go back to a stock air box or have to modify the components slightly to get them to fit.


I don't mind modifying the air box if needed, but would this fit the body of a 07 or 12 ram 3500??

Fit the body of a 12 yes, Connecting it to the air box would be completely up to you and require some ingenuity.


Hi, is this compatible with 2007, Dodge RAM 2500, 4x4, 4 Doors? Regards?

No, as the description states: 2013.5-2017 Ram 6.7L Cummins With Factory Active Air Intake System


I just bought a 2013 ram3500 and it was built early in the year of 2013 but it does have the active air box unit I'm guessing it would work just wanna check before purchase and will this unit be able to provide enough air flow for performance upgrades nothing major emissions delete and a good tune etc?

Yes, this can work in conjunction with those modifications.


I've read the instructions twice now and I am still confused or maybe I'm missing the part as to how the snorkel attaches to the intake. The instructions talk about the eco and gas trucks but are very vague on the 6.7s. I have a 17 ram 3500 Cummins, I currently have an Injen CAI in it. Can you please clarify how this is attached to the air box and how the other opening is sealed? as well, will in work with my injen intake or will I have to put the oem setup back in??

I would recommend to shoot us or AEV a call so we can better explain the installation process. This will need to be use with the factory air box.


Hi, I have a 2013+ RAM 2500 6.7 with the ACTIVE AIR box, and was just wondering...in a deep water fording situation, how do you deal with the system ""auto-switching"" to the front airbox intake. Thanks.?

The system is controlled from inlet air temps. Most of the time the intake will pull air from the snorkel location. The grill inlet is only activated when loaded heavy or extreme temperature are experienced.


this has to be the most asked question,about the year model and will it fit an earlier model,but I'm gonna ask it anyways,we have a 2014 that we are going to buy a snorkel from you for,but before I install it im going to see if there is any way to mount it on our 2004 and 2005,if I have to change the air cleaner box to another type,I will,but our trucks works at dairy's all over California and our air filters will get bad if a few days,in a week they will clog up tight so I'm gonna have to make these fit our older trucks unless you sell a universal one that would be better?

This would certainly not work on the 03-09 body styles. As they are completely different body shape, fender, intake, etc.

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AEV Raised Air Ram Style Intake System 13.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins

AEV Raised Air Ram Style Intake System 13.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins

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